What can the Avira Registry Cleaner - test report and experiences

If a user has uninstalled a program, he should ensure that all entries have been deleted from the registry. Because sooner or later these data residues have a negative effect on the performance of the computer: The device becomes slower and annoying errors can occur.

But these entries can easily be deleted with programs like the Avira Registry Cleaner. In the first step, this software searches the register database. If it finds unwanted remnants of data, the software indicates this and then deletes them fully automatically.

These are the most important functions of a registry cleaner at a glance

  • The software removes registry data from the computer that is no longer needed.
  • Incorrect entries that are still needed are repaired.
  • A registry cleaner ensures that more storage space is available on the computer.
  • The program ensures that the computer works much faster.


    Why the computing power decreases

    This problem affects every user who owns a computer or a laptop: Over time, the performance decreases continuously and the computer takes longer and longerto cope with the work steps. And the start time is also longer, which is not least due to the fact that numerous programs are started when the system is started. These then run continuously in the background.

    In addition, the programs usually set temporary data on the computer so that the garbage swells steadily. Because at the latest when a program is uninstalled, these files are completely superfluous. If a user deletes a program, the data is not completely deleted - and the remaining data occupy valuable memory on the computer. Such incorrect or superfluous entries are saved in the registry of the computer.


    What is the registry?

    In a sense, the registry provides the brain of Windows computers Because all processes that a user carries out on the computer are registered and also saved here. The settings are also saved, for example the screen settings and the internal settings of programs.

    As a result, a large amount of data accumulates in the registry over time, which slowly but surely fills up so much that system processes run noticeably slower. The result: the computer performance deteriorates.


    The Avira Registry Cleaner cleans the registry and makes the computer faster

    A good Registry cleaner software how the Avira Registry Cleaner can help solve this problem. Because any data garbage is effectively removed from the computer by the program. But there are other reasons why the computer's performance is poor. These include:

    • The hard disk space is too small.
    • The main memory is permanently full.
    • The CPU, i.e. the processor, is permanently busy.

    The user can find out how things are going with the processor and main memory via the Task manager. Here he learns how heavily these two hardware components are used. The user can find out how much memory is still available via the Windows Explorer on his computer.

    If too many programs are running in the background, this will degrade performance and also shorten the battery life of mobile devices. In addition, many programs run unnecessarily in the background. A reliable registry cleaner not only cleans the registry, but also offers other functions. For example, the user can use them to optimize the autostart programs.


    What is the Avira Registry Cleaner used for?

    The more programs a user installs, the more entries accumulate in the registry that remain on the computer when they are deinstalled. The diverse anti virus programs from Avira are no exception. If you want to protect your PC reliably and comprehensively, you can use programs such as Avira Free Antivirus or Avira AV Pro. However, the greater the number of installed and uninstalled programs, the more this affects the performance of the computer. Anti virus programs are no exception. But Avira takes a decisive step here and offers the customer, even in the event that the software is uninstalled, the possibility to completely rid the computer of remnants of the program. The Avira Registry Cleaner does no other job. Data is removed with the Avira Registry Cleaner, but remnants from other programs remain. If a user deletes this remaining data with a cleaner such as Avira Systems Speedup, this leads to a noticeable improvement in computer performance and significantly better performance.

    Although there are also free solutions that can be downloaded from the Internet, high-quality programs usually offer them better results and also more functions. The acquisition of high-quality programs is, however, associated with costs, which, however, are in the lower double-digit range.

    Avira System Speedup offers a variety of options:

    • cleaning the registry,
    • the cleaning of the browser,
    • a data shredder,
    • a shortcut cleaning,
    • an autostart optimization,
    • a process manager,
    • a defragmentation function and
    • independent maintenance.

    Instructions for these functions can easily be found on the Internet if the worst comes to the worst.


    Avira System Speedup: These additional functions are impressive

    In addition to the functions mentioned, Avira Systems Speedup offers two other functions that users particularly value in addition to the optimal cleaning of the registry:

    1. So in this software is a Battery optimizer integrated, with the help of which the battery life of mobile devices can be improved.
    2. And also the System restore point management is extremely practical. Because with it the system of a computer can be easily restored.


    What to look for when buying

    Before the user blindly buys registry cleaning software, he should first find out about the various programs. Because not every manufacturer offers its programs for every common operating system, as Avira does with its cleaners Avira Systems Speedup and Avira Systems Speedup pro for Windows and Avira Systems Speedup Mac for Apple computers power. If necessary, a Cleaner app for Android or other mobile devices will be useful.

    The way food is License terms should be carefully examined by the user, because it may make a difference whether he only needs the program for one computer or for several computers. And when it comes to service life, there are big differences from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some programs can be used indefinitely, while the useful life of other programs is limited to about a year and the user must renew his license.


    What to watch out for when using it

    Registry cleaner programs usually have various tools so that the programs can do more than just clean the hard drive. Rather, these tools should help to optimize the computer itself, for example by Autostart programs deactivated which shortens the start time.

    However, users should only use these tools if they really understand how they work.


    Which functions make sense?

    These additional functions do not make sense in every case and for every user. For example, it's worth it defragmentation only with the classic magnetic hard drives. With an SSD hard drive, on the other hand, there is a risk that the service life of the hard drive will be shortened by defragmentation. Some programs recognize SSD hard drives themselves and deactivate this function. However, this is not the case with every registry cleaner.


    Conclusion on the Avira Registry Cleaner

    With the Avira Registry Cleaner, the user opts for a premium product in the field of protection software. The tool offers comprehensive all-round protection for PCs and Macs and is an excellent addition to other programs from the Avira family.

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