Apple reportedly makes a MagSafe iPhone battery

So far, MagSafe has mainly been useful for the iPhone 12 family for magnetic wallets and charging stations. But Apple is apparently ready to expand this functionality in a clever direction. According to Bloomberg sources, Apple is developing a MagSafe iPhone battery with which you can charge your iPhone 12 (and probably future iPhones) wirelessly. In contrast to earlier Apple batteries, this new MagSafe iPhone battery would not serve as a housing.

Apple has so far refused to comment on these rumors, but developer Steve Moser noted that the beta version of iOS 14.5 temporarily referred to a MagSafe iPhone battery.

Apparently the MagSafe iPhone Battery was originally planned for the iPhone 12 release. According to rumors, the prototype of the new iPhone battery still had some problems. While it reportedly stuck to the iPhone reliably, it had problems with false overheating warnings. Faults like these are not uncommon in hardware development, but they are enough to delay a project or even cancel it entirely. It is currently not certain whether the MagSafe iPhone battery will come in the future.

MagSafe accessories

Aside from Apple's MagSafe cases, there are now a number of options for third-party cases. For example, Nomad and Otterbox already have housings with magnets on offer.

Nomad: As a company, Nomad already has a large selection of MagSafe-compatible iPhone cases. Versions of its existing "Rugged" brands are sold as MagSafe versions. The cases are available for all four iPhone 12 models and include brown, black and a few other color options.

Otterbox: Otterbox also has some iPhone cases with MagSafe on offer. Including the slimmer Symmetry Series line and the robust Pro XT case from the Defender series.


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