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Hard Tecs 4U puts in daily News new products from the IT world and convey important information Background knowledge to understand connections. Critical tests and professional analyzes have guaranteed an overview of the constantly growing range of computer hardware for almost a decade.

Sophisticated testing procedures and high-quality measuring devices as well as a knowledgeable editorial team provide an objective look at the latest technology. At there are not many awards for products, but only when they are actually justified.

Hard Tecs 4U checks what the colorful marketing promises the user!

The look at energy needs, volume and Quality forms next to the pure Performance measurement the focus in all tests. Detailed background information on the technology and functionality of the products provides the necessary understanding. Pay attention always takes a neutral approach from the reader's perspective in order to be able to answer the most important question again and again: Which processor, which graphics card or, for example, which motherboard is really the best?

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