Dashlane Password Manager 2023 put to the test

Dashlane is an extremely popular one Password manager, which is not only intended for the Windows 10 operating system, but also fully fulfills its function on iOS and Android. As a result, this little helper can perform not only on desktop computers but also on mobile devices such as the iPhone.

Similar to comparable programs, the program saves account names and the associated passwords as well as other data. This includes bank details and addresses, which the user - if necessary - can quickly and easily enter into online forms. Logging into mobile apps also makes Dashlane easier and more convenient.

If the user wants to install Dashlane on just one device, that's the software free. If the user wants to use the program on several devices, he has to pay a fee. Of course, the passwords are then automatically synchronized so that the data on all devices is always up to date.



    Dashlane - what is it?

    Dashlane is much more than "just" a Password manager. So the program also fulfills the function of a general one Security app and a digital wallet. The software can be used from different browsers. This is ensured by the Chrome plug-in and the corresponding extensions for Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

    • Dashlane 6, the latest version, has been expanded to include various functions such as a VPN expanded. This diversity makes Dashlane a true all-rounder in the world of password managers.
    Users who are interested in the program should therefore first read a manual and, if necessary, consult a test to find out how user-friendly the numerous functions have been solved.


    The ease of use and the user interface

    There are differences between the Dashlane Desktop app and the browser extension. This is completely sufficient for everyday functions when surfing and is extremely easy to configure. If, on the other hand, the user wants to make more complicated settings or fine-tune the settings, he must do this in the desktop app.


    Dashlane's desktop app

    The Dashlane desktop app is divided into the following three areas:

    1. The safe, in which the accounts, passwords, ID cards, receipts, other data and means of payment are stored.
    2. His personal Identity Dashboard the user finds in the area of ​​security. There he will also be informed if there are any security risks. The user can find out how secure the selected passwords are overall under the so-called "password integrity".
    3. There is also an area "Contacts". There is a "Sharing Center" where it is possible to share notes and passwords with other users of the program.

    The user manages the browser extensions in the menu bar. There it is also possible to define more detailed settings. A 2-factor authentication can be found in the sub-item "Security".


    Dashlane's browser extension

    Although the browser extension is simplified compared to the desktop app, the user will also find one here intuitive listing of the main functions. All websites that the user has linked to Dashlane are listed in the vault. He can now arrange the pages by category or date of use.

    There is also a point "This website", Where different accounts can be managed on the same website. It is also possible to set how the program should behave on certain websites and to report problems. The browser extension is rounded off by a password generator.

    However, users must be careful not to forget or misplace their password. The reason: There is no convenient recovery method, as in Bitwarden or LastPassto restore the master password. In this case, the programmers opted for more security instead of user convenience.

    If the user has forgotten his password and there is no emergency contact, he must reset the account manually. However, this means that he loses all data.


    Use Dashlane on the go

    Dashlane apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. The mobile apps are characterized by the fact that they very similar to the desktop versionso that intuitive operation is also possible here.

    Dashlane remembers the passwords that the user has set for various apps thanks to the auto-login function.

    In addition, there is a separate browser for the mobile app and it is possible to use it as an authenticator app with a 2FA backup.

    If you don't want to keep entering the master password, you can log in by fingerprint choose. It is also possible to log in via face recognition, but only with the iPhone X.


    Set up Dashlane on the device

    Because Dashlane takes users step by step accompanied through the facility, This is also no problem for users who have little experience with password managers and similar tools. If the user only wants to use the basic functions, he can get started in a very short time.

    Step 1: First, the user has to download Dashlane from the provider's website and install it.

    Step 2: First of all, you have to create a master password, which of course should also be sufficiently secure. Dashlane provides good support for this. The user then only has to remember this password as long as he is using Dashlane.

    Step 3: Once a user has logged in for the first time, Dashlane asks them to install the appropriate extension for the browser they want to use. The subsequent setup does not take too long either. As soon as the user logs on to new pages in the future, a window automatically pops up in which he is informed that Dashlane has been saved.

    For users who have no experience with a password manager, getting started with the program is not too difficult. Because as soon as you have logged in, a opens Tutorial, in which all the basic functions of the program are explained. Among other things, the user learns how he can use the auto-login to manage his online accounts, which are protected by a password.

    Dashlane's features

    Dashlane has all the features that the user can expect from a password manager. These include, among other things, password management, the settings for the autofill function and the ability to make encrypted functions.

    However, the software offers the user much more than just the basic functions. Some features have been designed to be particularly practical and some of Dashlane's functions are not found in other password managers.

    Password changerPassword generatorIdentity DashboardVPN

    The password changer

    One of Dashlane's outstanding features is the password changer. This is a function that users can use for free with Premium: They are able to enter numerous stored passwords in one step change with just a few clicks. Thanks to this function, users who use the same password on many different websites for reasons of convenience can close this security gap with little effort.

    Furthermore, the user has the possibility to always have an eye on how effective his passwords are and can improve them at any time if necessary.

    The password generator

    The password generator is a feature that makes every password manager really complete. This function, which is standard for such programs, is located in the browser extension. Depending on the user's specifications, it can be used configure safe character combinations and create.

    The positive thing in the test is that this function works extremely quickly and can be operated intuitively.

    The identity dashboard

    This is, in a sense, that Notice board of passwords of a user. A number of points, which is displayed in large numbers, shows the user how secure his passwords are. This number is calculated from various factors, for example how complex the selected passwords are or how often a user uses the same passwords.

    In addition, there is a feature for premium customers called "Dark web surveillance". Dashlane's security experts check here whether a user's passwords or data are being misused on the Internet.

    The VPN

    From version Dashlane 6 there is a password manager in this for premium customers a VPN function. This function is particularly useful when surfing in public WiFi networks because it provides additional protection for personal data.

    Dashlane's VPN is rather simple compared to tools that are specifically designed for this purpose. For example, the user is simply connected to the nearest server without being offered a choice here. This function is therefore less suitable for users who want to use it to bypass location-independent services. Rather, it should be used as a additional feature for more security to be viewed as.

    Overall, Dashlane has a multitude of functions that are extremely practical, making Dashlane's feature package one of the best today. There are many of these tools however, behind the payment barrier.


    Dashlane's safety

    Dashlane uses the standard of AES 256-bit encryption stored, which is considered extremely safe. However, each user is responsible for how secure the master password is. Because there is no way to recover this password in the worst-case scenario, no outsider can abuse this function to crack the master password of other users. This fact alone makes Dashlane more secure than other password managers.

    With the mobile app, however, there is a risk that a security breach arises. Login here is not only possible with the master password, but also with a fingerprint. Whether a user opts for this option depends, of course, on the importance of security for them.

    • The user can also strengthen his Dashlane login with the help of the 2-factor authentication. Here he sets whether this should take effect every time he logs in or only when he logs in with a new device.


    The support at Dashlane

    The support staff can reach users in two ways if they have questions or problems.

    1. For users from German-speaking countries there is only one E-mail contact form to disposal. Inquiries received this way will be answered within a few hours.
    2. There is also one Support chat, which is only in English. However, this has the advantage that there are no unnecessary delays in the event of any queries.


    Dashlane's price

    Dashlane is available in three different packages:

    1. Within the free version the number of passwords that can be saved is limited to 50. Furthermore, the free version may only be used on one device. It is possible to use the mobile version with the same account at the same time, but in this case the passwords are not synchronized.
    2. 3,33 euros per month are charged annually for the Premium Package due. The number of passwords is not limited here, the data is synchronized on all end devices and numerous features such as VPN are available to the user.
    3. There is also one Business tariff for users who use Dashlane for business. This costs four euros per month.
    In the USA With the introduction of Dashlane 6, prices were also increased. The premium package now costs US $ 60 per year instead of US $ 40 as before. For the US market, there is also a Premium Plus package with additional monitoring options and insurance. At least in Europe, Dashlane is still one of the cheapest password managers.


    What are the pros and cons of Dashlane?


    • the operation is conveniently solved
    • Online forms are recognized well
    • the data on several end devices are automatically synchronized
    • the user interface is in German
    • the program is free for use on one device.

    The disadvantages

    • The price is a little higher than that of comparable programs.
    • Many features can only be used by premium customers.


    The bottom line on Dashlane

    Dashlane has rightly got itself in various rankings put at the top. Because there is hardly a password manager with which the overall package is so coherent. All important basic functions work without any problems and can be operated completely intuitively. There are other useful features for more security for premium customers, which they can use for an absolutely justified price.

    • However, the Support be touched up. Because the contact options are very limited and the user has to expect considerable waiting times. Customers from Europe may also have to expect a price increase for the premium package, which has already taken place in the USA and will certainly come across the pond.
    Those who want more price stability and security at a similar price are at LastPass Much better cared for and also benefits from a well-known name and excellent customer support that leaves no one waiting long.

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