G DATA: The antivirus software being tested

The manufacturer G Data is one of the absolute IT security pioneers. After all, the German company had already developed the first antivirus software. And just like the malware, the company has developed considerably since then, as the range of functions of the current version of G Data Antivirus shows.


    This is G Data Antivirus

    G Data is a German IT security company, which is based in Bochum. The company's portfolio includes antivirus Software for the operating systems Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS. Security solutions are offered not only for companies, but also for private individuals.

    As with other providers, G Data also has different tariffs that contain different feature packages. Testing takes place here Total Security 2020 for the Windows operating system.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of Total Security 2020?

    Like any antivirus program, Total Security 2020 has its specific advantages and disadvantages. Here is an overview:


    • The software includes numerous features with a variety of configuration options.
    • The software achieves good results in test laboratories.
    • The support is very good.
    • The user always has an overview of all security levels on the status bar.

    The disadvantages

    • The desktop application is very complex.
    • The mobile version is a bit weaker.

    G Data installation

    As soon as the install file is downloaded, G Data is Total Security within a few minutes ready to use.

    Once the installation is complete, the user can either do one free trial subscription start or the full version with the help of a Registration codes unlock. In contrast to other providers, the user does not have to decide on a payment method here, so there is no risk of falling into the subscription trap.

    Once the software is installed, the user must use the Restart the computerto get the program ready for use.

    G Data operation

    Even if the color red is usually associated with danger, G Data has decided to embed the symbols for the main menu in a red bar on the user interface. On the other hand, if the window is in the background, the red bar turns gray. To this bright color the user has to get used to it, of course, which is primarily a matter of taste.

    The control panel below the menu spans most of the Dashboards. Here the user finds clear categories to which the different features are assigned. Here, however, G Data sticks to the familiar colors. This means that if everything is OK, this is displayed in green, while red indicates that action is required.

    The start window not only shows the security status itself, but also the status of all protection levels. It also shows how up-to-date the virus signatures are. This makes the user interface extremely complex, but it is at the same time extremely transparent.

    The user can make settings by using the various Protection levels clicks. Here it is also possible to activate or deactivate individual sub-areas. Alternatively, the user can access the settings via the gear symbol, which is located at the top right. The main menu of the Total Security package consists of the following ten modules:

    • the security center
    • the firewall
    • the virus protection
    • the password manager
    • the backup
    • the encryption
    • the parental controls
    • the tuner
    • the device control
    • the autostart manager

    How the symbols are named only becomes apparent when the user moves the cursor over them. For the most part, these symbols are anyway self explanatory.

    Unlike, for example, with ESET or McAfee With G Data Total Security, the complexity of the software is not hidden in submenus, which hobbyists only deal with. Users who want to protect their computer but have little experience may find themselves a little overloaded with information. However, the complexity of the program was made by the manufacturer extremely intuitive packed up.

    The different functions

    • All G DATA tariffs include the basic protection services such as manual scans or real-time protection. In addition to its own engine, the dual engine software also uses the Bitdefender engine. This program is also consistently rated as excellent by the test laboratories. With G DATA, both engines are used by default, which the user can change manually.
    • In the module "Virus check“The user has the option of performing manual scans. There are six different categories to choose from. For example, if he selects "Check computer", he performs a deep scan in which all local hard drives are checked. The user also has the option of analyzing files and directories and checking autostart, memory, rootkits and removable media.
    • The scans can also be done automatically and can be planned in advance. G DATA offers a comparatively large number of options for this. For example, the Time take place once, but also at intervals of hours, days, weeks or months. It is also possible that the scan is carried out each time the system is started. The user also has the option of defining the scope of the analysis, adding exceptions or specifying how infected data should be handled.
    • With regard to real-time protection, the user also has several options to choose from. For example, he can use the BEAST module, which is a behavior-based detection of malicious software. The Exploit Protection module protects the programs already installed on the computer from security gaps. Protection against suspicious access is possible via the Deep Ray module and finally there is the protection of informants, which protects the computer from ransom trojans. These functions can be activated and deactivated independently of each other.
    • There is also one in all tariffs Web and phishing protection. The browser protection is regulated with the help of dedicated extensions for the common browsers. Finally, G DATA also checks all incoming and outgoing emails.
    • Financial transactions in the network and online banking are processed by G DATA using the so-called Bank Guard protected. This automatically identifies dangerous Trojans and replaces the affected memory areas. There is also a so-called keylogger protection. This protects the user from his keyboard being spied on. The user has the option of selecting which programs this should apply to.
    • The Shredding, i.e. the irretrievable deletion of data, is easily possible by right-clicking on the mouse.
    G Data Internet SecurityA solid antivirus with additional functions!Provider Website
    G Data logo
    • Strong virus scanner: Comprehensive malware detection
    • Very good support: Contact via phone & e-mail, as well as advice & FAQs
    • Extensive configuration options: Numerous individual settings possible

    The features from the Internet Security tariff

    • From the Total Security tariff, G DATA virus protection is a Firewall which protects your own network from unauthorized intruders. The firewall has five automatic security levels, but the user can also configure it himself.
    • One is also integrated here childlockwith which parents can regulate their offspring's internet behavior. In his role as administrator, the user can create new users for whom he can define certain rules. For example, it is possible to set or block certain times.
    • Internet Security also has one Cloud backup function. With their help it is possible to save files on DriveOnWeb, Google Drive or Dropbox as encrypted backups. These features are even enhanced for Total Security customers.

    The features from the Total Security tariff

    • In the Total Security tariff it is even possible to create backups of entire drives and these in the cloud as well on the computer or externally save.
    • The most expensive G DATA package also contains one Password manager. This works in cooperation with the browser extensions for Edge / Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. With this function, the user can save contact data, notes and logins.
    • Confidential files and information can be provided with an additional password with the help of data encryption. It is also possible to encrypt external storage media such as USB sticks in this way.
    • This tariff also includes some Tuning features and a access control. With their help, the user can determine who is allowed to use hard drives, USB sticks and other devices that are connected to the PC. The reason: This is to prevent malware from reaching the computer through external media.

    The mobile features

    G DATA Mobile Security makes it possible to extend virus protection to iOS and Android devices. The mobile license is from the Internet Security tariff contain. Anyone who has only booked the antivirus tariff must also book the mobile protection for a fee. With Mobile Security Light there is also a free version, which only offers signature-based virus protection and no other features.

    The design of the app is unadorned compared to the desktop version, but the Navigation extremely easy. The main menu can be opened via the hamburger icon, which is located at the top left, so that the user has access to all features. Virus scans can also be configured here. The user can determine the scan frequency and determine whether the entire system or just the installed applications should be scanned.
    • This allows Phishing attacks, which are done via Firefox or Chrome. The settings also include WiFi protection, which prevents ARP spootfing and protects the network from weak points.
    • There is also one included App lock, through which selected apps can be provided with an additional password. Fingerprints or patterns, however, are not supported, and a camera trap does not contain the app lock.
    • Various are also integrated Anti-theft features. Among other things, it is possible to automatically lock or locate the mobile phone when changing SIM. With another option, it is possible to automatically locate the device when the battery level is low or to sound an alarm signal when the headset is removed. This means that an attempted theft can possibly be detected in good time. The devices are managed via the Action Center, where it is also possible to delete data remotely.
    • The mobile parental controls Already has default settings for children and teenagers, which the user can configure himself with blocking times or the release of apps.
    • The features are rounded off by a Panic button. In emergency situations, the user can use it to inform his contacts about where he is.

    The protection and the performance

    • The AV Test laboratory also evaluated the protective effect and performance in October 2019 5,5 out of six possible points.
    • The magazine Computer Bild gave the for the protective effect Footnote 1,9.
    • In terms of performance, however, the testers only rate the program as "sufficient". The reason: The PC was noticeably slowed down.

    So overall, the program makes one good overall impression.

    The support

    The manufacturer's support center includes various guides and FAQs also tips and tricks. The user can search these with the help of a search function. In addition, the help page impresses with its clear layout and numerous tutorials.

    The users can also contact the support staff around the clock via email and phone reach directly. Telephone support answers questions within a few minutes, while email inquiries are answered within a few hours.

    G DATA's pricing

    G DATA offers virus protection for private users in the Antivirus, Internet Security and Total Security tariffs. Can be protected with it up to ten devices. The duration of the subscription is between one and three years. This provider is priced roughly in the midfield.

    The conclusion

    G DATA can match the value of the applications completely convince. The numerous features are sorted into user-friendly control panels in the desktop version. In addition, there are numerous options for personalizing the virus protection and the test laboratories are also consistently convinced of the application.

    And last but not least, G DATA can also do it with its excellent support score. The dashboard may seem a little cluttered, but the user also has an overview of his entire protection status.


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