The best stocks app 2022 - comparison, test and recommendations

shares are since 17. century an important part of our economy, the less amazing it is that more and more people are moving to invest in and trade in stocks. Even if stocks are considered long-term investment are to be viewed, it is essential to always stay up to date. So that you can also work from home or on the go any time leads over Trends and Course developments stay informed and be Deposit keep an eye on, it is advisable to install a share app on your smartphone.

CFDs are complex instruments and, because of the leverage they provide, there is a high risk of losing money quickly. Between 74% and 89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Because thanks to a share app you have many Scope and Act with stocks easy and faster to design - anytime, anywhere. A quick glance at your mobile phone is all it takes to view your own portfolio, follow market developments and buy or sell a share.

However, there is of course also Differences, because a share app is not just a share app. In order to keep up with the competition, more and more brokers are deciding to make a mobile app available to shareholders. Of course, the greater the choice for the user. This can be right confusing and even confusing .

That's why we have the largest and most successful share apps examined and tested. We asked ourselves the following questions: How do you recognize a good share app? Is this really necessary? How safe is it to buy stocks through an app? And which equity apps are the best? Questions and questions that we will clear up in this guide.


    No time? Our test winner of the share apps

     The best trading platformProvider Website
    eToro logo
    • Real Coins & CFDs: Extensive trading in cryptocurrencies
    • Demo account: Free and unlimited in time
    • Social trading: Follow and copy by professional traders

    What is the difference between a stock market app and a stock app?

    Besides Investment apps and Trading apps there are also exchange apps on the market. This can be a little confusing, especially for beginners, which is why it is all the more important to understand the difference between a stock market app and a stock app. This should be a breeze for seasoned investors. However, newcomers who want to invest their money in stocks should first familiarize themselves with the basics.

    At a Action is it a security, what of a corporation (a company that has gone public). So if you buy a share via the app, you receive shares in the selected corporation. Depending on which share you choose, you can also choose one Voting rights get at the general meeting. In addition, one is also on Profit of the company involved.

    On stock market turn will Shares traded. There you can find, however not just stocks, rather also foreign exchange, indices, Raw Materials, crypto currencies and other assets.

    Accordingly, the focus of a stock app is purely on stocks. A stock exchange app is accordingly more extensive and contains, among other things, the above-mentioned assets.

    That is why it is inherent wichtig to know, wich goals one has and which App you need. If you want to invest your money purely in stocks, a stocks app is sufficient. However, if you want to invest in cryptocurrency, for example, a stock market app is worthwhile.

    How do you recognize a good stock app?

    CostsPush notificationsReal-time ratesUsability


    There are quite a few stock apps that are available for free. With these Free versions however, there is usually one hook: You are in theirs Limited functionality. That is why you should inquire in advance whether it is not worth opting for a paid share app. These are mostly unrestricted in their functions.

    If there is only one free variant with a certain broker, you should first test the share app and see whether it really offers what you want.

    A good stock app usually costs money.

    Push notifications

    Another important feature of a stock app is its messaging function. Although you want to stay up to date with course data, information about companies or press releases - this is possible via push notification.

    Especially when it comes to the Stock trading turns, it is important always up-to-date to be. So if there is a Course changes drastically, yourself politically a major event or something is happening in the World events moves - all of this can affect stock trading. By Push notification you will then simply be informed on your smartphone.

    That's why it's important to choose an app that News feeds, watch lists and Heading alerts Is available.

    Real-time rates

    Whether you're a beginner or an experienced stock trader, you're always interested in them Real-time quotes. A share app set a link from your homepage to Offer real-time quotes to help traders get on quickly profitable or lossy Can react to developments. As soon as something changes, you have to be able to react to it. Delayed courses are in most cases not welcome at all, especially for day traders.

    In this case, so-called price lists, which you receive via push notification, are also advisable. In this way, you always stay informed in real time whether a share price will rise or fall. As a trader, you can of course set yourself which share prices you want to be notified about.


    The ease of use respectively usability naturally also plays a major role. A share app should have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and clear. In stock trading, in particular, you often have to react quickly. That is why a stocks app should make it possible to trade, find out about prices or call up other values ​​with just a few clicks.

    Is a share app really necessary?

    Of course, you have the option of buying stocks of a different value, but a stocks app is always useful great benefits with himself. And it doesn't matter whether you are Beginner is or experienced trader. Private investors should always keep an eye on their portfolio, find out about the latest trends and, above all, watch price developments.

    Long-term traders do not necessarily need a stocks app, but these investors can still benefit greatly from a stocks app. Thanks to the app, you always have your own portfolio at hand and you always stay informed thanks to push notifications. Up-to-date information, share prices and other important events can also be called up quickly and easily with the smartphone.


    • Always stay informed
    • Share trading anywhere, anytime
    • Insight into the depot and portfolio at any time
    • Notifications of important events and price developments
    • Real-time prices can be accessed anywhere

    The disadvantages

    • Higher risk - buy stocks with just a few clicks
    • Suitable for stocks only

    Stock app Android

    The apps we tested are ideally suited and optimized for Android smartphones. Android users can make use of all the functions of an equity app and invest in stocks without any problems.

    EToro is particularly suitable for beginners, as you can first get to know the app and trading with the demo account. Here you can first test whether the apps are suitable for you with fictitious credit. It is only when you go live trading that you deposit and buy stocks.

    Plus500 also offers a demo account with which trading strategies can be tested risk-free, but only CFDs can be traded with this broker. These are very complex trading products and therefore rather unsuitable for beginners.

    Share app iPhone

    There is also enough choice of share apps for all those who own an iPhone or an iOS device. Apple users can also easily download and use the share apps we have tested from the AppStore.

    In general, most apps are available on Android and iOS and are optimized for the respective operating system. It is worth taking a look at the AppStore before deciding on a share app. If this is compatible with the current device, nothing stands in the way of trading stocks.

    The top 5 equity apps

    1st place - eToro

    eToro logoOur test winner as a share app is eToro. The app is one of the most intuitive and clear apps when it comes to trading - 10 million users from 140 different countries certainly agree with us on this point.

    With his app, which is available for iOS and Android, you can buy and sell shares in mobile phones directly and easily. Financial supervision is carried out by the British FCA and the CySEC adopted.

    eToro is one special recommended Shares app that scores with copy trading, price analysis and particularly easy operation. The social trading offered allows you to look over the shoulder of successful traders.

    • Investment strategies can be copied and adopted legally
    • Simple user interface and optimized navigation
    • Various deposit options, including credit card and PayPal
    • Recommended for beginners as well as experienced traders

    Before you actually start trading, you can start with a demo account to practice.

    2nd place - Plus500

    Plus500 logoThis in Israel resident trading company Plus500 was founded in 2008 and currently has offices in Australia, UK, Singapore and Cyprus. The provider is considered to be Germany's most popular broker and is going through multiple regulatory agencies regulated.

    The app has been on the market for iOS since 2011 and scores above all with its CFD trading, clear design and useful additional functions. In the meantime, it is of course also available for Android. Furthermore, everything that is possible in the web application can also be implemented with the app. So there is one here too demo account, with which you can get to know the shares app first.

    Plus500 is one of the most popular platforms that allows CFD trading with stocks but also with many other assets.

    • No extra wallet necessary - all via the app
    • Clearly designed share app
    • Minimum deposit possible from 100 EUR
    • Very high security standards [/ su_list

    76,4% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

    3rd place -

    capitalcom logo is an excellent app that has established itself primarily with long-term and capital-intensive traders. The provider, which is based in Great Britain and Cyprus, scores above all with its extensive training documents, which provide traders with important information for trading strategies. is regulated by CySec and the FCA.

    • Entry into trading is particularly easy and possible from 100 EUR
    • Deposits and withdrawals are free of charge
    • In addition to the share app, there is also the web platform and software
    • Thanks to the social trading function, you can learn from successful traders
    • Customer support is available via live chat, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook or by phone

    4th place - Skilling

    Skilling logo

    Skilling is a broker founded in 2019 based in Cyprus. The aspiring broker is powered by the CySEC regulated. The app is available for both iOS and Android. In addition, this is also in German language.

    Skilling is particularly suitable for beginners and new investors, because unlike most providers, entry is already from there 100 EUR possible. 

    • Minimum deposit from 100 EUR
    • Clear platform with freely configurable trade overview
    • Free payout once a month
    • Wide range of payment options

    5th place - Onvista

    Onvista logoThe OnVista share app is a brand of comdirect Banking. The app has been around since 2014 and is enjoying increasing popularity. It is available for both Android and iOS. With the app you can important information about stocks recall. You also have the option of creating a sample deposit here.

    • Free demo account and sample portfolio
    • Detailed instructions
    • Wide range of information

    Is it safe to buy stocks through an app?

    Usually yes, but it is always advisable to read the terms of use of the share app before using it.

    In general, however, the same applies to trading with a stock app as to normal trading. There is always one some risk of loss. You should only invest with a share app if you have the necessary money to spare. It is also advisable to have time and patience, especially when trading stocks. It is also important to use the training documents for the respective share app to deepen your knowledge.

    It is important that when setting up the customer account, one strong password chooses and does not make the smartphone accessible to anyone else. However, should problems arise, you can always contact customer service.


    With an app, it is particularly important that the app is for both Android as well as iOS Device is optimized. In addition, the Ease of use have top priority, because especially when trading stocks, changes can occur within a very short time. In this sense, it would really be costly to navigate around forever. In our test we could eToro convince best with its share app. The stocks app offers clear tools for monitoring markets, a large selection of stocks and social trading. In addition, the app is very clear and simple. Even if you are a newcomer or an experienced trader, eToro is a highly recommended equity app for every private investor.

     The best trading platformProvider Website
    eToro logo
    • Real Coins & CFDs: Extensive trading in cryptocurrencies
    • Demo account: Free and unlimited in time
    • Social trading: Follow and copy by professional traders


    What do you need a share app for?

    With the help of a stocks app you can trade stocks anytime and anywhere. In addition, you are always informed about the current market and price developments through notifications. So you can make the right decision to sell or buy stocks while on the go.

    What share apps are there?

    There are numerous equity apps out there. The best include eToro, Plus500,, Skilling and OnVista.

    Where can I download share apps?

    As soon as you have decided on a share app, you can download it either from the Google Playstore or the AppStore, depending on the device and operating system.

    How can you buy stocks via the app?

    As soon as you have registered and verified yourself with a provider of your choice, you have to make a deposit into your customer account. After making the deposit, you can buy and sell shares conveniently and directly on your mobile phone using the share app.

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