iolo System Mechanic 2023 experience report & test

There are now a few PC tuning software on the market. However, not all programs work properly and reliably. Furthermore, it is important to find out before installation which special features the cleaning program has in store for its users.

We have the program to optimize the system iolo System Mechanic viewed more closely. It is not only about the iolo System Mechanic free version in detail, but also about the paid extension iolo System Mechanic 17Pro. In our test we report on the special features, costs and the scope of this tuning software.



    iolo System Mechanic Test: The scope of services in a fast run

    The operators of the PC tuning software promise their customers outstanding iolo System Mechanic experiences. The range of services includes the following areas:

    • The automatic repair and acceleration of the computer
    • Patented performance technology from iolo
    • Restoring maximum speed, performance and stability
    • The instant download
    • Support of the software of different operating systems, including Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 (XP / Vista up to v16.0.0.10)
    • Fixed bugs, crashes, and more
    • Whole Home License for use on all home computers
    • System Mechanic is available in German

    The system optimization offers its users some features that the Improve computer performance promise in no time.

    The iolo System Mechanic experience

    The cleaning software supports users in maintaining their Microsoft Windows based computers. Iolo System Mechanic uses ActiveCare technology to sustainably accelerate the PC.

    • Conveniently, ActiveCare runs entirely secretly in the background, so that the user is not disturbed. When the user is absent, ActiveCare takes care of the diagnosis, coordination, cleaning and repair in the background. In doing so, the software also focuses on some system tests to identify the basic problems with the computer.
    • As it tests the system, System Mechanic looks for updates to critical device drivers and is dedicated to compressing registers.
    • It also deals with the elimination of memory leaks, the elimination of random crashes and reboots, and the revitalization of non-bootable systems.
    • The PC tuning software also fixes security weaknesses and repairs damage to the hard drive. Then the software will scan and replace outdated drivers and repair broken Internet connections.
    • System chaos and junk files also have a hard time. The software comes with some cleaning tools that locate and delete these mostly well-hidden files.
    Especially the paid versions go deep. These remove bloatware that is slowing down your PC. Iolo System Mechanic uses a tool called Startup Optimizer, which optimizes the startup speed. Programs that delay the start are thrown out and programs are determined that should better be deactivated in order to boost the system to maximum performance.


    iolo System Mechanic and the protection of privacy

    The Privacy protection is becoming more and more important in the age of digitization. Accordingly, iolo System Mechanic has a number of features that are precisely tailored to protect privacy.

    For example, iolo System Mechanic does not simply delete files, but actually shreds them with the Privacy Cleaner Tool. This is how the software ensures complete removal of all deleted data. Also useful for removing cache, online chats, web toolbars or the browser history.

    The careful deletion of these no longer needed files has a practical side effect: The speed of the computer is increased to the maximum. To increase this effect, iolo System Mechanic comes with the NetBooster tool. This optimizes all aspects of the internet connection.

    The NetBooster automatically finds the fastest possible DNS server and adjusts the Windows Internet settings accordingly. This then increases the download speed. NetBooster performs these points on its own, but if you want to help, you can also start these features manually.


    What can the paid versions do that the free version can't?

    iolo System Mechanic is available in a free version. However, this royalty-free software only offers the most basic features. To make the computer more powerful and faster in the long term, this is by no means sufficient. Accordingly, the company offers three versions for a fee behind the PC tuning software:

    1. iolo System Mechanic: Optimizing your computer, repairing problems, defragmenting your system, preventing malware, and keeping it performing at its best
    2. iolo System Mechanic Professional: AntiWir Vervirus software System Shield, a recovery function for lost files and the shredder DriveScrubber
    3. iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense: Privacy Guardian, a tool for protecting online identity, ByePass Password manager, and Malware Killer, an extra strong protection against malware.

    In terms of price, all three versions are in the double-digit range. On the website of the operator itself, customers receive discounts:

    • The version iolo System Mechanic is available for $ 24,97 instead of $ 49,95.
    • For iolo System Mechanic Professional Instead of US $ 69,95, the cost is only US $ 34,97.
    • Instead of $ 79,95, customers pay for iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense on the platform just $ 31,98.

    The conclusion to iolo System Mechanic

    We were able to take a closer look at the different versions of iolo System Mechanic in our iolo System Mechanic test. What is clear is that the free version is actually iolo System Mechanic free only to "get a taste" suitable.

    If you really want reliable all-round protection and PC optimization, you should choose either the iolo System Mechanic Professional or the iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense version.

    Because with these two chargeable cleaners, customers get some interesting and important features, when it comes to improving computer performance.

    • In terms of price, iolo System Mechanic moves with all commercially available tuning software in the lower two-digit range. All packages are suitable for both optimization and cleaning of the computer.
    • Furthermore, the iolo System Mechanic Download works in no time and the operation of the program works thanks to intuitive usability also very easy for beginners.
    • Another advantage is that iolo System Mechanic in German language is available.

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