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Hard Tecs 4U puts in daily News new products from the IT world and convey important information Background knowledge to understand connections. Critical tests and professional analyzes have guaranteed an overview of the constantly growing range of computer hardware for almost a decade.

Sophisticated test procedures and high-quality measuring devices as well as a competent editorial team allow an objective look at the latest technology. At HT4U.net there are not many awards for products, but really only when they are actually justified.

Hard Tecs 4U checks what the colorful marketing promises the user!

The look at energy needs, volume and Quality forms next to the pure Performance measurement the focus in all tests. Detailed background information on the technology and functionality of the products provide the necessary understanding. HT4U.net always pays attention to a neutral approach from the reader's point of view in order to be able to answer the most important question again and again: which processor, which graphics card or, for example, which mainboard is really the best.

How does the editorial team work?

Our editorial team works independently of larger publishers or companies - so we only report on topics that we consider important. We do not place any paid advertising, so we are independent of external influences. Therefore, we can report unfiltered on current developments, news and stories in the areas of hardware and software.

This independence is also reflected in our test and comparison articles: Here, too, our goal is to report on individual products and services in a neutral and fact-based manner. We only recommend products that we are convinced of and do not hold back any defects or disturbing facts.

Why is ht4u free?

We all make purchasing decisions on a daily basis. The market is large and often confusing, especially in the area of ​​technology, hardware and software. It is our goal that as many people as possible can form an independent opinion about products and services in order to make the right purchase decision for themselves. That's why we don't want to hide our content behind a paywall, but make it accessible to everyone.

Since good and independent journalism naturally still wants to be paid, we explain in the next point how ht4u finances itself.

How we finance ourselves

ht4u is part of the portfolio of finixio ltd. The business model is based on two pillars: Affiliate links and partner content.

Affiliate links are links in our comparison and test articles, in which we link to the corresponding shops. These links contain an ID with which ht4u can be clearly identified as the link source. If a user orders a product or service via one of our links, we will in some cases receive a commission from the provider. The products or services are not expensive for the readers - on the contrary: Thanks to our partnerships with the providers, we can often even offer cheaper deals.

Affiliate content is a way for advertisers to book articles on our site that appear alongside editorial content. Content provided by our partners is always marked as such to distinguish it from regular content. The labeling is usually done via a tag “Advertisement” or “Sponsored Post”. The content of our partners does not necessarily reflect the opinion of our editorial team.

How can I get in contact with ht4u?

The editorial address is:

finixio ltd
3 Lower Thames Str, St Magnus House
London, EC3R 6U
United Kingdom

Phone: + 44 (0) 203 146 8423

Email: [email protected]

You can also find Contact details of the individual editors here. To reach the entire editorial team, you can also use our Contact form use.

About David Maul

David Maul is a qualified business IT specialist with a passion for hardware