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Problems with an erection? Again and again men fight with their "best piece". The reason why it doesn't work the way you imagine? There are many reasons that erectile dysfunction can trigger: stress, illness or psychological pressure or the fear of failure. It is important to clarify in advance whether the erection problems or erectile dysfunction is a symptom of another disease. As a rule, not achieving an erection is a symptom and not an independent disease.

Ciraxin experiences

On the Internet you can find various preparations that are supposed to help to get rid of erection problems. There are prescription drugs, but also preparations that are available without a prescription, as they fall into the category of dietary supplements or try to combat erection problems in a natural way.

A preparation that is available over the counter is called Ciraxin. The provider refers to an erection-promoting effect and emphasizes that that with Ciraxin not only the erection starts faster, but becomes harder and also lasts longer.

Due to the fact that there are many suppliers who advertise that they have the perfect product for erection problems, it is important to look behind the scenes. This means that you should not only deal with the ingredients and active ingredients, but also take a look at the testimonials that can be found on the Internet. To be sure that Ciraxin keeps what is promised, we even decided to do a self-test and can therefore say with certainty whether Ciraxin works or not.

Is Ciraxin the secret to fighting erectile dysfunction?

What is CiraxinFirst of all, it should be noted that Ciraxin is sold as a classic dietary supplement. Ciraxin is available in Germany; there are various ordering services that sell or supply Ciraxin. So if you want to buy Ciraxin, you will not face any challenges or difficulties here. It contains, among other things, the extract of the Maca root and L-arginine.

The manufacturer points out that that Ciraxin is not only intended to combat erection problems, but also the erection sets in faster, the penis becomes harder and the erection can be maintained over a longer period of time. In addition, Ciraxin is said to help against premature ejaculation and improve sperm production.

In addition, Ciraxin helps against fatigue and should also be supportive when it comes to building muscle mass. This means, Ciraxin is not just a dietary supplement, which is intended to combat erection problems, but is also able to influence the entire body system.

Effect:✓ Helps against erection problems
✓ Prevents premature ejaculation
✓ Improves sperm production
Risk:Side effects are possible
Content: 60 capsules
Enough for:30 days
Dosage:Two capsules before planned sexual intercourse
Price:34,95 Euros

These are the ingredients of Ciraxin

Ciraxin ingredientsIf you want to get an idea in advance of whether the product actually keeps what is promised, it is advisable to deal with the ingredients. With a look at the ingredients, it quickly becomes clear whether there is even a possibility that the desired effect will occur.

If you find out that the product only contains ingredients or active ingredients that have no direct influence on the problem, in the case of erectile dysfunction, then it is probably not wise to go for it. However, it should be noted at this point that there are products that have few ingredients, but in the end the combination ensures the desired success.

It should be noted that Ciraxin does not contain any synthetic or artificial ingredients. This means, Ciraxin is a product composed purely of natural ingredients. This also distinguishes Ciraxin from many other sexual enhancers that are full of chemical additives in order to be able to provide the desired effect.

The following ingredients can be found in Ciraxin (in alphabetical order):

  • L-arginine
  • L-citrulline
  • Cat
  • pigeon kernels
  • Zinc


The active ingredient L-arginine is able to promote blood circulation in the body. This means there is improved blood flow in the body. The increased blood flow naturally affects the male sex organ. There are also studies that indicate that improved blood flow makes the erection harder and lasts longer.


L-citrulline is, so to speak, the partner of L-arginine. While L-arginine ensures that there is improved blood circulation, L-citrulline ensures that blood vessels dilate. Here, too, there are studies that show that L-citrulline has a correspondingly positive effect on erection problems. Because in the combination with L-arginine you can ensure a corresponding improvement in blood circulationn, so that the penis is again supplied with significantly more blood.


The secret of success: the Maca plant. The Maca plant is said to have an aphrodisiac effect. This means that the Maca plant is able to increase libido and then improve desire. Even if there are no clear studies on the effect of the Maca plant, the plant can still be found in many natural preparations, which can be taken in the fight against erectile dysfunction.

grape seeds

Grape seeds contain a lot of OPC - oligomeric proanthocyanide. This provides powerful antioxidant. In the end, the grape seeds ensure that the body is protected from free radicals.


Zinc also has a positive effect on men's ability to have an erection. Zinc is also known to increase testosterone levels. While it is about zinc and the fact that it can increase testosterone levels, There are no studies yet, so that does not mean that this effect does not occur.

In the end it can be said that it is also the case with Ciraxin that there are some interesting ingredientst, but in the end the combination of the different active ingredients will probably ensure that Ciraxin works. or is helpful in the fight against erection problems.

The effect of Ciraxin: How well does Ciraxin help?

Effect of Ciraxin

It should be noted that Ciraxin is a dietary supplement that does not contain any chemical additives. That means when the effect will start cannot be said in general terms. Above all, it is about why the man suffers from erection problems. Is it sometimes a disease so the effect of Ciraxin may be barely noticeable – but you suffer from stress, mental pressure or circulatory disorders, then Ciraxin will be able to bring about the desired changes.

Tip: Due to the fact that erection problems are often a symptom of an illness, you should consult a doctor beforehand or check whether you are healthy or what the reason for the erection problems is. There are some diseases that have erectile dysfunction as a symptom, and absolutely must be treated because they are not in harmony with life or end in death.

The manufacturer promises that Ciraxin increases potency and causes a harder erection, which is kept longer, with Ciraxin also said to have an impact on premature ejaculation. This means that with Ciraxin you can also postpone the orgasm and don't have to be afraid of "cumming" too early. Furthermore, the testosterone level is increased, which is helpful to build muscle mass and Ciraxin also works against fatigue.

According to the manufacturer, the effect sets in after some time. Since it is a natural preparation, it cannot be said in general when an effect can be expected.

What studies have looked at ciraxin? Are there official Ciraxin studies?

official Ciraxin studiesAs mentioned, there are a few studies that have looked at the ingredients found in Ciraxin.

There are clear results that L-arginine and L-citrulline have a blood circulation-promoting effect and can then improve the erection.

However, there are not (yet) any studies that have dealt directly with ciraxin. This is because dietary supplements tend to be left out here; as a rule, food supplements are dealt with by independent consumer organizations.

If you are looking for an official rating, you will notice that you will not find any results here. There is still no official report on Ciraxin.

This means that if you want information about Ciraxin, you can only access or refer to field reports. deal with test reports from other consumer organizations.

How should one take Ciraxin to get the best effect? This is the recommended dosage:

Ciraxin dosage recommendation

In order to achieve the desired effect, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions. This means that you should not carry out any experiments and always follow the recommended intake. The same applies when it comes to dietary supplements. Because anyone who deliberately interprets the dosage or intake recommendations differently must assume that the desired effect will not occur or that side effects or undesirable reactions will occur.

Two capsules of Ciraxin should be taken per day. Ideally, the capsules are swallowed whole and with water. In this way, you can build up the desired effect over a certain period of time or influence your body positively, so that erection problems are a thing of the past.

But not only the daily intake is recommended, because the manufacturer also points out that you should take Ciraxin about an hour before the planned sexual intercourse. A dose before the planned sexual intercourse is also made up of two Capsules Ciraxin zusammen. The Ciraxin capsules should be swallowed whole and with water.

It should be noted that there are various factors that can have a negative impact on the effect. For example, if heavy or greasy food was eaten beforehand or if you drank a lot of alcohol. This means that anyone who is planning to take Ciraxin should prefer a light meal beforehand and be careful not to drink any or very little alcohol.

That was our Ciraxin test: What experiences have we had with Ciraxin?

Ciraxin test reviewCiraxin is a preparation that can be used to relieve erection problems. In addition, Ciraxin helps against premature ejaculation, should make the erection harder and also have an impact on muscle building. So it ends up being a promising dietary supplement, with which male characteristics can be improved or strengthened.

Anyone who studies the various reports that can be found on the Internet will notice that that there are similar positive and negative experiences that have been made with Ciraxin.

The positive experience with Ciraxin

  • Stimulates libido
  • Reduces problems with potency
  • Decreases premature ejaculation
  • Consists of only natural ingredients
  • Easy to take
  • Easy to integrate into everyday life

The negative experiences with Ciraxin

  • Not suitable for vegetarians
  • Cannot provide the desired effect in the case of disease-related erection problems

The results of our self-test: Does Ciraxin work or is Ciraxin fake?

Ciraxin self-test resultsYou can be satisfied with the reports on the Internet and hopethat these correspond to the truth, but you can also find out for yourself whether you want to try the product with a view to the ingredients. In the end, however, you will only know for sure whether a product has an effect or not if you have tried it yourself - and that was the reason why why we then decided to do the self-test with Ciraxin.

Gabriel made himself available. Gabriel is 39 years old and repeatedly suffers from erection problems and premature ejaculation. Gabriel is married and knows that his partner is not happy with her sex life.

So that the sex gets better and Gabriel gets the erection problems under control, we have agreed with him, once a day two Capsules ciraxin to take. In addition, about 60 minutes before the planned sex, he should have two more Capsules ciraxin take in. Gabriel was examined in advance by a doctor.

He found that there are no physical reasons why Gabriel has erection problems. It therefore seems to be a psychological reason or Gabriel seems to be under stress.

The successes with Ciraxin after 2 weeks 

Gabriel's report after two weeks: He has had intercourse three times so far, but has not noticed any major changes – that is, on the first try he had trouble getting an erection, on the second try he had premature ejaculation, and on the third try he couldn't get an erection at all. We agree with Gabriel that – as recommended by the manufacturer – continues the treatment or course with Ciraxin. That is, continue to take two capsules a day and take two more about 60 minutes before you plan to have sex Ciraxin Capsules takes.

The successes with Ciraxin after 4 weeks

After two more weeks the new report: Gabriel had sex twice in the last two weeks – especially the second time was different than before. If he still had problems with his erection the first time, the second time he had intercourse, which took place about three weeks after the test, he had an erection immediately. Furthermore, the erection was also significantly harder than before. Is this the onset of the effect of Ciraxin?

The successes with Ciraxin after 6 weeks

About 1 1/2 months after the start of the self-test, it is clear that Ciraxin is now effective. Gabriel has had sex three times in the last two weeks and has not experienced any erectile dysfunction. Whenever he had sex with his partner, the erection was immediately possible and his penis felt harder. Premature ejaculations have also completely failed to materialize.

The successes with Ciraxin after 8 weeks

The self-test ends after eight weeks. The result? Ciraxin has helped Gabriel get a fast onset erection that is also significantly harder. His partner has also confirmed that erection problems are a thing of the past and that Gabriel has also become more active in bed.

The Ciraxin testimonials: That's what the customers say

Ciraxin customer testimonialsIt's not that easy to find testimonials about Ciraxin on the Internet, is because one should be very careful which portals or websites are trusted. If only positive reports can be found on a website, it should be checked whether the website is linked to the manufacturer.

However, if only negative comments can be found, then one should check whether the website operator cooperates with the competition. Therefore, it is important to look at reports from different platforms to get an idea of ​​whether Ciraxin works or not.

  • Roland: I've been struggling with erection problems for quite some time. Of course, that spoils the mood and also the mood in my partnership. Because erection problems can have an enormous impact on the partnership. II searched the internet for help and came across Ciraxin. What did I particularly like? The fact that only natural ingredients can be found here. Even if I was critical, I know that Ciraxin helped me to get rid of the unpleasant erection problems after a few weeks. Today I no longer have problems with my erection.
  • Thomas: A friend recommended Ciraxin to me when he found out I had erection problems. I immediately started the Ciraxin cycle and can say that after a few weeks I had absolutely no trouble getting an erection. I can therefore only recommend Ciraxin when it comes to getting erection problems under control.
  • Kurt: I came across Ciraxin when I was looking for a natural product that would help with erectile dysfunction. Even though I thought that Ciraxin might not help, I chose the product because the ingredients convinced me. HToday I know that Ciraxin is an excellent product to get rid of erection problems.

Ciraxin and The Lion's Den: Has Ciraxin ever appeared in The Lion's Den?

Ciraxin The Lion's Den new hsFirst of all, it should be mentioned that behind the websites that advertise that one or the other product is already at "The cave of the lions“ was seen, has formed a criminal power that apparently cannot be fought. Because here it's all about getting customer data or to sell products that have no effect.

If you come across an article that talks about the fact that Ciraxin has already been used in "The cave of the lions' was seen, so caution is advised. This is because Ciraxin has never been featured in an issue. So this is a classic Fake News article.

If you are unsure whether one or the other product has already been seen at "The Lion's Den", you are well advised to consult the official website of "The cave of the lions“ to deal with.

Is there a warning about Ciraxin on the internet?

Ciraxin WarningsIt should come as no surprise that there are always critical comments. But if warnings are found on the Internet, you have to be particularly careful. Because if a product warns that it has negative effects on the body or health, then it should be refrained from.

Anyone looking for Ciraxin on the Internet will notice that there are no warnings to be found here. This is probably because it is a completely natural product, which also causes no side effects.

The price comparison: who offers the best price? Where to buy Ciraxin at the cheapest price?

Ciraxin on Amazon & eBay

Anyone planning to use Ciraxin to get their erection problems under control, who should look into the various ordering services that sell Ciraxin beforehand. Due to the fact that there are price differences here, it is advisable to carry out a price comparison.

It has to be said that our partner can probably win every price comparison - In fact, Ciraxin is sold through our partner at the best price, which not only promises quick delivery, but also guarantees send the original product.

Is Ciraxin available in pharmacies?

Buy Ciraxin in pharmacy

It should be noted that Ciraxin is available in Germany. This means that you can usually get Ciraxin from the pharmacy. However, Ciraxin will only be in stock in very few pharmacies, so you have to place an order here.

Due to the fact that the price of the pharmacy cannot keep up with the price of our partner, it has to be said that that buying or ordering in the pharmacy cannot be recommended.

What to look out for when planning to stop taking Ciraxin

If one decides to end the course with Ciraxin, then no measures need to be taken or precautions taken. One can stop taking ciraxin terminate at any time. However, if one finds that the erection problems have returned, so it may be advisable to start again with Ciraxin.

The conclusion of the Ciraxin test: That was our experience and this is what our evaluation looks like

At the end of the Ciraxin test, how well did Ciraxin do? The self-test showed that Ciraxin helps to combat erectile dysfunction. That is, the effect is confirmed.

There is no dispute that Ciraxin is a natural productt – there is also no general answer as to when the effect will start. However, if you follow the manufacturer's instructions, you can expect an effect that can be expected after two to four weeks.

Ciraxin is a recommended product, since there is no need to worry about side effects or unwanted reactions. So if you want to fight your erection problems, you should definitely deal with Ciraxin.

Ciraxin conclusion

Frequently asked questions about Ciraxin:

Can Cirax be recommended or is it a dubious product?

Due to the fact that Ciraxin is able to fight erection problems, Ciraxin can be recommended. Mainly because there are no side effects and/or undesirable reactions.

What ingredients are found in Ciraxin?

The following ingredients can be found in Ciraxin (in alphabetical order): L-arginine, L-citrulline, maca, pigeon seeds and zinc

Can you save money with a Ciraxin coupon?

Depending on the campaign period selected, various coupons are available so that Ciraxin can be purchased at a lower price.

Who is behind the manufacturer of Ciraxin, icg Products?

icg Products, the manufacturer of Ciraxin, sells several products that are said to have a positive effect on men's erections.

Are there any known risks or side effects after taking Ciraxin?

No. Due to the fact that only natural ingredients are found in Ciraxin, there is ultimately no need to be afraid of side effects or unwanted reactions.

Can Ciraxin be taken for a long time?

Yes. The manufacturer even recommends taking Ciraxin over a longer period of time. That means there are no reasons against long-term use.

Is it possible to buy Ciraxin through the drugstores DM and Rossmann or also through eBay and Amazon?

It should be noted that Ciraxin is approved in Germany. That means you can order Ciraxin through various portals. However, there is no guarantee that you will get the original product or you will probably not get the same price that our partner is offering.

Is it possible to buy Ciraxin only with a prescription?

No. Ciraxin is an over-the-counter product. If you want to buy Ciraxin, you don't need a prescription. This is because there are no prescription ingredients found in Ciraxin - Ciraxin is considered a dietary supplement and not a medicine, so no prescription is required.

Who offers the cheapest price for Ciraxin?

At this point, reference must be made to our partner. Because our partner not only scores with the best price, but also guarantees fast delivery and promises to only send the original product. This means that anyone who wants to buy Ciraxin should definitely take a look at what our partner has to offer.


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