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OPC experience assessment

What is OPC

According to OPC experience, these are substances that contribute to the Polyphenols belong. Especially in Grape seeds are they contained, but also in the shell of dark grapes. They also come in cranberries, Peanuts and blueberries before. If OPC is used as a Dietary Supplement ingested, it is specially made Obtained grape seeds.

OPC grape seed extract
EffectHas a positive effect on skin and hair
NebenwirkungenProbably no side effects to be expected
ContentDepending on the manufacturer
Pack size:Depending on the manufacturer
Dosage:Depending on the manufacturer
Price:Depending on the manufacturer
Shipping:Depending on the manufacturer
To buy:

What are the ingredients of OPC?

According to the OPC Experiences are the ingredients ascorbic acid, Grape extract, Oligomers and Procyanidins included.

How does the application of OPC work - how good is the effect of OPC?

As mentioned, the use of OPC differs depending on the manufacturer. On behalf of the majority of the products, we recommend taking one capsule a day. In addition, it should be enough Water stand by so that you can swallow the capsule more easily. The intake takes place before a Meal of your choice.

The grape seed extract contained in OPC has a regenerating effect. It affects positive for the skin the end. This can be seen in the reduction of small wrinkles and an overall better complexion. Also on the Hair OPC has a good effect. On the other hand, the agent should ensure faster wound healing and not only have an antifungal, but also antibacterial effect.

OPC official assessment 2023 & further study results:

OPC official ratingAlthough the official tests online keep examining dietary supplements, they have not yet made any products related to OPC.

However, it may be possible in the future that OPC capsules will be examined in these tests, as they are now very popular.

Other tests online have not yet dealt with OPC foods. But even with the consumer magazine, it may well be possible that the test of OPC products will be made up for later, as demand is increasing.

How should one take OPC? Our dosage recommendation:

Unless otherwise prescribed by the trusted doctor, should one capsule of OPC per day be consumed with plenty of water.

Our OPC experiences and evaluation: OPC in the test:

There are both positive and negative OPC experiences. The positives include the fact that it is a pure product that is manufactured with safety in mind. To the Grape seed extract is a good effect on skin and hair awarded. It can be dosed in high doses and is offered in the form of capsules that are easy to take. As a rule, the product is enriched with additional vitamins.

OPC positive experience

  • Pure extract that is safely made
  • OPC is said to have a positive effect on skin and hair
  • High doses of the active ingredients are possible
  • Is offered in capsules
  • Easy to take
  • Can be supplemented with other vitamins
One of the negative OPC experiences is the fact that the substance can possibly trigger allergies. In addition, it is not convenient for every user to swallow capsules.

OPC negative experience

  • OPC may trigger allergies
  • For some users, it is difficult to swallow capsules

OPC results before and after: does OPC work or is it a fake?

OPC HerbalGenerally scores OPC through a good availability to the human body. After about 45 minutes it is the highest Blood concentration achieved. The effect it has on the Body has, however, cannot be specified in principle. That depends on the physical constitution of the user and on various other criteria. This includes the personal Lifestyle, the Nutrition and the body weight.

However, it takes a few weeks for the first effects to appear on the skin and hair. To do this, the Metabolism Given time to be able to adapt. General statements on how OPC works in the form of results after two, four, six and eight weeks cannot therefore be made. But that is the case with almost everyone Dietary supplements similar.

OPC experience reports on the Internet & in the OPC forum:

On the Internet and in the various forums around Beauty and Health there are many positive voices to read. The remedy is popular with many people, especially women. But there are also opinions that say that there is no effect after ingestion, even after several weeks.

Was OPC at the lion's den?

No, according to OPC experience, the product was not included in the shipment "Lions' den".

Are there OPC warnings on the internet?

It could be on the internet no warnings against OPC can be found.

Where can I buy OPC cheapest?

OPC NaturalOPC is offered by various manufacturers. Accordingly, the prices for the dietary supplement also differ. Usually the product comes at a price of around 20 Euros offered. But prices above and below are also possible.

The cheapest are the capsules from MaxMedix with a price of approx 13 Euros, which is why the manufacturer has emerged as the best supplier. The capsules from CDF Sports & Health Solutions are slightly more expensive at just under 17 euros. The product from CELTS-BERRY costs a little more with a price of over 30 euros.

Can you buy OPC in the pharmacy?

Yes, it's possible, OPC also in the Pharmacy to acquire. Different online pharmacies offer products of different brands. The Doc Morris pharmacy catches the eye as the best supplier, because it sells OPC capsules at a price of around nine euros. The shop pharmacy offers OPC at a price of around 13 euros, Medpex for around 17 euros.

What do you have to consider if you want to discontinue OPC?

In principle, the user of OPC does not have to pay attention to anything special if he wants to discontinue the drug. He can generally take it every day. To be on the safe side, however, it is important to read the manufacturer's information and to adhere to his instructions. It is also advisable to seek advice from a doctor on taking and stopping OPC.

Basically, it is OPC is a dietary supplement, that with a Long-term effects should score. This means that effects can only show up after several months or even years. Nobody should expect that, because OPC is not a medical product. Therefore it cannot be used to fight diseases. If OPC is to have a positive effect, it must be taken permanently. Only then can you see improvements in your skin and hair.

However, it is possible to adapt the dosage and intake to personal needs. This is why OPC may be discontinued from time to time or the manufacturer of the products may be changed. However, it can be assumed that only long-term use could have a positive effect.

There is nothing against adjusting the dose to your current state of health and sometimes taking breaks or trying another brand. However, you should generally assume that the OPC can only actually benefit you if you have taken it for a lifetime.

OPC test conclusion - our experience and recommendation:

In general, the dietary supplement is popular and there is an increasing number of them Tendency. It is taken in the Rule of womenthat change the appearance of Skin and hair want to improve. In addition, OPC also has an antibacterial effect, but it is not a drug. Everyone who wants to take OPC should bear this in mind.

There are different manufacturers of OPC dietary supplement capsules. Therefore, it can be worth doing one thing or the other Product to try out in order to be able to determine which one on most positive on your own Body works. Since many manufacturers offer OPC, the prices can also differ. There are both inexpensive and higher-priced products in the OPC area.

We have also found some tests online where OPC supplements have not yet been tested, so no statement can be made as to the effectiveness of OPC from these tests. There are numerous OPC experiences on the Internet and in forums that can be read. Most of these are positive, but there are also some negative voices, for example because OPC mostly has to be taken in capsule form and swallowing is not for everyone.

However, if you take the capsules with enough water, you will find a remedy. Speaking of intake: The daily dosage specified by the manufacturer should not be exceeded. Another negative impact seems to be that OPC Allergies could trigger. Anyone who is already allergic to red wine and grapes should refrain from taking OPC, as otherwise allergic symptoms can occur.

OPC grape seeds experiences

There are no warnings against OPC on the Internetso that positive OPC experiences can be assumed here. There are various portals on the Internet in which OPC capsules are offered, sometimes also in powder form. Therefore the selection is very large. If you want to save, you can compare the prices of the various offers to determine which product is the cheapest. However, the price range is very wide. F.

Also in Pharmacies will OPC products offered. These are often the same products that are also sold in the portals on the Internet. Therefore, a price comparison between the prices of the portals and pharmacies is also worthwhile. If you like, you can also buy OPC products in local drugstores, for example at Rossmann or DM. Alternatively, they can also be bought in the pharmacy around the corner in your own place of residence. Even well-stocked supermarkets now offer food supplements, including OPC products.

When and whether an effect occurs cannot ultimately be generalized because it is a dietary supplement and not a chemical drug. It is more likely to go out after a long-term intake over many weeks and months until a positive effect can be seen. It is therefore advisable to take OPC products permanently.

Some users would like to start taking OPC capsules pause and wonder if discontinuing the products poses any risks. But that doesn't seem to be the case. So it is quite possible to stop taking the dietary supplement forever or only for a certain period of time and to pause taking it. There are probably no dangers to be feared, provided that on the other hand, a healthy and balanced diet is observed.

Overall, the following recommendation can be made: Since there are many OPC products from different manufacturers, users should test which one suits their body best. You should then focus on these dietary supplements and take them permanently to support your health.

Frequently asked questions about OPC:

Is OPC recommendable or serious, or is there any criticism of OPC?

OPC can be taken as a dietary supplement, but it is not a substitute for a healthy diet. The user should pay attention to this. The effect of OPC has not yet been proven on the basis of studies and investigations. Again, the advice to seek advice on this product from a specialist.

What's in OPC?

OPC is the abbreviation for oligomeric proanthocyanidins. In other words, these are secondary plant substances that belong to the polyphenols. These are responsible for the taste, color and aroma in a plant, such as grapes. When it comes to polyphenols, OPC is one of the subordinate groups of flavonoids. More precisely, they belong to the group of tannins called catechins or anthocyanidins. These give the plants their color. Oligomeric proanthocyanidins not only provide color among plants, which is also dependent on the pH of the environment. Rather, they also ward off pests and natural predators. These are also the reasons why OPC can have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects if it is taken regularly.

Is there an OPC voucher?

There are changing vouchers and discount codes for OPC products. It is therefore worth checking the Internet regularly to see if new vouchers are being offered if the capsules have to be bought again. There are various portals that accept vouchers in the form of codes so that users can save money here.

Who is behind the manufacturer of OPC?

There is not just one, but several manufacturers of OPC capsules or powders. To name a few: ECHT VITAL KG, GloryFeel or Feel Natural.

Does OPC have any risks or side effects?

Another effect of OPC is blood thinning. Therefore, it should not be taken if blood-thinning agents have already been prescribed and are being taken. Furthermore, it is not advisable to override the recommended daily dose. Only with a correct dosage can a positive effect from OPC arise, which supports the human body in matters of health. This can show up in a number of ways. However, there is no scientific evidence that OPC works. Consultation with a doctor can therefore be helpful and provide information. There are of course reasons for this. Studies on the effect of OPC have been carried out and positive results have been achieved, but these have been tested on cell cultures or animals. Therefore, in principle, the results cannot be transferred to the human body. The same applies to the possible side effects that OPC could cause. These cannot be transferred either. It has been shown, however, that too high doses of OPC can be damaging to the cells. Whether this is actually the case has also not been conclusively proven. Therefore, it is really important to only take OPC as directed by the manufacturer and not to exceed the dose.

Is the permanent use of OPC safe?

If the product is not permanently overdosed, nothing speaks against a permanent use of OPC. Which doses are recommended is already explained here in the guide.

Can you buy OPC in the drugstore from DM & Rossmann, or from eBay & Amazon?

Yes, OPC products from different manufacturers are offered in the DM and Rossmann drugstores. This product is also offered on the Internet by different manufacturers, namely on eBay and Amazon. Due to the large selection, we recommend using Amazon to buy a product of your choice. If you want to use OPC immediately, it is better to buy it in a drugstore.

Do you need a prescription to buy OPC?

No, no prescription is required to buy OPC capsules. Since it is a herbal dietary supplement, it does not require a prescription.

What does OPC cost and where can I buy OPC at the cheapest price?

The price range at which it is possible to buy OPC is very wide. There are both cheap products and expensive means. That is why it is always worth making a comparison on the Internet at the major portals such as Amazon, eBay and the like. Various filters can be used here, with which the cheapest OPC products can be found more quickly.


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