Virus scanner for iPhone: the best providers 2023 in comparison

Virus scanner for iPhoneVirus scanners are now part of everyday life for almost every Internet user. At the very least, every PC user should know that one Antivirus program should be part of the standard equipment of a computer. After all, there are numerous threats and attackers that pass through malicious software paralyze your own computer. So it seems only logical that you want to secure your iPhone in the same way. But do you even need a virus scanner for iPhone?

There are repeated reports that Apple's iOS operating system is not susceptible to malware, as hackers tend to attack other operating systems such as Windows or Android. This myth still persists, although it has already been shown in the past that malware can definitely infect iOS. But what actually is malware and how do you get rid of them? We have for you tested the best virus scanner for iPhone and explain how you can best protect your iOS device.


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    • Protection against malware: No more malware from phishing
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    • Device maintenance: Delete files, increase your RAM and get more storage space
    • Absolute security: Surf anonymously and safely thanks to your own VPN

    Security around iOS

    Fortunately, Apple's iOS operating system is inherently very secure. The basic principle at Apple is that all programs and apps run in a sandbox. This shields every app from its operating system. This virtual environment promises a lot of security for the end user. The AppStore also demands a lot from the apps it offers: Before an app can be offered, it is first put through its paces. In this way, you can ensure that these not only work properly, but are also not infected with malware.

    Due to its high security standards, iOS is less susceptible to conventional viruses than Android. The fact is, however, that there is definitely malware that can be caught on your iOS device. Devices with a "jailbreak".

    What is jailbreak?

    • Jailbreak means that you can use your iPhone or iPad completely unlocked and all rights receives. This also gives you root rights, which bypasses all iOS security measures. Apple is always trying to update its operating system and make it almost impossible for users to jailbreak it. However, there are always gaps that can be found. This gives users all rights over their iOS device, but Do not only lose the guarantee, but also the security. No matter how tempting it may sound, keep your distance from jailbreaking.

    Viruses and malware on the iPhone

    Despite the high level of security that iOS promises, it can happen that malware is caught on the iPhone. Unlike with Android, this is mostly not due to the AppStore. As I said, the AppStore itself is a lot safer than Google's Play Store. It is highly unlikely that mine will download an infected app from the AppStore. Yet there are times when the iPhone can become infected with malware.

    Malware iPhone

    What does malware mean?

    Malware means malicious Software, malicious software that can cause serious damage to your device. Malware is a collective term for viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware, and many more. and is above all under PC users a common problem. Auch Android devices can easily catch malware. But what exactly does an iPhone look like?

    This is how malware gets onto your iPhone

    As mentioned earlier, the biggest security risk is when you a jailbroken iPhone owns. If so, you can download infected apps from third parties. Most of the time, these apps are not checked or are already intentionally infected. But it can also happen in the AppStore that you download an infected app - even if it has been carefully checked beforehand. Mostly these are apps that come with a Trojans are infected.

    • In the case of a Trojan, the app establishes a connection to the Internet and loads a new code from a remote server. This code is then used to trigger various functions on the iPhone or iPad. Trojans are mostly used to read data, steal passwords or carry out similar dangerous actions. Unfortunately, Apple has no chance of seeing this code in advance.

    But also through that Clicking on dubious links or the Open attachments can cause malware to infect your iPhone.

    Weak points of the iPhone

    Unlike Android, ransomware or spyware can rarely be found on iOS devices. However, there are also some vulnerabilities in Apple devices that are a problem even with constant software updates. This is precisely why it is worth investing in a good virus scanner for iOS, as you are not calibrated against these dangers.

    Phishing Public WiFiSteal Apple ID

    As a user of an iPhone, you are not safe from phishing attacks. Phishing attacks often target beginners in particular. Phishing is the term used to describe attempts to gain access to the iPhone user's data via fake websites, messages or emails. Usually this data is then used to commit identity theft. This is precisely why a virus scanner that includes adequate web protection is very important. This is because suspicious sites are blocked from the start.

    If you are out and about with your iPhone, you should avoid public networks if possible. These are often unsafe and can pose a risk to the user. If you connect to an insecure network, you run the risk of exposing all of your data. This means that sensitive data, passwords or bank details can be stolen by third parties. However, if you want to connect to a public WLAN, you should definitely use a virus scanner that not only protects the device, but also offers a VPN. With the help of a VPN, all data is encrypted and is therefore also protected from hackers. If you want to know more about VPN on iOS devices, you can find out more here.

    As soon as you have an iPhone, you register and receive an Apple ID. Without this ID, however, nothing works. With this you log in, download apps from the AppStore and use the iCloud service. So it's no surprise that hackers keep trying to steal Apple IDs. And that is easier than you think, for example via phishing or via an already infected iOS device that has the same Apple ID.

    How do you recognize an infected iPhone?

    Malware is like a stealth attack that slowly creeps up and goes clandestinely. As a user, however, malware can be recognized as follows:

    • Increased data consumption
    • App crashes
    • Constant advertising in the form of pop-ups
    • Inexplicable high phone bill
    • Unknown apps
    • Increased battery consumption
    • Overheating of the iPhone

    If your iPhone applies to these points, it could be infected with malware. But there is nothing to worry about. With a virus scanner for iOS you can not only safely remove existing malware, but also protect your device in the future.

    Virus scanner for iPhone - how to start

    Even if an iPhone is less susceptible to malware than a computer or Android device, so lan antivirus program for the iPhone wont open. Most Virus Scanner namely have one big advantage: They not only scan your device for malware, but also protect your files, apps, passwords, and much more. Thanks to all-round protection, you can surf the web with your iPhone without worries.

    In addition to using a virus scanner, here are some things you should do to stay safe:

    • Update your device regularly
    • Avoid a jailbreak
    • use secure passwords

    Our test - the 3 best virus scanners for iPhone

    We have tested the best virus scanners for iPhone and iPad for you and have found a clear test winner: Total AV. If you want to know more about TotalAV, you should read our in-depth Rating read about this antivirus.

    1st place: TotalAV

    Total AV logo small

    Total AV is an excellent antivirus protection for your iPhone or iPad. This app not only offers a virus scan, but, as the name suggests, total protection for your security. TotalAV offers excellent features especially for your iPhone:

    • Complete protection against malware and viruses
      TotalAV convinces with its protection against all types of mobile malware. Thanks to the constant updates, you are always protected from the latest dangers. Total AV will automatically scan your installed apps, files and downloads.
    • Real-time protection
      Thanks to real-time protection, your device is protected around the clock. So you don't have to run a virus scan every time, because TotalAV automatically monitors your device.
    • device Manager
      Thanks to TotalAV you can clean up your iOS library of data garbage. You can also delete duplicate photos. TotalAV also shows you photos that you may not want to keep. This way you always have an overview of your data and photos - and also clean up your storage space.
    • Security and anonymity
      TotalAV for your iOS device comes with a pre-installed VPN. Thus you protect your privacy and remain anonymous while surfing. This is especially important if you log into an open WLAN with your iPhone. Thanks to TotalAV, your passwords and data remain encrypted.
    • Cross-platform
      With TotalAV you can, depending on the package, protect up to 6 devices with just one license. TotalAV is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS and offers protection for all your end devices.

    Price: TotalAV offers three packages, whereby as an iPhone owner you can definitely fall back on TotalAV Total Security. At the time of the test, this package cost € 59. With this package you can protect 6 devices and also get a password manager.

    And finally ... In our test, TotalAV was the best security software when it comes to iOS. The simple installation, the all-round protection and the other system tune-up functions completely convinced us. Since TotalAV is for all common operating systems, the price-performance ratio is excellent.

    2rd place: Avira Antivirus

    avira logoAvira is one of the most popular antivirus programs out there. The German company has not only specialized in Windows in recent years. The renowned software is now also available as an app for your iPhone or iPad. This was specially designed for iOS and impresses with the following features:

    • Top virus protection for iOS
      Avira blocks fake websites or phishing websites and always checks whether your iPhone or iPad is up to date.
    • Privacy protection
      Thanks to Avira, you can check whether your email address has been leaked. In addition, unwanted calls are automatically rejected.
    • Security thanks to VPN
      Avira comes with its own VPN. So you can surf public Wi-Fi with confidence. Your data traffic and your identity remain secure and anonymous.
    • Anti-theft
      With the help of Avira you can locate your lost mobile phone and protect your data in the event of theft or loss.
    • Performance boost
      With Avira you can optimize app and system usage, empty your RAM and remove unnecessary files. Thus your device becomes more powerful again.
    • Cross-platform
      Avira can be installed and used on all common operating systems.
    • Other features
      Avira offers a lot of features in its premium version, including a advanced web protection, automatic backups, device Manager, and much more.

    Price: Avira can already be used as a free version. However, this only includes a virus scanner for iPhone and iPad. This only informs you about updates from iOS. To be able to enjoy Avira with all its features on the iPhone, you pay € 24,99. However, this price is purely for iOS devices. If you want to use other devices in addition, there are different packages to choose from.

    And finally ... All in all, a solid virus scanner for your iPhone. For all-round protection, however, you shouldn't take the free version.

    3nd place: Intego

    intego logo

    Intego AV is a solid virus scanner mainly used for MacOS is intended. Since this antivirus is not available separately for your iPhone or iPad in the AppStore, you must have a macOS device in order to scan your iPhone. So you not only protect your macOS device, but you can also protect your iPhone or iPad at the same time. Above all, Intego got us through following features convinced:

    • Excellent virus scanner
      With just a few clicks you can scan your iPhone or iPad for all types of malware on your macOS device. All cloud services are also included. Should you be infected, Intego will recognize this immediately and immediately quarantine infected files.
    • Real-time protection
      All your files, photos and downloads are automatically protected and scanned as long as your iPhone is connected to your macOS device.
    • Cross-platform
      Do you have a Windows computer and a macOS device? No problem! Intego not only protects macOS and iOS, but also Windows.

    Disadvantage: Intego AV is a great antivirus - but it is NOT available for the iPhone or iPad without a macOS device.

    Price: If you want to protect your iOS device with Intego AV, you should use the premium version. This came to € 69,99 when we tested it. This version contains a lot of features that are especially tailored to your macOS device.

    And finally ... If you have a macOS device and an iPhone or iPad, Intego antivirus software is definitely the right choice for you. A big plus point is that you can also protect Windows devices with Intego. Unfortunately, if you only have one iOS device, you cannot use Intego.


    TotalAV protection iPhone

    Basically your iPhone or iPad is already very safe from the start. Without jailbreaking you don't have to worry about infected apps from the AppStore. Still lthere's no antivirus for your iPhone. This is the only way to protect you from fake websites and unsafe networks. Furthermore, you have the option of clearing up your storage space, speeding up your device and all with just one click. In our test, we were particularly enthusiastic about the various functions. Most antivirus programs come with one pre-installed VPN, which makes your iPhone even more secure.


    Does a virus scanner for iPhone and iPad really make sense?

    Even if people keep saying that I don't need any protection for iOS devices, that's not entirely true. There have already been apps in the AppStore in the past that contained a Trojan. Nor does Apple protect you from phishing websites or unprotected networks. So if you want to be safe and anonymous on the Internet with your iOS device, you should definitely get a virus scanner.

    Is a free virus scanner enough for my iPhone?

    Most free providers can only be used to a limited extent. There are only a few virus scanners in the AppStore that are available free of charge. Most, however, offer in-app purchases. You can either buy a virus scanner directly from the AppStore (or expand the free version) or on the manufacturer's website. There is no pure, free virus scanner with all security functions for iOS.

    Do I need a virus scanner if I have jailbroken my iPhone?

    A virus scanner is needed, especially with a jailbreak! If you have already carried out a jailbreak, a virus scanner should definitely be used. Jailbreaking allows you to download third-party apps that have not been checked by Apple. These apps are often infected and can cause considerable damage. We therefore always advise against a jailbreak.

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