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Nowadays there is a large percentage of the population overweight. It is not surprising then that many people try to lose weight and throw themselves into different diets. Usually with little success, because a lot of false information is spread and the marketing of many so-called "miracle cures" never sleeps.

In recent years, however, a new healthier trend has emerged, the Keto diet. You do not need to supply Carbohydrates and meets its nutritional needs with proteins and good fats. This allows you to afford a lower calorie deficit and still lose body fat. In addition, you can maintain your muscles, which is what most people in circulation do Extreme diets not possible. The problem is: you lose yourself Musculature, you use less energy, which means you have fewer calories and thus less fat can be lost. Should one be able to lose weight with such diets, it will be diminished by the one Energy consumption quickly started again.

Simply keto experiences

Simply Keto caters for one Keto diet or the right products and recipes for a low-carbohydrate diet. To test this diet, a free Diet program called “30 Day Keto Challenge”. In return you get free daily recipes, a nutrition plan, access to the Facebook group and daily support.

In the following post we introduce Simply Keto, share our Simply Keto experiences with you and critically eye the diet program.

What is Simply Keto?

Simply Keto sells products that allow one Low-carb and keto diets should be easier. The concept is not to forego everything, but instead of eating high-carbohydrate meals, switching to carbohydrate-free or low-carbohydrate foods.

Simply Keto sells the individual products itself, but also ready meals and recipes. However, many recipes are also provided free of charge and the 30 day keto challenge is also free.

Is there a good alternative to Simply Keto? K2 - The better carbohydrate blocker

In direct comparison, the products seem to have a certain similarity in their approach. But on closer inspection there are interesting and important differences in the effects and ingredients. The K2 carbohydrate blocker convinces in many ways - especially due to the numerous satisfied users who have already achieved their desired weight with K2. 

The main difference lies mainly in the type and approach of the product. While at Simply Keto you can choose between different products with low carbohydrate content, at K2 you get an exclusive carbohydrate blocker. The procedures are different and on closer inspection you can see that the product of K2 combats the problem directly at the cause.

It is precisely for this reason that the numerous success experiences on the part of the K2 drops are evident, which can be taken comfortably and easily dosed. 

Direct comparison  Simply keto K2 - carbohydrate blocker
Effect  Increasing diet program Works after a few days 
Suppression of feeling of hunger Weak  Stark 
Happy users Several thousand users Over 800.000 satisfied users
Nebenwirkungen  Not everyone can take the products No known side effects
Ingredients Depending on the pack natural
Price  Varies a lot  One-off payment
Longer successes  X  
Faster weight loss X  

The K2 drops stimulate the metabolism and directly prevent the absorption of carbohydrates on a deeper level of the body functions. While you have to constantly prepare yourself with new diet plans with Simply Keto, it is enough to take the K2 drops 1-2 times a day in a few seconds. The success speaks for itself, which is why the K2 drops are still that better alternative product. 

What are the ingredients in Simply Keto?

Simply Keto's products are either keto or low-carb. When it comes to low-carb products, there are big differences in how many carbohydrates they actually contain. But even there the proportion of sugar is extremely low and it is sweetened with substitutes. The low-carb and keto products are largely based on proteins and healthy fats.

There are also some vegetarian products and recipes, but they are not vegan. It contains animal proteins, which makes sense since a keto diet cannot function in a healthy way without animal protein sources. Dairy products are also avoided as they can slow down the ketosis process.

How does Simply Keto work - How good is the effect of Simply Keto?

Two different diets can be followed with Simply Keto. On the one hand, a low-carb diet, in which you get the Carbohydrate intake reduced. The weight loss here is only due to a calorie deficit.

100% ketoOn the other hand, a completely ketogenic diet can also be followed. In doing so, the body is in a state of Ketosis offset, whereby the fat reserves are broken down. It is also easier to maintain a calorie deficit.

When the body reaches the state of ketosis, the body's own are Glycogen stores empty, as they are no longer replenished by the ingestion of carbohydrates. In order to maintain the body's functions and supply the necessary energy, the body breaks down its energy reserves - i.e. fat - and makes them available. This compensates for the calorie deficit. This consequently leads to a loss of weight, whereby one has to eat a diet rich in protein in order to preserve the muscles.

The body must continue to be supplied with fat, although healthier fats should be used. It also affects a sports Acting positively on the loss in weight and contributes to the maintenance of the muscles.

However it is Main problem on a keto diet, that the filling carbohydrates are missing and that much less is eaten. This leads to a strong feeling of hunger that is difficult to overcome. In addition, this diet is then difficult to maintain in the long term. It also takes a while to get into ketosis. By then you have either given up long ago or are going through a very unpleasant ordeal. If you have never tried a keto diet, you will not be familiar with this strong feeling of hunger and weakness and consequently you cannot prepare for it.

Simply Keto solves this problem by providing delicious recipes and products that keep you eating enough so that you don't feel as hungry. This will also reduce metabolic shutdowns and get through the early stages of the keto diet faster. In addition, feelings of weakness, also known as “keto flu”, are alleviated and the body feels more energetic.

Simply Keto Official Review 2023 & More Studies Results:

For 100 years there have been many studies on the ketogenic diet. Much of the study results are freely available on the Internet, but caution should always be exercised. Read the studies yourself and do your own research. You should not rely solely on summaries. However, much scientific effort is still required to clarify the open questions.

We have also worked through the studies thoroughly and here we present the most important results in our opinion:

  • The keto diet is actually suitable for losing body fat and maintaining the shape you have achieved over the long term.
  • Whether a keto diet that lasts for years can have negative health consequences is controversial. We recommend that you switch from keto to low-carb when you reach a healthy target weight.
  • For type 2 diabetes, the keto diet is currently the best solution. A constant blood sugar level is achieved and insulin injections are avoided.
  • There are also studies on the effects on multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's and cancer that sound promising. However, there are some opposing opinions for the latter. However, both sides are not yet occupied. In principle, however, the following applies: if you have a previous illness, please discuss your diet plans beforehand with a doctor who is well versed in this subject.

How should you use Simply Keto products?

Simply Keto products can be used to replace high-carbohydrate foods. You can use the recipes on the website, from the cookbook available and the free information during the 30-day challenge.

Our Simply Keto experiences and evaluation: Simply Keto in the test:

We tested some Simply Keto products and also took part in the 30 day challenge.

Simply keto sugar-freeThere is a very wide range of products and recipes available. Our conclusion: the products are of high quality and tasty. You get used to it quickly and it is no longer comparable to a standard starvation diet. The recipes are tasty and can also be implemented by less talented cooks. Most of the time you can get all of the ingredients in the supermarket. For some dishes and cakes you need it special low-carbohydrate products like a special flour and sugar substitute. You can find them at Simply Keto in the shop. There are also some ready-made products, including sauces, baked goods, and snacks. When it comes to nutritional values, they do what they promise and they taste just as good as their carbohydrate-rich counterparts.

The 30 day challenge is a kind of introductory program to the low-carb or keto diet. In the meantime, you will receive daily recipes and instructional videos by email. You can also look for help in the closed Facebook group if you have any questions.

We tried the keto diet for two and used Simply Keto products. In fact, it's easier that way because you always want to stay tuned and the food actually tastes good.

The decrease in the beginning was limited because the body does not go into keto immediately. On the scales, however, there was still more weight loss, as the body draws less water by omitting the carbohydrates. But after a week it got used to it and it was much easier.

In the weeks that followed, both of us continued to lose weight and we got more routine when it comes to carbohydrate-free cooking. At first it was difficult to find the unfamiliar products in the supermarket, but you quickly get practice. Simply Keto products always arrived quickly and we were able to plan our diet reliably.

Simply keto snacks

We went through the keto diet for a few weeks and lost a lot of body fat in the process. Due to the different starting requirements, of course, also different amounts. Then we switched to a low-carb diet and we still stick to it today. In that time, more pounds have melted away.

Thus, both the keto and the low-carb diet worked for us and with the Simply Keto products it was (and is) much easier for us.

Simply Keto Positive Experience

  • Delicious products and recipes
  • Good introduction to the keto diet
  • Diet is more enjoyable
  • actual decrease
  • well tolerated
  • additional motivation to stick to the diet

 Simply Keto Negative Experiences

  • At first it was difficult to find and look through all the products for the recipes
  • Inexpensive compared to other keto products, but more expensive and laborious than an unhealthy diet

Simply Keto Before and After Results: Does Simply Keto Work Or Is It A Fake?

Simply Keto worked for us to achieve weight loss. The 30 day challenge also introduces you to the diet well, so that you learn quickly.

How much loss can be achieved varies from person to person. That also depends on whether you plan your diet properly and run an appropriate calorie deficit. Of course, you can go on a keto diet without Simply Keto products, but it would be much more difficult. In addition, you do not have the necessary knowledge beforehand to come up with recipes yourself or to question recipes from the Internet.

Simply keto effect

I can't tell you exactly how much you can lose weight with it. It depends on too many factors. For a slightly overweight person, it might look something like mine:

Simply Keto successes after 2 weeks of losing 2 kg
Simply Keto successes after 4 weeks of losing 4 kg
Simply Keto successes after 6 weeks of losing 5 kg
Simply Keto successes after 8 weeks of losing 6 kg

But I also have to say that I followed the diet completely. On the other hand, a very obese person will lose significantly more over the same period of time.

Simply Keto reviews on the Internet:

Simply Keto is already used by a great many people to lose weight. Accordingly, a large number of testimonials can be found on the Internet and on social media. Overall, our Simply Keto experience is confirmed. Anyone can lose or reduce their excess weight if they follow the diet properly.

On the Simply Keto website, user reviews are presented that sound too good to be true. However, we believe these statements because it corresponds to our Simply Keto experience and there are plenty of other similar testimonials on the net. We were also able to speak to some users on social media who have successfully mastered their diet with Simply Keto.

We have selected a few of the key statements of the field reports outside of the website from forums for you:

  • “As a diabetic, I have struggled with my weight for many years. I have failed many diets and have tried Simply Keto. With great success! I've lost a few pounds and my blood sugar is almost constant."
  • "Actually, I had planned to do sports during my low-carb diet, but I didn't at first. Nevertheless, I lost weight with Simply Keto products! Since I've been doing it more seriously and also doing sports, something has disappeared again."
  • “I had put on a lot of weight due to hypothyroidism. At some point it was too much for me and I declared war on the pounds. That's when I discovered Simply Keto and lost almost everything I had gained. Prices are actually a bit too expensive for me, but it was worth it.”

Was Simply Keto at the Lion's Den?

No, Simply Keto was not on The Lion's Den.

Are there Simply Keto warnings on the internet?

As a result of our research, we of course also encountered warnings. We read that there were shipping issues, but from our Simply Keto experience we can't confirm this. Everything went smoothly for us. There is also far more positive than negative criticism about shipping.

You always come across warnings about the keto diet. However, we have not found any that actually have a serious scientific background. On the contrary, many studies have shown the benefits of a keto diet, and such studies have been going on for 100 years.

Only if you have severe pre-existing conditions you should first consult a doctor who is well versed in such matters, as the effects of a keto diet are highly controversial in the case of some diseases.

Where can you get the cheapest Simply Keto buy? Our Simply Keto offer & price comparison:

Simply Keto can be found here: Simply Keto

You can find the products in other places on the Internet, but we find it safer to buy the products directly from the source. In addition, the product cannot be cheaper anywhere, as there is no middleman benefiting from it.

Simply keto discount

Can you buy Simply Keto at the pharmacy?

No, Simply Keto products are not medical devices and therefore do not belong in the offer of a pharmacy.

What do you have to consider if you want to stop Simply Keto?

Simply Keto is of course not addictive and therefore you do not need a withdrawal scheme. However, it can be that you fall into old habits and put on weight again. The aim should be to learn a healthy diet.

We recommend that you switch to low-carb after a keto diet. There you have more leeway and can easily maintain your weight over the long term or even continue to lose weight if you have a corresponding calorie deficit.

Simply Keto Test Conclusion - Our experiences and recommendation:

Based on our Simply Keto experience, it is the best, healthiest type of diet that we have ever tried. With the products, recipes and daily motivation you can reach the state of ketosis much more easily and have a more relaxed diet feeling. It's also fun to try out the many new recipes.

We are very impressed with this concept and recommend it to others. The 30 day challenge is free anyway and it's definitely worth trying out.ht4u Summary

Frequently asked questions about Simply Keto:

Is Simply Keto recommendable or serious, or is there any criticism of Simply Keto?

In our experience, Simply Keto is a reputable product and works to achieve weight loss.

What's in Simply Keto products?

There are few to no carbohydrates and instead only healthy fats and proteins. Calorie-free sweetener is also used.

Is there a Simply Keto voucher?

Yes, there are always coupons for Simply Keto on the Internet. There are also weekly offers in the shop.

Who is behind the manufacturer of Simply Keto, My Simply Keto GmbH?

All original Simply Keto products are sold by My Simply Keto GmbH, based in Berlin. There are consistently only positive opinions about the company itself on the Internet and the website is very clearly laid out and has a decent imprint.

Does Simply Keto have any risks or side effects?

No, the products and the diet do not pose any risks. You should only ask a specialist beforehand if you have a serious pre-existing illness.

Is Simply Keto safe to use continuously?

Yes, at least the low-carb diet. Whether a keto diet is completely healthy for many years has not been scientifically proven and we doubt it. We therefore recommend switching to low-carb after you have reached your desired weight.

Can you buy Simply Keto in the drugstore at DM & Rossmann, or on Ebay & Amazon?

No, you can only get the original product with certainty in the Simply Keto Shop. We cannot guarantee that you will get the original products elsewhere. Anyway, nowhere else will a better price be possible.

Do you need a prescription to buy Simply Keto?

No, Simply Keto is freely available.

How much do Simply Keto products cost and where can you buy Simply Keto products at the cheapest price?

You can only get the cheapest price in the original shop: How much it costs for you in total is individual. The recipes and a starter plan are free.


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