Improving the performance of the laptop 2023: easy and fast

Anyone who works on a laptop regularly will have noticed it already: after a while, the performance drops and the laptop acts slowly. We looked at how to get rid of not only useless junk data, but the Optimized laptop performance in general.


    Why is my laptop getting slower and slower?

    It is quite normal for the laptop to slow down over time. This is mostly due to hardware or software problems. However, there are some tricks you can use to improve laptop performance. Help, for example Tuning tools for Windows.

    But first, let's take a look at the most common causes of laptop slowing down. Finally, there are a few things you need to do to improve laptop performance:

    1. For one, many computers run outdated drivers. After some time of use, these simply no longer match the actual performance spectrum of the laptop. With certain updates in this area, the laptop can be accelerated.
    2. The next step is to clarify whether applications in the background may be redundant to run. A laptop can also be optimized in this way: Relieve the processor and the main memory by sorting out applications. The tuning tools for Windows often find some approaches here to improve the laptop performance.
    3. Lastly, you should also pay attention to the Fan dedicate. Because if it can no longer do its job properly due to clogging or contamination, the laptop will overheat. The consequence of this is then a PC that throttles its performance so as not to overheat.

    Optimize laptop: update drivers

    Let's first take a look at what a user can do in the area of ​​drivers to optimize the performance of the laptop. The drivers are usually used to control the hardware in the device itself. If the drivers are out of date, it may well happen that the hardware is no longer capable of full performance.

    • Therefore it applies to keep the drivers as up-to-date as possible, so that the hardware can do what corresponds to its capabilities.

    If you don't want to update the various drivers manually, you can get support from an appropriate tool called the Driver Updater.


    Removing garbage data: helping the laptop on its way

    Those who regularly take care of their data garbage contribute significantly to the performance of the laptop. If you take a closer look at the applications, you will certainly find dozens Applications that are no longer needed. These block lost valuable space. At the same time, however, this also affects the performance of the device.

    So, in order to speed up the laptop, it makes perfect sense to get rid of all those old, disused applications and too uninstall.

    The deinstallation of programs works like this: The start button takes you to to the settings and to the "Apps" tab. It is now a matter of rigorously sorting out. Pre-installed applications such as games and demo versions actually belong to the data garbage.

    If there is any ambiguity about the importance of an application, this applies to research. In the worst case scenario, you will delete a file or application that is important for the smooth use of the laptop.


    Is it because of the slow internet connection?

    Some laptop users will also wonder whether a long loading website is the result of a slow internet connection or a slow computer. To find out there is on the internet free speed test. These measure the actual internet speed. This way you can quickly see whether a slow internet connection is responsible for the seemingly endless download times.

    • Speaking of the Internet, it also applies here from time to time Remove cookies and clear browsing history to improve laptop performance.


    Speed ​​up the laptop: Find unnecessary programs

    There is another tweak to give the laptop a go: Close programs that are no longer required. Here we make a clear distinction between programs that are no longer needed and programs that are currently not needed. Programs and applications that are no longer useful must be completely removed from the computer. On the other hand, applications that are generally useful but are allowed to take a short break need to be closed.

    Because if there are umpteen different applications running in the background that no one really uses, then one has noticeably negative impact on performance of the computer. As soon as the main memory is full thanks to a large number of applications, the computer goes to the swap file on the hard drive. This hard drive is significantly slower than the main memory, which is why the laptop reacts less quickly.

    In order to relieve the CPU, unused background activities should be stopped if possible. To do this, you simply open unused applications and close unused tabs. Those who are particularly familiar with their laptop can also access the manual deactivation of startup items dare. Otherwise this can be a PC tuning software, e.g. Avast Cleanup or Piriform CCleaner, take care of.


    Clean the outside of the laptop

    As already indicated, a laptop that is slowly but surely getting warmer can decide to adjust its performance to not to overheat. If this is due to possible contamination of the ventilation, it must be cleaned. If the fan can no longer do its job properly due to accumulated dust particles, the hardware will slow down.

    To clean the ventilation, the case of the computer is opened. With some laptops this is no longer possible. If the laptop can still be opened manually without causing any further damage, the Carry out cleaning of the ventilation about once a year.


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    Identify resource-intensive programs

    We have already talked about programs that are no longer needed. But what if a program is urgently needed, but at the same time takes up a large amount of memory? One possibility is that Replace the resource-intensive program with a less resource-intensive program. Sometimes deactivating the program is enough to increase the laptop's performance significantly.

    To deactivate these programs, go to the Task Manager and look at the CPU tab closer to. All applications and background processes are listed here. Now you have the possibility to sort these programs according to the current processor load. If an application consumes more than 10 percent, this could be the reason for slow operation. If it does not make sense to remove this program from the computer, a temporary closure can help.

    Also in the tabs "Storage" and "Data carrier" it is worth to sort out. Applications that require more than 1.000 MB of RAM or applications that require more than 2-5MB / s are worth a second look.


    Defragment the drives

    Most Windows users have heard of Disk Cleanup. But relatively few users dare to attempt defragmentation. And that, although the defragmentation of the drives to the basic cleaning habits should belong.

    Under the register "Windows administration programs“You can find the defragmentation. It is practical that Windows comes with cleaning tools to enable the PC to perform manually. As users move files and applications on the laptop, there are gaps on the hard drive.

    The defragmentation tool takes a very close look at the composition of the hard drive in order to locate precisely such unused gaps. The clutter on the hard drive can make searching for files more tedious, which in turn slows down the laptop. The disorder can be resolved by defragmenting the hard disk or using the TRIM process for the more modern SSD drives.


    Windows 10 Hack: The Energy Profile "Ultimate Performance"

    Conveniently, Windows 10 comes with a hack for performance-minded users. The energy profile "Ultimate performance". This tool is used to let the laptop run at full capacity. The possibly associated high energy consumption is not in focus. However, it is also possible to combine these two areas through the manual setting and to design them according to individual ideas.

    • To get to the energy profile "Ultimate performance“To get there, right-click on the battery symbol. There you have the opportunity to select and adjust the energy options.


    Is it time to start over from scratch?

    If all measures are no longer sufficient for an urgently needed increase in performance, you can always remove Windows completely from the system and do a Start reinstallation.

    However, all saved data, installed programs and settings will be lost. So before you consider reinstalling Windows, you should definitely try the aforementioned points to improve performance.

    If it is a matter of reinstalling Windows, you should definitely backup all important data externally and make sure that the original installation files or CDs / DVDs and the activation codes are at hand. Then go to "Settings", "Update & Security" and "Restore". Now it is time to reset the PC and dare to restart.


    The conclusion: bring the laptop back to full performance

    We have now looked at a few ways to manually tweak the laptop a bit. From the physical cleaning to the deinstallation of programs that are no longer required, there are a few simple steps on how to in just a few steps can help the laptop to perform better. So it doesn't always have to be a professional upgrade by a professional if you yourself know a little about the subject of performance enhancement.

    • For the long-term increase in performance of the device, it is certainly useful to pay close attention to what to install and when. Regular defragmentation and the sorting out of applications that are no longer required should also be part of the basic maintenance measures.

    nortonIf you do not want to rely on the manual type of cleaning, you can get support from various PC tuning programs to fetch. These not only clean up thoroughly, but also improve the performance of the device in a variety of ways through various tools.

    For this purpose, we recommend the sophisticated program from Norton - Norton Utilities to speed up your laptop quickly and safely without nasty surprises.

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