LiquidityX experiences 2021: currently the best online broker worldwide?

LiquidityX is a classic CFD and Forex broker. The trading platform, which is made available by the provider, is intended to appeal to newcomers, beginners as well as experienced and professional traders. LiquidityX is managed by Capital Securities SA, an investment firm from Greece.

LiquidityX logoThe company is based in Athens, the Greek capital. It can already be revealed at this point that LiquidityX is regulated. The license was granted by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission - HCMC for short. But in the end you know that it's not just a question of seriousness, whether a provider can be recommended or not.

It is also about the offer, the fee model and also about how good the customer support is or can be found on the net Reviews to consider. And that's exactly what we give the answers below.



    What is LiquidityX?

    LiquidityX is ultimately a CFD or Forex brokerwho tries to create a very simple or uncomplicated way to then dive into the world of online trading. Above all, you score here with a clear homepage and the opportunity to use these advanced training tools to deal more intensively with the market and the functions of the platform.

    As already mentioned: LiquidityX is a regulated one Online Broker; in the background, Capital Securities SA is responsible for the broker, a company based in Greece. LiquidityX was though on the market in summer 2021 brought, but is already one of the most promising providers.

    Despite the short lifespan, LiquidityX has already received an award: "Best Forex Education Forex Provider 2021". That was also the reason why more and more traders suddenly took a look at the broker.

    LiquidityX test

    LiquidityX offers the possibility to use the MetaTrader 4 platform for web as well as PC or also via the platform WebTrader to be able to participate in the market. There are over 350 CFD financial instruments for precious metals, Forex as well as indices and shares, Commodities and cryptocurrencies are available.

    In addition, there are not only two different trading platforms, but also four main account typesprovided by LiquidityX:

    • Basic
    • Gold
    • Platinum
    • VIP

    In the background is the Greek Capital Securities SA responsible for the broker - regulation is carried out by the HCMC. The company was approved in 1994. The license number of LiquidityX: 2/11 / 24.5.1994.


    LiquidityX Guide: 4 Steps to Trading Online

    The service can only be used afterwards if you have registered with LiquidityX.

    Step 1: registration

    This is where LiquidityX has proven itself for a relative simple and straightforward way decided. At the beginning the homepage of LiquidityX has to be called up. The button "Sign Up". Just click on Register and a window will open.

    Now you are given the choice: demo account or live account? But the decision that must be made now is not final. You can always switch between the live account and the free demo account later.

    LiquidityX registration

    Now you will be welcomed by LiquidityX and pointed out to the topics of investor protection and marketing material. In the meantime, an email has already been sent to the address on file. Here you can find the Username and password. The specified password must be replaced by a password of your choice.

    Step 2: verification

    In order to be able to use the portal 100 percent in the end, you have to become a so-called verified customer. In this case, you click on the upper area of ​​the page - in addition to the language setting (there are nine languages ​​available, including German) you will find the tab "My Profile".

    Now you will be forwarded to the area in which all necessary Documents uploaded for verification can be. The verification process is an important part of the security requirements prescribed by the legislator. The users of the platform are thus protected from possible fraud.

    LiquidityX verification

    In order for you as a customer to be able to confirm your identity, either the Passport, identity card or driver's license presented or uploaded. The place of residence verified with a classic utility bill. It is important that the invoice is not older than six months.

    It should be noted that the verification process can of course take some time. But usually you get confirmation after three daysthat you are now a verified customer. Now you can make the first deposit and start trading with LiquidityX.

    The verification is by the way prescribed by the legislature. So this is not a process that was created by LiquidityX.

    Step 3: deposit

    Once the verification process has been completed, it is possible to capitalize the LiquidityX account. Beginners are not faced with any problems here - the payment method is relative easy and simple held.

    LiquidityX deposit

    The Minimum deposit starts at 250 euros. However, depending on the selected account model, the minimum deposit may be higher.

    Also stand different deposit methods available so that you don't have to compromise in the end. Here you will surely find the right deposit method for you:

    • Bank Transfer
    • EPS
    • Euteller
    • iDeal
    • Credit card
    • PRZelewy24
    • Sofortüberweisung

    Step 4: trade

    Once the registration has been completed, the verification done and the first deposit made, you can now choose from one of more than 350 CFD products choose - there are many asset classes available, so the same can be said here as with the deposit methods: compromises are probably not necessary here.

    It should be noted that if you want to work with Bitcoin, for example, you cannot buy coins directly via LiquidityX. If you want to invest directly or buy coins of the crypto currency, you have to have an account with a Crypto exchange open.

    LiquidityX trading

    LiquidityX is a broker. Here is just speculating on the price possible. This means that you then open a long position if you think the price is going up, but open a short position if you think the price is going down.


    The extensive LiquidityX offer

    Before going into more detail on the LiquidityX offer, it should be mentioned again that this is actually only CFDs Tobe offered.

    Different instruments are then traded - these are the so-called Underlyings. However, there is always only speculation about the price. You don't own the products either. Ultimately, there is only the agreement between the broker and the trader.

    sharesForex indicescrypto currenciesRaw Materials


    One can trade CFDs on stocks via LiquidityX. This is - more or less - classic form of investmentwhich exists in the form of a contract for difference. There are more than 200 company shares on offer. There are not only the big tech companies like Apple or Adobe, but also smaller companies that can then be worked with.


    As a rule, almost every nation has its own, so to speak unique, currency. That is, there may be a very large number of combinations of currency pairs. Around 80 percent of global foreign exchange transactions affect only seven currencies - these are the so-called majors, the main currencies (alphabetical order):

    • Australian dollar (AUD)
    • British Pound (GBP)
    • Euro (EUR)
    • Japanese yen (JPY)
    • Canadian dollar (CAD)
    • Swiss Francs (CHF)
    • US dollar (USD)

    All of those currency pairs can be found on LiquidityX. That said, you can go here with the main pairs EUR / USD, GBP / USD, AUD / USD, USD / CHF and JPY / USD work - but also work with small pairs such as EUR / GBP, AUD / EUR and also with GBP / JPY.

    On LiquidityX you can find also exotic currenciesso that, of course, exotic currency pairs are also available subsequently. These include USD / MXN or USD / KRW.


    You can also work with indices via LiquidityX. The offer made available here includes over 30 indices. These include USA 100, USA 30, CAC 40, USA 500, Biottech, JAP 225, DAX and Hang Seng.

    crypto currencies

    At the moment there are more than 45 digital currency pairs available on LiquidityX. This of course includes the classics: BitcoinLitecoin Ethereum, Dash or Monero. In the list of cryptocurrencies, however, there are always newer cryptocurrencies - for example Dogecoin.

    Raw Materials

    If you compare the supply of raw materials from LiquidityX with the supply of other providers, you will notice that there is definitely one here wide variety offered will. There are not just a few metals or hydrocarbons, but more than 20 raw materials, which also include coffee, oranges and cocoa.


    What are the LiquidityX fees?

    But ultimately, the best offer may not speak for the provider if the fees are too high. The fees at LiquidityX are in the form of so-called spreads due. In other words, it is about the difference between the purchase price and the sales price.

    At this point there is no way to say how high the individual spread is. Because this is one variable factor. The amount of the spread depends on the asset, the marketplace and the time.

    • It starts at 3,2 pips.
    • The Professional account the initial spread is 2,9 pips.
    • All those who do that Gold account can look forward to an initial spread at 2,3 pips.
    • Platinum customers get a spread of 1,8 pips.

    Incidentally, if you are unsure how high the costs will actually be in the end, you can LiquidityX's own cost calculator to use. This means that here you strive for full transparency and try to be as honest as possible when it comes to the costs that arise when you use LiquidityX.

    Other costs are not to be found when it comes to that, as the first testimonials to be found on the net prove classic trading goes.

    crypto currenciesStocks & ETFsCFDsOther feesOvernight / rolloverinactivity

    LiquidityX fees: cryptocurrencies

    The broker's portfolio also includes cryptocurrencies. So you can work with Bitcoin, Monero as well as Litecoin or Dash. As a second currency, it is possible to choose US dollars, euros or British pounds. As a rule, the network fees are known to the crypto trader - that is, at the beginning it is about the costs that arise when you exchange the coins.

    Cryptocurrencies fall in the course of CFD trading no commission fees

    LiquidityX fees: stocks & ETFs

    There are also no commission fees if you opt for stocks or ETFs. No fees are to be expected here either - exception: spread. This means that while many banks as well as one or the other broker still earn money with fees, LiquidityX remains completely customer-oriented and does not charge any further fees here either.

    LiquidityX fees: CFDs

    So that you know how high the fees are, it is advisable to use LiquidityX's cost calculator. But in the end it can be reassured: there is no serious fees like costs - these always remain fair and clear compared to the competition. This is also proven by the company's own cost calculator, which is made available on the homepage.

    Other fees

    But are there any other fees if you decide to take advantage of LiquidityX's offering? There are no hidden fees - but with overnight or rollover and inactivity fees, additional cost centers that should not be ignored.

    Overnight / rollover fees

    If you use the offer of the CFD broker, you will come across the concept of overnight fees - and that is often a relatively high cost factorthat is often underestimated. This is also the case when you use LiquidityX. Here, too, there are rollover fees or so-called rollover fees.

    These are the fees that apply when the Position open overnight remains - so it is not closed.

    The longer the trade remains active or the position is open, the more expensive it will be in the end. Because of this, try Day traderswho want to make money with short-term price movements avoid such fees - they therefore usually close the position on the same day.

    Inactivity fees

    The inactivity fee is then charged by LiquidityX when the trader can no longer see any signs of life. Will no transaction for more than a month made, there is then the "penalty fee". The inactivity fee will be deducted monthly until another activity follows.

    But only if the account is positive is located. If there is no more credit or if the credit has been used up, no inactivity fee will be charged.

    However, the inactivity fee can be easily prevented. Simply open or close a position once a month, you don't have to worry about additional costs in the form of an inactivity fee.


    Comparison of fees with other depository providers

    If you compare the fees of LiquidityX with the fee models of other brokers, you will see relatively quickly that LiquidityX by all means the best and most customer-friendly model tracked. There are no commission fees or other holding fees or sales fees. With LiquidityX there is only the spread. That is, the difference between the purchase price and the sale price.

    • If you look at the competition, in this case, up Libertex, a purchase fee of 0,22 percent and a sales fee of 0,22 percent must be paid - that is, whoever acquires shares worth EUR 1.000 must pay EUR 4,40.
    • The Comdirect it is as much as 7,80 euros. That's because the purchase and sales fees amount to 3,90 euros.


    Available LiquidityX payment methods

    As already mentioned, LiquidityX offers various deposit methods. This means that if you want to use the offer and capitalize your account, you will not be faced with any challenge in the end, or you will have to not compromise. The variety that is offered here is convincing.

    LiquidityX fees

    Mainly because, in addition to new methods such as eWallets, also classic deposit methods gives. For example the bank transfer or the possibility to use the credit card.

    The Incidentally, the minimum deposit is 250 euros. Depending on the selected payment method, the money is available in the LiquidityX account either immediately or after two to five working days.

    If you have a balance to be paid out in the LiquidityX account, a Payment at any time of the day or night be requested. It should be noted that there is a minimum withdrawal amount if you opt for a bank transfer. This is 100 euros. However, there is no minimum amount if you opt for a different payment option.

    The basic, gold and platinum account types have a to three free withdrawals available per month. If you also want to apply for payouts, you have to pay a flat fee of 30 euros.

    However, the 30 euros only accrue if you choose bank transfer as the payment method - if you choose another method, a percentage of 3,5 percent will be deducted from the amount to be paid out. For this reason it may be advisable not to make a withdrawal after every win, but only to request a payout one to three times a month - this ultimately saves money.


    Is a LiquidityX demo account available?

    LiquidityX appAs already mentioned, LiquidityX provides a free demo account. The big advantage of using this demo account at the beginning? It will all functions risk-free made available, which also offers the real money account.

    This means that the customer has the opportunity get to know the trading platform without risk being able to put new strategies to the test and can delve even deeper into the subject with the tutorials provided by LiquidityX. Since the demo account can be used free of charge, it is advisable, even if you describe yourself as an experienced trader, to approach accordingly in advance.

    If you want to open the LiquidityX demo account, you will not face any challenge here. When registering, you choose the demo account instead of the live account - this feature can then be accessed. You can also, after the live account has been used for the first time, switch back to the demo account and try out new strategies.


    Is there a LiquidityX app?

    If you like to trade while on the go, you will of course have a look at the App Store and then look for a corresponding app from LiquidityX. But LiquidityX has no app yet brought on the market.

    However, that does not mean that the offer cannot be used via tablet and / or smartphone. Web trader is namely optimized for mobile devices. This means that LiquidityX can be used without any problems in the subway or on the way to the office.

    MetaTrader, on the other hand, is available as an app in the respective App Store - i.e. in the Google Play Store for Android or Apple App Store for iOS - and can be downloaded and installed at any time. At the moment there is no information as to whether and if so, when an app will be launched.


    Is it a LiquidityX scam or is LiquidityX serious?

    There are no reports or experiences that suggest that this is a fraudulent provider; even if the broker only on the market since summer 2021 is and therefore not many reports can be found, LiquidityX can definitely be trusted. Because the broker is licensed and regulated.

    In addition, a reputable trading platform is used. And behind LiquidityX is Capital Securities SA, a Greek investment companyregulated by the Greek financial regulator HCMC.

    All of those points make it clear that it is is a reputable provider.


    LiquidityX license and security 

    The Greek investment firm that regulated by the HCMC has been around since the 1990s. Also only positive reviews and experiences can be found on the Internet; You really don't have to worry about license and security here.


    LiquidityX customer service and support

    LiquidityX experiencesLiquidityX becomes a multilingual customer support offered. The staff, who speak English, German, Italian, Polish, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian, are available between 9 a.m. and 21 p.m. Contact options are offered by email, telephone and live chat.

    Im FAQ area you will also find many possible questions and / or difficulties that may arise from time to time - there is also a lot of information about the possible deposit and withdrawal methods and the fee model pursued.

    Anyone who wants an immediate answer to a question can via live chat Make contact. But you can also contact us by phone. By email you have to be patient for a day before you get an answer.


    LiquidityX experiences & customer opinions

    The experience reports that can be found on the Internet are all positive. However, it should be noted that it is not many reports yet - This is because the broker has only been actively represented on the market since summer 2021.


    LiquidityX pros and cons

    One point that clearly speaks in favor of LiquidityX is that regulation. Due to the fact that the license was issued by the HCMC and thus guarantees that this is a reputable broker whose trade is controlled, you do not have to worry that fraudulent activities are being pursued here.

    LiquidityX also wants to appeal to beginners and tries with them extensive training formats as well as certain trading tools to ensure that you can dive deeper into the matter and become more successful in Forex or CFD trading.

    By the way, if you want to get to know the market safely at the beginning and try out the functions of LiquidityX, you are well advised to familiarize yourself with the demo account grapples. Because LiquidityX tries in such a way that beginners are given the chance to trade without risk at the beginning - and that is another plus point.


    • Clear and well-structured trading platform
    • The customer service is convincing
    • There is a wide range of trade
    • The demo account is available free of charge
    • The broker is regulated


    • Not real stocks
    • No real cryptocurrencies
    • No app

    Of course, there may also be one or the other downside. So it should be noted that there is no real stocks or even cryptocurrencies gives. Here one can only speculate with the price development. That means that LiquidityX does without a “real stock portfolio”.

    In addition, LiquidityX dispenses with an app. There is still no information as to whether an app will be made available in the foreseeable future or not. However, it should be noted that the site has been optimized for mobile devices. You can take advantage of the offer even if there is no app.


    Our conclusion on the LiquidityX test

    If you are looking for a CFD or Forex broker, you can LiquidityX can easily be recommended. Not only that the provider is regulated and therefore there is no doubt that LiquidityX is serious, the trading offer, the fee model and the customer support are convincing.

    If you realize that the offer that is presented here corresponds to your own ideas and expectations, then So in the end there is nothing against a registration.

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