OnlyCam - the start of a new era in adult entertainment is here!

The latest crypto project OnlyCam wants to solve the most pressing problems in the adult entertainment industry sustainably, with the help of the blockchain and a dedicated token and, by the way, challenge the industry leader, the streaming platform OnlyFans.

Also topics such as NFT's for creators, staking of the internal currency and other unique features that have not yet appeared in the adult erotic industry.

We reveal everything about the OnlyCam project, advantages and opportunities for creators and consumers and the associated $ ONLY token.

OnlyCam: THE revolution in the adult industry?


The OnlyCam team is convinced: OnlyCam will completely revolutionize adult entertainment and the streaming industry as well. To achieve this, OnlyCam does things differently. Different - and better than the competition. The project has nothing less than an ambition to overcome the biggest obstacles NSFW creators (and consumers) are currently facing.

OnlyCam is a decentralized NSFW (Not Safe For Work) ecosystem that aims to empower adult content creators while rewarding their consumers. At OnlyCam, the creators of erotic content should earn significantly more than usual, and viewers pay significantly less for this explicit content.

The problem: The adult entertainment industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world! Sales are over $ 100 billion a year. However, content creators only get a fraction of the profit. This is due, among other things, to the lack of copyright laws, numerous middlemen and, depending on the region, enormous censorship. In short, a lot of money is lost.

OnlyCam is now working to solve exactly these problems. Producers, agencies and intermediaries, ie precisely those institutions that receive a significant part of the copyright income, are to be eliminated.

But that's not all: The project also offers rewards for investors: every holder of an ONLY token receives a share of the transactions made in the network. And that for every transaction on every platform of the entire OnlyCam network.

There is a 3% fee that goes to all ONLY owners. The more $ ONLYs you have, the greater the reward.

background objects: The token is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This has the advantage, among other things, that transactions can be carried out extremely quickly and the fees are significantly lower than, for example, with Ethereum.

Does that sound interesting? That's it. But there are also some other innovative aspects at OnlyCam.

What specific advantages does OnlyCam offer?

onlycam presale

OnlyCam aims to offer its users the following features and benefits:

  • OnlyCam is an adult ecosystem that also relies on $ ONLY, a deflationary DeFi token.
  • Thanks to the decentralized nature of the platform, the creators and performers of adult content have full control over their content. There is no censorship. The team promises: "You can publish and monetize as much NSFW as you want!"
    OnlyCam should also enable the production of tailor-made products for fans and thus bring manufacturers and consumers closer together. Content creators also have the option to create an exclusive fan club that is only accessible through OnlyCam.
  • OnlyCam only charges low commissions. "Forget the high fees charged by adult platforms," ​​say the developers. Thanks to OnlyCam's token and blockchain technology, commissions are "reduced to almost zero so you can keep what you deserve!"
  • Content creators can reach a global audience with OnlyCam because revenue is not limited to a specific country or currency. This means that people from all countries can discover content on OnlyCam and exchange their local currency for the ONLY token.
  • Fans and consumers can also use OnlyCam completely anonymously. Since all OnlyCam platforms work with the ONLY token as their primary currency, it can be used for anything within the ecosystem. And completely anonymously, without leaving any traces, e.g. B. on your bank or credit card statement.
  • Onlycam eliminates the "man in the middle" - adult performers have full control over their production, distribution and revenue by being directly connected to their customers!

How does OnlyCam work?

But how does the OnlyCam ecosystem really work, can it really keep all its promises? We say yes, because OnlyCam offers a complete, all-encompassing network for adult entertainment!

Users can create and publish content, while consumers can find top-quality adult entertainment. All of this is combined with a modern user interface.

At the same time, the OnlyCam ecosystem focuses on integration with social networks and offers content creators integrated marketing tools to gain more followers and spread advertising messages.

Overall, OnlyCam will consist of an ecosystem of five different platforms: Only.Cam, Onlycam.Art,, and Each of them is tailored to the different needs of adult content creators and consumers.

You can find it here OnlyCam White Paper and get a detailed impression of the team's vision.

OnlyCam: How to buy the ONLY token

The team is working flat out on the project, and the launch of the Only.Cam ecosystem is planned for the first quarter of 2022. Before that, however, there will be a token sale.

In order to avoid price manipulation and to prevent a single token holder from holding the majority of the tokens, ONLY-Token will conduct a pre-sale on DXSale, with an upper limit of 10 BNB per wallet. DxSale.Network is used to pre-sell tokens.

Click here to go to the official Only.Cam website. or use the opportunity Presale to join.
You can also use Only.Cam on Twitter .

Über this link you can join the Only.Cam Telegram group

The OnlyCam Presale will open on December 26th, 2021 PinkSale.Finance take place. Please visit their website to whitelist and participate and buy the tokens with a 20% discount!

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