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There is no doubt that the liver is one of the most important organs in the human body. The liver is involved in various metabolic processes, is the largest gland in the human body, stores a large number of vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K), and also stores energy in the form of glycogen and minerals (iron).

Hepaphenol experiences

The liver also produces metabolic components. These include, for example, cholesterol, proteins, sugar or factors for blood clotting. The liver is also instrumental in Detoxification of the body involved and attacks pollutants and pathogens. Furthermore, the liver removes all sorts of harmful substances from the body. There is always interaction with the bile. 

The liver, ancient Greek: hepar, proves in various ways that it is one of the most important organs in the human body. This is also the reason why you should support your liver positively. A healthy liver makes for a healthy body - if the liver is diseased, it can have serious consequences, which can even end in death. 

With hepaphenol there is a preparation with which it should be possible liver functions to support positively. At least that's what the manufacturer says. But how recommended is hepaphenol really? So that this question can be answered, we have dealt with the preparation, examined the ingredients and also for one self-test .

Hepaphenol: Support for the liver

The fact that the liver is an enormously important organ with more than 800 functions was undisputed from the start. It is also important to remember that the liver is the only organ in the human body that can regenerate itself. Not a single organ in the human body is capable of healing itself.

In order for people to remain healthy, the liver must also remain healthy. Even if the organ is robust, it does no harm if you support it positively in various ways. This is where hepaphenol comes in: hepaphenol goes into the category Dietary Supplement classified and should help to support the liver functions.

With hepaphenol, the liver is supported in a positive way - on the one hand in the fight against pollutants, on the other hand with hepaphenol the health of the liver should be maintained.

Effect:✓ Supports liver health and functions
Risk:✓ No side effects
Content: 120 capsules
Enough for:about 60 days
Dosage:2 capsules a day
Price:39 Euros

This is contained in hepaphenol: The ingredients at a glance

Whether a product desired effect entails, this becomes apparent when looking at the ingredients. For this reason, it is important to deal with the ingredients and active ingredients right from the start, although it must be noted at this point that it is not always just the variety that indicates whether the product is effective it promises or sometimes does not provide the desired effect. In the end, it is also the combination of the different ingredients that can provide the desired effect.

Hepaphenol contains more than 260 molecules, which - according to the manufacturer - should have a particularly positive effect on the liver. In hepaphenol are countless plants as well as herbs that support the liver when it comes to combating harmful substances. The variety of molecules and ingredients and the combination of ingredients and active ingredients makes hepaphenol a real miracle weapon to promote or maintain liver health

The following ingredients are found in hepaphenol (in alphabetical order):

  • artichoke
  • Boldo
  • broccoli
  • Chlorella
  • desmodium
  • Yellow Lemon
  • Raw Turmeric
  • laminaria
  • Milk thistle
  • cranberry
  • rosemary
  • Black radish

The following ingredients have a special effect, so that they are dealt with separately here:

  • artichoke
  • desmodium
  • Yellow Lemon
  • Milk thistle
  • Black radish


ArtischockeIn artichoke is also often referred to as the plant that helps "against the hangover". So this is the plant that may be of help when you close the day before much alcohol has drunk. But the artichoke not only helps against the aftermath of a long night, but also contains various fibers and trace elements as well Vitamin B9. The artichoke stimulates, among other things, the secretion and excretion of bile, so that the liver function is automatically improved, as it is supported in this process. The artichoke also has a positive effect on the digestive system.


desmodiumThe desmodium is a plant that tries to protect the liver from different aggressors to protect. Desmodium stands for liver tonic; This is also the reason why Desmodium is recommended in the course of chemotherapy or for various liver diseases. That helps desmodium for example in hepatitis B – it counteracts the destruction of liver cells. The effect of Desmodium goes back to the saponosides.

Another major benefit of Desmodium is that it supports cell regeneration in the liver. This leads to an automatic strengthening of the liver function.

Yellow Lemon

Yellow LemonIn the hepaphenol included yellow Lemon has a cleansing effect on the liver and digestion. The yellow lemon scores with detoxifying properties and is also popular as a natural antibiotic Roger that. The human organism experiences a natural cleansing of viruses and bacteria through the yellow lemon.

The acid of the yellow Lemon stimulates the liver secretion in the bile. In addition, the yellow lemon also has a positive effect on digestion.

Milk thistle

Milk thistleMilk thistle is one of the most effective plants when it comes to how to positively support your liver. This is because milk thistle contains a large amount of silymarin. This is a substance that many antioxidant properties contains. If you resort to milk thistle, liver impairments can be positively influenced. In addition, the milk thistle is also used in chemotherapy, is recommended for fibrosis and also in the liver cirrhosis. Milk thistle is also said to be able to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. 

The active ingredient silymarin is able to regenerate the liver tissue that has already been attacked. Silymarin also helps against natural toxins - i.e. against alcohol, against the poison of various insects, but can also neutralize fungal toxins. But silymarin is also recommended in the fight against synthetic toxins. This includes the toxins from medicines but also from solvents. Silymarin is also able to take up the fight against free radicals. 

Black radish

Black radishWith the black radish should it be possible that existing in the bile cholesterol to lower. Furthermore, the black radish is able to reduce liver problems or liver health is improved by the black radish. The root is said to be particularly effective. It also has an impact on that digestive system. With the black radish it should also be possible to derive toxic substances from the body.

In the end, the many ingredients ensure an excellent combination, so that the liver is supported in its many tasks.

When does hepaphenol start working?

Hepaphenol blood levelsIf you want to support your liver in a positive way, you are well advised to look into hepaphenol. Because with a healthy liver, tendons and muscles stay tight, supple and the red ones too blood cells begin to go back to work. This means that waste is excreted from the body more quickly. A healthy liver also increases the production of bile. That helps for example assimilation of fat. Furthermore, the healthy or vital liver is also the anchor when it comes to achieving good blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 

The effects of hepaphenol are manifold. This is because a body is supported here that fulfills a large number of tasks. But when does hepaphenol start working? It should be noted at this point that there is no general answer to this question. That's because it's a Dietary Supplement acts, which consists of pure natural ingredients composed. Everyone reacts differently to completely natural ingredients - the question also arises as to the health status of the data subject is ordered. The question of how the liver is doing or which conditions have affected the liver may also be decisive.

It is important to take hepaphenol according to the manufacturer's instructions - and for a longer period of time so that you can then notice the desired effect.

The Hepaphenol Stiftung Warentest Evaluation 2022: Are there studies on hepaphenol?

Hepaphenol product testIf you want to know whether a product keeps what the manufacturer promises, it is advisable to look for reports on the Internet. But here you should not just take a look at that Testimonials throw, but also look out for studies or test reports from independent ones consumer organizations. The reports from Stiftung Warentest are particularly popular here. 

However, it should be noted at this point that Stiftung Warentest no report (yet). There are also no studies on hepaphenol. This means that in order to be able to get an overview of the effect in advance, only the experience reports of other customers remain.  

There is still no information as to whether Stiftung Warentest whether or not hepaphenol will be examined in the near future. However, the testimonials that can be found on the Internet may be sufficient to be able to say whether the product delivers what it promises.

Taking the Hepaphenol capsules: The dosage recommendation from the manufacturer

Hepaphenol capsules dosage recommendationEven if it is a Dietary Supplement you should always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Because only if you Intake Recommendations follows, the desired effect can unfold or you can avoid possible side effects or undesirable reactions. Independent experiments are never recommended - even if you think that the product does not provide the desired effect, even though it is taken according to the manufacturer's instructions. You often need patience here.

On the part of the manufacturer is using a classic cure hepaphenol devices. This means that hepaphenol is taken over a longer period of time in order to be able to support or influence the liver positively. You should take two capsules of Hepaphenol per day. It is taken whole and without chewing with a glass of water. The first hepaphenol capsule is taken in the morning after getting up, the second capsule in the evening before going to bed.

The hepaphenol assessment: This is what our experience looks like after the hepaphenol test 

First, it was found that the Internet is very similarReports find the also comparable positive as well as negative experiences can be deduced. If you look for testimonials about hepaphenol, you will find very similar reports here.

Positive experiences with hepaphenol

  • Hepaphenol can be easily integrated into everyday life
  • There are no side effects
  • Hepaphenol is free from synthetic additives

Hepaphenol Negative experiences

  • The capsule size may be perceived as too large

The Hepaphenol self-test: does hepaphenol help or is it a fake?

Since there are many reports about hepaphenol on the Internet, we decided to start a self-test. Above all for the reason that a recommendation is not based on Experiences can be dispensed, but only if the preparation itself has been tested. For our self-test, we found a test subject in Julian who is 48 years old. Although Julian has no actual liver problems and no liver diseases are known, the blood values ​​can be improved.

With Julian it was agreed that he would follow the manufacturer's instructions. This means, two capsules a day, taking the first capsule in the morning and the second capsule in the evening.

Viraxol results

Hepaphenol results after 2 weeks

The first report after two weeks: So far, Julian hasn't noticed any changes - it looks like the effect of hepaphenol hasn't started yet. However, we stick to it: no more than two capsules - we exercise patience and agree that we will continue the self-test.

Hepaphenol results after 4 weeks

After four weeks, Julian indicated that he felt a little better. Julian is no longer so sleepy and feels fitter. Are these sometimes the first effects of hepaphenol?

Hepaphenol results after 6 weeks

The positive body feeling has been preserved. There is no reason why Julian's well-being has increased or improved. Sometimes it is actually the effect of hepaphenol that is already unfolding here.

Hepaphenol results after 8 weeks

After eight weeks it is clear that hepaphenol was able to develop its full effect. Because the medical examination of the blood values ​​showed that many values ​​have changed positively - so it is clear why Julian suddenly felt better. Hepaphenol worked.

Field reports on hepaphenol on the Internet: what to look out for

Experience reports on hepaphenol on the InternetDue to the fact that on the World Wide Web there are many different platforms where you can easily express your opinion, it is relatively easy to see whether a product is convincing in the end or whether it should be taken with a grain of salt. However, you will find that there are a few websites or platforms that only positive reports list or there are also a few websites on which only negative or very critical comments can be found. 

This is because there are very well operators of websites that are connected to the manufacturer of the product - on such sites there are then only positive and favorable reports, because your own product should be in the foreground. If only negative reports can be found on a website or there are occasional references to other products, one can very well assume that the website is connected to the competition. For this reason, it is extremely important that you Reports from several different websites in order to be able to get an objective overview. 

  • Girl: Hepaphenol has helped me tremendously. I have always had problems with my liver, but since I switched to Hepaphenol, all of the liver-related problems have gone. I can therefore only recommend Hepaphenol.
  • Stefan: I am afraid of liver disease because there have always been cases in my family. That's why I chose Hepaphenol to act preventively or to strengthen my liver right from the start. I'm very satisfied.
  • Dorian: After a detailed consultation with the doctor, I was advised that I should try hepaphenol. That's because my liver was said to be "sluggish". After several weeks of treatment, I was really amazed at how well I was doing. My doctor also confirmed that my liver is doing better now - hepaphenol has indeed changed my life.

Has Hepaphenol ever appeared on The Lion's Den? 

Hepaphenol Lion's DenIf you come across an article that states that hepaphenol in “The cave of the lions', this is fake news. Hepaphenol was not featured in a single issue of The Lion's Den.

There is one on the net here fraud machinery built that with Fake News Articles tries to get customer data or you want to sell products that sometimes do not deliver what is promised. By pointing out that the product was at "The Lion's Den", you want to convey seriousness and prove that the product is recommendable. Above all, it is repeatedly pointed out in the texts that the "Investors Outbid" had. 

All those who are unsure whether one or the other product has ever appeared in an issue ofThe cave of the lions“ Was to be seen, are particularly well advised to then deal with the official homepage to deal with. On the official site you will definitely find the information you want, whether the product has already been seen on television or not. If the product is not mentioned on the official website or cannot be found, then it must be assumed that it is a fake if there are websites about how well the product was not received in the shipment.

Are there warnings about hepaphenol on the internet?

Hepaphenol WarningsOn the Internet there is not only Testimonials to a wide variety of products, but sometimes also warnings if it was determined in the course of various reviews that the product had negative effects on the body and/or the Health of man would have. If such warnings are found, then you are well advised to keep your hands off the product.

About hepaphenol can be found no warnings on the Internet. That means you can safely take hepaphenol. This is because Hepaphenol contains only natural ingredients that have no negative effects on the body or health.

Buy Hepaphenol at the cheapest price? This is what the Hepaphenol price comparison looks like:

If you decide to go with hepaphenol to support his liver, it is advisable to start a price comparison in advance. At this point, our partner can be brought to the fore. Because our partner not only promises quick delivery and guarantees the original product, but also scores points the best price.

Can hepaphenol also be bought in pharmacies?

Hepaphenol pharmacy

Hepaphenol is not available in pharmacies. Finally, it must also be mentioned at this point that the price of the pharmacy could not keep up with the price of our partner.

What to look out for if the Hepaphenol capsules are to be discontinued

If you have come to the conclusion that you want the Cure with hepaphenol end, no precautions need to be taken. The capsules can be discontinued from one day to the next. However, if you find that well-known symptoms and complaints reappear after stopping, it is advisable to start again with a Hepaphenol cure to start.  

The hepaphenol conclusion after our test: Our rating

The liver, the central organ in the human body, has an enormous influence on well-being. For this reason, it is important to try to support the liver in a positive way. Since there are various preparations to support the liver, one should not take the first product that comes along, but deal with the various possibilities. In the end, however, you become that Result come with that hepaphenol there is an excellent preparation that has an enormously positive effect on the liver.

Hepaphenol scores with the fact that here only natural ingredients are included. This means that no synthetic additives were used. Furthermore hepaphenol easily tolerated and free from side effects. Even during our self-test, no reactions were observed that would suggest that taking hepaphenol have been caused. 

In the end one can say that Hepaphenol is a recommended product to support the liver in its many tasks. 

It should be noted that one hepaphenol should not only be taken if you already have liver problems or a liver disease has been diagnosed, but also as a preventive measure hepaphenol can take. Especially if liver problems have already occurred in the family.

Viraxol Conclusion

Frequently Asked Questions About Hepaphenol:

Are the Hepaphenol capsules recommended or do the criticisms outweigh them?

There are countless reports on the Internet that hepaphenol provides an excellent effect. Our self-test has also shown that hepaphenol works. For this reason one can say that the Hepaphenol capsules are recommended - there are no arguments against Hepaphenol.

What ingredients are found in hepaphenol?

Only natural ingredients are found in Hepaphenol. The ingredients in alphabetical order: Artichoke, Boldo, Broccoli, Chlorella, Desmodium, Yellow Lemon, Turmeric Laminaria Milk Thistle Cranberry Rosemary Black Radish

Can you buy Hepaphenol with a voucher?

There are always vouchers and discount codes. This means that the price also depends on the campaign period selected. The fact is that you can get Hepaphenol at a cheaper price with vouchers. This means that if you want to save money, you simply have to wait for a corresponding promotional period.

Who is behind the manufacturer of Hepaphenol, SARL Perfoline?

Hepaphenol is manufactured by France-based SARL Perfoline.

Do hepaphenol capsules cause any risks or are side effects to be expected?

No. The manufacturer does not mention any side effects or are there any risks that can arise in connection with hepaphenol. Even during our self-test, no reactions were visible that would have been negatively related to hepaphenol. Due to the fact that the ingredients contained in hepaphenol are well tolerated, there is no need to be afraid of side effects. It is important that you follow the manufacturer's instructions. Experimenting with the dosage can certainly cause unwanted reactions. Even if it is a dietary supplement, one should not disregard the manufacturer's recommendations.

Is long-term use of hepaphenol safe?

The manufacturer even points out that hepaphenol should be used over a longer period of time. This is also because hepaphenol only develops the desired effect after a certain amount of time. Long-term use is not harmful or has any negative effects on the body and/or health.

Can you order Hepaphenol capsules via eBay or Amazon or buy them in the drugstores at DM and Rossmann?

It should be noted that Hepaphenol can be bought or ordered via various platforms. It should be noted, however, that there is no guarantee that you will get the original product - and you will not get the best price on various platforms. That means, first and foremost, you are well advised to contact our partner if you want to order or buy Hepaphenol.

Do I need a prescription to buy Hepaphenol?

No. Hepaphenol is a dietary supplement composed of natural ingredients. A prescription is therefore not necessary - Hepaphenol is therefore freely available.

Where to buy Hepaphenol at the best price?

The best price for Hepaphenol is available directly from our partner. This not only guarantees to deliver the original product, but also promises quick delivery and ultimately scores with the best price.

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