Trading app comparison 2023 - which is the best trading app?

For many of us, the smartphone is a daily companion. It is therefore less surprising that shareholders would also like to use this in their favor. For many it is one Trading app It is impossible to imagine everyday life without it, especially since you can always call up current and reliable information. In addition, these finance apps also give you the opportunity to trade at any time - with just a few clicks.

CFDs are complex instruments and, because of the leverage they provide, there is a high risk of losing money quickly. Between 74% and 89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Many financial institutions, banks and brokers now offer their own trading apps, with which customers can be guaranteed access while on the move. But with these apps there are of course big differences in quality and, above all, in the range of functions.

We have therefore looked at the most common and popular equity apps and put them to the test. So you can as a user quickly and easily an overview of the best trading apps 2020 do. In addition, we use our test winner to explain how easy it is to deal with a trading app.


    No time? Our test winner

    The best trading platformProvider Website
    eToro logo
    • Real Coins & CFDs: Extensive trading in cryptocurrencies
    • Demo account: Free and unlimited in time
    • Social trading: Follow and copy by professional traders

    The best trading apps at a glance


    1st place - eToro

    eToro logoOur test winner is the trading app from eToro. The app is one of the most intuitive and clear apps when it comes to trading - 10 million users from 140 different countries certainly agree with us on this point.

    The supplier, who started as a pure forex trading platform in 2007, is considered the initiator of social trading. With his app, which is available for iOS and Android, you can handle financial transactions directly and easily on your mobile phone. Financial supervision is carried out by the British FCA and the CySEC adopted.

    eToro website

    eToro offers several thousand underlyings from the following trading segments: shares, currency, indices, ETFs, Anleihen, crypto currencies, raw materials and CFDs. The Minimum amount to get started amounts to 200 EUR.

    Before you actually start trading, you can start with a demo account to practice.

    2nd place - Plus500

    Plus500 logoThis in Israel resident trading company Plus500 was founded in 2008 and currently has offices in Australia, the UK, Singapore and Cyprus. The provider is considered to be Germany's most popular CFD broker and is going through multiple regulatory agencies regulated.

    The trading app has been on the market for iOS since 2011 and scores points above all with its CFD trading, clear design and useful additional functions. In the meantime, it is of course also available for Android. Furthermore, everything that is possible in the web application can also be implemented with the app. So there is one here too demo account, with which you can get to know the shares app first.

    Pluss500 website

    Plus500 is recognized as one of the leading CFD providers on the market. With the Plus500 trading app you can with CFDs, crypto currencies, indices, ETFs, raw materials, Currencies and shares act.

    76,4% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

    3th place - Skilling

    Skilling logoSkilling is a broker founded in 2019 based in Cyprus. The aspiring broker is powered by the CySEC regulated. The trading app is available for both iOS and Android. In addition, this is also in German language.

    The Skilling app offers CFDs on over 1000 Plant instruments in shares, currency, raw materials, indices and 10 cryptocurrencies.

    Skilling website

    Skilling is particularly suitable for beginners and new investors, because unlike most providers, entry is already from there 100 EUR possible. 

    4th place - Comdirect

    Comdirect logoComdirect is one of the most renowned brokers that was founded in 1994. The direct bank offers a wide range of services for its private customers. In addition to a trading app, Comdirect also offers a mobile app and its own CFD app. This may seem a bit confusing, especially for newcomers. Comdirect offers access to stock exchanges in 32 countries. You can go with shares, EFT's, Certificates and CFDs act.

    Comdirect website

    All securities trading is handled through the trading app. You can also do this with the mobile app, but the trading app offers more functions and options. If you want to trade purely with CFDs, you can download the CFD app. The apps are for both Android as well as most iOS .

    5th place - Consorsbank

    Consorsbank logoSimilar to Comdirect, Consorsbank is also one of the Pioneers among financial transactions. The provider was founded in 1994 and has around 950.000 customers. The head office is in Nuremberg. Besides the classic banking products Consorsbank also offers a wide range of assets for trading and investing for private customers.

    In addition to web applications, customers can also use trading apps on Android and iOS.

    Consorsbank website

    There are four different trading apps for trading, these are Active Trader, Active Trader Pro, Future Trader and Premium trader. All assets except currencies are available for trading. Active trader is also the only one free trading app Consorsbank, fees are due for the other apps.

    Advantages of a trading app and what to look out for

    Trading app eToroIf you don't want to miss any opportunities to trade, it is definitely worthwhile to download a trading app. This is just ideal for those who are very often on the road and still want to complete their trades. Because when it comes to forex trading, CFD trading or trading in stocks, it depends right time to make a profit.

    Since you always have the app with you, this is a big advantage over the computer. Additionally, most stocks have apps too the same functions as the web applicationsSo you can not only close trades, but also that Trading account manage. These include, for example payouts, Informing about course developments, Notifications about important events directly on your mobile phone and much more.

    Order types in trading

    When trading Forex or other assets, you can do different Order types choose. Which of these are offered depends on the broker, but should Market Order, Limit Order, Stop Loss Order and Take profit order are offered and also be available in the trading app.

    • Market Order
      A market order is used to trade at the current market price - this order is accordingly executed immediately.
    • Limit Order
      An upper or lower limit is set for the limit order. Depending on which course you have set and which limits you have set, the order is then executed when the upper limit is fallen below or the lower limit is exceeded.
    • Stop Loss Order
      These orders are mainly to be found in Forex trading or CFD trading, as they are very volatile. With the stop loss order you can limit losses - you set a stop at a loss that you can bear. When this limit is reached, the order will be closed to avoid a higher loss.
    • Take profit order
      With this order the profit is secured. So you put a stop on a profit you want to make. When this point is reached, the order will be executed.

    How do you recognize a good trading app?

    Whether for beginners or already experienced traders - a trading app is a must certain requirements fulfill so that one can act successfully. While brokers often provide tools on their websites for trading, for example Charts and Course developments, some mobile apps do not offer enough information or functions - especially for beginners.

    In addition, some financial service providers charge high costs for a trading app, but this does not have to be the case. Because a good trading app doesn't have to be expensive. However, you should pay attention to the following before deciding on a trading app:

    • Costs
    • Push notifications
    • Real-time rates
    • Large selection
    • Ease of use
    • demo account

    Which is the best trading app?

    eToro best trading app

    Of course, you are spoiled for choice among the multitude of apps. There are many good trading apps that are suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

    In our test, however, the trading app from eToro convince in all points. The clear app is easy to use, clear and offers a large product portfolio. This is how users stand shares, CFDs, ETFs, Options and crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Ada, Ethereum Classic, Stellar, Ripple, EOS, NEO and currency pairs) are available. Trading in foreign currencies, indices and raw materials is also possible.

    With eToro you can do live trading with 200 USD start. There is also one Deposit protection of 20.000 per investor.

    The app also offers a News Feeds on and your own Trading Academy, where you can deepen your knowledge through webinars, e-courses and videos.

    It is also good to know that there is one German-speaking telephone support from Mon-Fri between 10.00 a.m. and 15.00 p.m.

    A big plus: eToro has a free demo account. So you can get used to the app first.

    eToro - Open an account with eToro

    Before you can use the mobile trading app from eToro, you must first log in and verify on the provider's website. How this works is explained here:


    You have the option to register either via your email address or an existing one Facebook account or Google account to register.

    eToro registration

    In order to pass on some personal data, such as first name, surname and an email address, you get access to the trading platform. Of course, you still have to verify yourself via a link sent to your mailbox. As soon as you have successfully verified your account, you can then use the trading app either from the Google Play Store or from the AppStore .

    Note: Before you start paying, eToro gives you the opportunity to get to know the app with the help of a demo account. This gives you a good overview of the functions, assets and operation of the app.


    As soon as you have successfully set up your account and confirmed your identity, you should still transfer the necessary money to your account in order to be able to start trading. You have a large selection of deposit options, even PayPal is supported.

    eToro deposit

    Only the Minimum amount to be noted. This is $ 500 for bank transfers all rest Variants $ 200. The minimum deposit is higher for corporate customers.

    Trading - anytime, anywhere

    As soon as you have successfully deposited money into the customer account and this has been received, you can already start live trading. To do this, you first decide on the type of investment and the desired asset. As already mentioned, stocks, CFDs, ETFs, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies and other commodities are available at eToro. After selecting the commodity, you enter the amount - then the fees are immediately displayed. Then you confirm the transaction.

    The order can then be found in the customer account within a very short time and you can use the app to initiate a sale or purchase at any time and anywhere.

    What are the fees for a trading app?

    As a rule, trading apps have similar fees as the web applications of the respective broker. In comparison, these are still cheaper than the fees and commissions of a bank advisor or an expensive depository.

    In all of our tested trading apps, the deposit is free. Other, prone fees are also very low.

    An example: We buy a share in Value of 1000 EUR. We keep this stock for a month and sell them afterwards. The course does not change within the 30 days. Thus, the fees per trading app would be as follows:

    Offerer eToro Plus500 Skilling Comdirect Consorsbank
    deposit free variable free free free
    Purchase fees 0% variable 0% € 3,90 € 4,95
    Holding fees free variable free free free
    Sales charges 0% variable 0% € 3,90 € 4,95
    Disbursement $ 5,00 variable free free free

    Is it Safe to Trade Using a Trading App?

    The trading apps we tested enjoy the highest security standards. These are regulated by various financial supervisory authorities. Great importance is also attached to data protection and security during registration and verification. What convinces us is also the high deposit protection of eToro of 20.000 EUR. The other trading apps also usually offer a high level of deposit protection.

    Note: Trading via the mobile app is almost as safe as trading via a web application itself. It is important that you never lose sight of your trading goal and that you inquire carefully about the trading itself in advance. There is always a risk in trading.

    Trading app for iPhone and Android

    Although one is now a Android or iOS Smartphone owns: Could in our test eToro emerge as the clear test winner. The trading app is available on both operating systems and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store or the AppStore.

    eToro mobile app

    The app convinces with the simple Serviceuser friendly Surface and the size selection an Assets. In addition, you can use eToro as well as a web application.

    With eToro you can with sharesCFDForex  or with crypto currencies trade - with no hidden fees or costs. Also fall at eToro none Commissions or Custody fees on. eToro is ideal for beginners as well as experienced investors and investors.



    Most brokers now offer a trading app for mobile trading. These are especially interesting for all those who are always on the move for work or for other reasons. The advantage of a trading app is that you can any time can access his custody account and his portfolio - and that of all over. Especially when trading in securities or CFDs, it sometimes only takes a few minutes to complete a good trade - so when you are on the go, you always have the option of making a trade with your smartphone. For larger events you will also use the Push notification informed.

    But a trading app is not always enough, as many do not have enough information or current price developments ready for analysis. In order to always be up to date, we recommend using the corresponding finance portal on the computer. Nevertheless, a trading app is a very good companion. Above all, it is important to find out about costs and fees in advance and also whether the assets you want to trade with are available.

    In our test we were able to determine a clear test winner, namely eToro. The trading app is recommended for both beginners and experienced traders. In addition to low costs and fees, there is a user-friendly interface, intuitive operation, explanatory videos and documents, and German support. The offer is also impressive. Furthermore, there is also a demo account with which you can first familiarize yourself with the platform and the mobile trading app.

    The best trading platformProvider Website
    eToro logo
    • Real Coins & CFDs: Extensive trading in cryptocurrencies
    • Demo account: Free and unlimited in time
    • Social trading: Follow and copy by professional traders


    What do you need a trading app for?

    Trading apps are an excellent addition to online brokers that can otherwise be reached from the computer. With a trading app you always have your deposit and your portfolio with you. You can trade from anywhere, anytime.

    Which trading apps are there?

    Almost every online broker now offers a trading app. It is particularly important to pay attention to the costs, selection, user-friendliness and functions. The best trading apps are from eToro, Plus500, Skilling, Comdirect and Consorsbank.

    Where can I download trading apps?

    Most trading apps are designed for iOS and Android. These can then be downloaded very easily, depending on the smartphone, from the Google Play Store or the AppStore.

    How can you buy assets using the trading app?

    As soon as you have logged in and registered with the desired broker, you download the trading app onto your smartphone. After successfully paying into the customer account, you can start live trading - depending on what you choose - whether stocks, CFDs, forex, cryptocurrency or other assets.

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