Buy Iota: analysis, explanations and the best providers to buy Iota 2021

IOTA logoBuying IOTA has been possible since 2016. Still relatively new cryptocurrency uses a so-called tangle instead of a blockchain.

How the IOTA course has developed, what is hidden behind the digital currency, where you can buy IOTA tokens, these and other questions about Buy theme Iota we clarify here.


67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs from this provider.



    What is iota

    IOTA is a cryptocurrency that aims to become as a means of payment in the Internet of Things to establish. Thanks to “Coordicide”, the digital currency is expected to become a major cryptocurrency by the middle of this year.

    So far, IOTA has only one central coordinator and no decentralized consensus mechanism yetas is common with other cryptos.

    IOTA buy forecast


    IOTA versus Bitcoin

    IOTA is very different from the blockchain-dependent Bitcoin. Bitcoin was launched as a means of payment that should make banks superfluous. The idea of ​​the blockchain came up in 2008 as a reaction to the financial crisis. The big disadvantage of the blockchain, however, is that enormous energy consumption. Here are the main differences between IOTA and Bitcoin:

    • Instead of a blockchain, IOTA uses Tangle technology
    • With Bitcoin only 7 transactions are currently possible; at IOTA there are 800!
    • There are no transaction fees at IOTA
    • The more transactions are processed at IOTA, the faster they are processed
    • Because IOTA does not require a lot of computing power, this digital currency is one of the cheapest anywhere


    Buy IOTA eToro - in three steps to IOTA

    Buying IOTA is like with a broker eToro child's play and possible in three steps. Here is the IOTA buy guide:

    Step 1: the registration

    At the broker eToro are for Creation of an account a username plus a secure password, a E-mail, Phone number and first and last name required. Registration is particularly quick via Facebook or a Google account.

    eToro registration

    Before you can go to step 2, you have to accept the terms of use and confirm data protection. The information provided is verified. It has to be Proof of identity and address be provided.

    Step 2: the deposit

    After traders have opened an account with eToro, they can click on the blue button «Deposit money»Make a deposit. An overview then appears with all available payment options.

    The merchant must now select the amount and the currency and click on «Send»Click where he can complete the transfer. After that, the money will be displayed on eToro. It should be noted that there is a minimum deposit of 100 EUR or more. This depends on the payment method chosen and the country.

    eToro deposit methods

    Step 3: Buy Iota Germany

    After eToro has received the money, trading can be done via the search bar above or via the menu on the left (Markets - Cryptocurrencies). Immediately afterwards, an overview appears where you can buy cryptos immediately. All you have to do is click on “Trade” in the top right corner.

    Buy IOTA

    In addition to IOTA, traders can also use other cryptos, shares, CFDs and some other assets. eToro transparently lists the fees immediately after entering the amount of the selected financial instrument. It will pass before the order appears in the customer account just a few seconds.


    67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs from this provider.


    Buy IOTA - wallet necessary?

    IOTA walletMany crypto exchanges require an iota Wallet, but not all. In general, it can be said that not with crypto brokers, but with stock exchanges. When using the wallet, it is essential never to forget the private key and not to make any typing errors in the addresses in order to avoid total losses.

    With a broker like eToro, the platform is responsible for the safe custody of the coins. eToro therefore offers a integrated wallet; the investor does not have to worry about a wallet on this platform.

    If the trader decides to buy an Iota wallet, he can on an exchange to do. There he needs a wallet to transfer the Iota Coins. This is possible with any software wallet, but a hardware wallet such as Ledger Nano is recommended. MyIotaWallet or Paper Wallets are also popular.


    How to Buy Iota - Different Ways

    How can I buy Iota? Many an investor asks himself that. Iota can be bought via:

    PaypalCredit cardSofortüberweisungBank Transfer


    Buy Iota Paypal is possible, but only throughout Germany with very few brokers, for example with the regulated platforms eToro and Plus500. Plus500 only offers CFDs, so no real Iota Coins.

    The purchase of IOTA with PayPal is done through a broker, because PayPal has one Buyer protection and in certain cases is obliged to reimburse the amounts. Because cryptic transactions are usually anonymous, PayPal is reluctant to do so.

    We recommend Iota buy eToro because of this broker both buying CFDs and real cryptos and that without a wallet, because it is integrated. eToro combines the advantages of a broker with those of an exchange.

    Credit card

    When asked where you can buy Iota, the credit card is of course also an issue. Buy Iota credit card is possible and quick. Credit card payment is the easiest, but here fees applywhich can be high under certain circumstances.


    Buying Iota is also possible via instant transfer. However, there is also one here Broker necessary. We recommend the regulated broker eToro, which convinces with many features such as social trading.

    Bank Transfer

    Because some crypto exchanges are not regulated and hackers could steal the crypto, we recommend despite the longer processing times generally deposits by bank. Bank transfers have the lowest costs and allow security even with larger sums.

    67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs from this provider.


    Iota can be bought without verification?

    Yes but that is associated with risks. An unregulated one Crypto exchange Often does not use a know-your-customer procedure and does not carry out anti-money laundering, as a broker would, for example.

    A Proof of identity and address is therefore often not required by an unregulated exchange. In addition to the hacking risk, there is also a risk that the tax inspectorate could freeze funds that are deposited into an exchange that does not comply with anti-money laundering laws.


    Iota buy fees and costs

    eToro Libertex Creak Coinbase
    Account fees free free Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge
    deposit free free free free free
    Trading fees 0,75% 0,5 - 8% 3,75 + 0,25% 3,99% Spread based
    Disbursement 5$ €0 €0 €0,15 €0
    Total €12,50  ~ € 50  ~ € 40,00   ~ € 40,15  ~ € 80

    67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs from this provider.


    Iota course history - is it worth buying an IOTA?

    Iota is due to the price increase over the past couple of years an interesting cryptocurrency.

    • December 2017: The All time high was $ 5,25 in December 2017.
    • 2018-2020 : After that, the cryptocurrency collapsed and moved in the range from 2018 to 2020 € 0,30 to € 0,50.
    • February 2021: It's been going since February 2021 up again. On April 16.4.2021, 2,12 the price was 28 euros. On April 2021, 1,89, it was quoted at € XNUMX.

    Last week, the IOTA price was up 18%. It can be assumed that the Upward trend will continue.

    IOTA course history


    Buy MIOTA 2021 - Our Iota forecast

    IOTA is an interesting cryptocurrency, especially for machines. The digital currency could soon make life difficult for Bitcoin and challenge it, because that Tangle technology has great potential.

    Dominik Schierer moved to Berlin and from there developed IOTA with his team with the aim and vision that intelligent, autonomous machines pay each other should. The Tangle Ledger replaced the energy-intensive blockchain. The digital currency rose after the first pre-sale, in which around half a million USD was achieved, to now over 15 million USD.

    M2M - Machine to Machine - is a new trend that will advance. Soon all machines should be able to communicate with each other and process payments automatically. For example, it is conceivable that refrigerators can automatically order groceries, or that parking tickets can be booked by driving through the barrier. It goes without saying that the possible uses are much more complex.

    IOTA purchase

    Many processes have already been implemented, but still require payment by credit card or direct debit as well as expensive middlemen. When applications such as automobiles or refrigerators are implemented, the winners are those investors who come to the Tangle technology have believed. Similar to the birth of Bitcoin, traders could earn a golden nose at IOTA.

    We assume that the cryptocurrency will prevail. A Investment with a long-term investment horizon will be worth it. Despite the high potential of IOTA, we recommend traders to find out about the latest developments and IOTA news.


    Buy iota pros and cons

    Buying IOTA has many advantages. Despite a few disadvantages Iota is and will remain an attractive cryptocurrency on the market. Here are the pros and cons at a glance:


    • Tangle technology is efficient
    • IOTA is about to be ready for the market
    • Now is a good time to invest in IOTA
    • Far-reaching partnerships in the industry
    • Berlin network


    • Cryptos are not regulated
    • General risk when investing in cryptos
    • Investing in IOTA without previous success is associated with a risk
    • Developer disputes have damaged IOTA's reputation in the past


    Our recommendations for buying Iota

    Considering the past price development, an investment in Iota makes sense and can be one Thoroughly recommend a thoughtful purchase. The acceptance of the crypto currency is constantly increasing and the previous development also suggests that a purchase can be worthwhile. The benefits of iota outweigh; Tangle technology has potential.

    IOTA purchase forecastWill be important "in Coordici»- a transition to an IOTA version with even more decentralization. This is expected in the middle of this year.

    We recommend traders who believe in the long-term vision of IOTA with all its advantages to regularly invest a small amount in IOTA instead of a large sum at once. In any case, you should only spend the amount which does not hurt in a total loss. Price fluctuations can be irrelevant to the trader.

    Due to German tax law, we recommend Iota to hold for at least a yearso that the tax exemption comes into effect. In addition, cryptos are suitable for diversifying a portfolio with stocks, bonds or real estate.

    We especially recommend newcomers to real Iota Coins to invest. So even with a wrong decision you still have a residual value that would not be available with a CFD. In contracts for difference, there is only a good return or a total loss.


    67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs from this provider.



    How much money should you invest in IOTA?

    Cryptos like IOTA are highly volatile. It is therefore advisable not to invest more than 5-10% of your own portfolio in crypto trades.

    Are IOTA purchases anonymous?

    In principle, all data in the network is encrypted. However, anyone who registers with a platform that requires proof of identity waives anonymity. This serves to prevent money laundering and generally ensures more security.

    Do you need an IOTA wallet?

    Mostly yes, but not with the regulated provider eToro. If you only speculate on the performance with CFDs, you don't need a wallet.

    Can IOTA trade with PayPal?

    Yes, but only with brokers like eToro or Plus500. PayPal has buyer protection and is obliged to reimburse the amounts in certain cases. Because cryptic transactions are usually anonymous, PayPal is reluctant to do so.

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