MSpy spy app in the test: Experience report 2023

The mSpy spy app wins ours Best Spy App 2023 Comparison, a good reason for a detailed review. What exactly can the cell phone monitoring software do and which functions are missing? We have extensively tested and reported the test winner for you.


    What is mSpy?

    Mspy overview
    The mSpy app is our current one test winner in terms of spy software. Whether you want to monitor your kids, co-workers, or your significant other, mSpy's spy app has something for everyone. The Mspy app works the same as other spy apps. Installed on the phone or connected to the target device via iCloud, it allows full monitoring of all messages, browser history, media files and much more. The mSpy app positions itself as a “phone monitoring app for parental control” via its homepage and advertises that it can check all your child’s phone activities remotely.

    You get access to all information of the target device via the mSpy dashboard and can thus track all of your child's activities. Whether it's sex texting or contact with questionable people, your child is safe. Permanent monitoring of the location of your child is also possible via the app.

    How does mSpy work?

    mspy spy software logoSetting up the mSpy app only takes a few minutes. No jailbreak or root is necessary for the basic functions. With Android devices, the app only needs to be installed and activated on the target device. Then it runs automatically and undetected in the background. For iOS devices, the whole thing is sometimes even easier. All you need is the iCloud credentials of the person to be monitored.

    MSpy currently supports Android and iOS devices. No matter whether cell phone, tablet or iPod Touch. All you need to run mSpy is a premium account and access to the target device or the credentials of the iCloud account to be monitored. The mSpy website will take you to the personal control panel to view all activities on the target device. Important: mSpy only works when the target device is switched on and connected to the internet, otherwise mSpy cannot transmit any data.

    What can the mSpy spy app

    Call monitoring
    mSpy saves all incoming and outgoing calls. The time, duration of the call and number (or name, if it is in the address book) are also displayed. You can even block a number from your personal control panel.

    Call monitoring mSpy

    SMS messages
    The mSpy app allows you to read the content of all messages, whether received or sent. The mSpy spy app also works with iMessage. In addition to the content of the SMS, you will receive information about the time, date and contact name.

    SMS mSpy

    Chat conversations
    In addition to the ability to monitor normal SMS and iMessage messages, you can also monitor all communication via other apps. A large number of apps are currently supported by the mSpy app. Including:

    • Skype or Whatsapp
    • Whatsapp
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Viber
    • Snapchat
    • Telegram
    • tinder
    • and much more.

    whatsapp mspy

    Email monitoring
    You will be given the opportunity to check the content of all incoming and outgoing emails from the target device. You will also receive the contact name, date and time of the email contact.

    Email monitoring mSpy

    GPS tracking & geofencing
    Get the current location of the target device with the mSpy app. Find out where the target device is or has been at any time. Another really great function is the so-called geofencing (border surveillance). This allows you to define a virtual limit and immediately receive a message if it is exceeded by the target device. This is especially useful for parents who want to make sure their children are not too far from home.

    geo fencing with mspy spy app

    Contact book & calendar
    Display the complete contact book. Including the name and telephone number of the respective contact. You also have the option of downloading the target device's contact book. You also get an overview of the calendar of the target device and planned meetings.

    contact book view mSpy spy app

    Monitor internet usage
    The mSpy spy app gives you detailed information about the internet usage of the target device. This not only includes which websites are visited at what time, but also which bookmarks are saved and accessed. You also get the opportunity to block certain dangerous websites and define so-called keywords. If one of these keywords is searched on the Internet, you will immediately receive a push message.

    browser monitoring mSpy

    App monitoring
    In addition to the ability to monitor chat apps such as WhatsApp and Skype, you can also get an overview of all apps installed on the target device. You can also block dangerous or unwanted apps.

    Apps monitoring with the mSpy spy app

    Remote control
    You can remotely control the target device using the control panel. The remote control allows you to lock the device, check the battery level or delete individual data (e.g. unwanted photos). In addition, you can even install or uninstall mSpy remotely.

    Remote control with the mSpy spy app

    View multimedia files
    mSpy allows you to view all photos and videos that have been taken, saved, or received on the target device. You even get information about when and where a photo or video was taken. You can also view photos sent via social networks such as Instagram or Snapchat.Control panel of the mSpy spy app

    How good is the mSpy information panel

    The mSpy information panel is clear and easy to understand. The most important functions can be accessed with a few simple clicks. On the home page of the information panel you get a direct overview of the battery status of the target device and any current activities. You will also see your own account information, including your currently selected plan.

    MSpy control panel

    Is the mSpy spy app easy to spot?

    virus_discoverProbably the most important characteristic of a good spy app is that it is hidden as well as possible. For iPhone, you don't even have to install an app on the target device, which is why the mSpy spy app for iOS is virtually undetectable. No icon is displayed in the Android version and the app runs invisibly in the background.

    Signs that a spy app is installed on the phone are the faster draining of the battery and that the phone is running slower than usual. Strange noises can also be caused by spy software that is not well optimized. We saw none of these signs with the mSpy spy app. It runs hidden in the background without putting too much workload on the target device.

    Is mSpy Legal?

    legally illegalThe same rules and laws apply to all espionage apps. It is legal to use smartphone spy apps to supervise children without their knowledge. For the Monitoring adult consent is required. This means that it is illegal to use a spy app without the knowledge of the cell phone owner. So if you want to use the Mspy application to monitor your life partner or employee, you have to inform them beforehand and obtain their consent. If you don't do this, you are making yourself liable to prosecution. In Germany, illegal surveillance of cell phones can result in prison sentences of up to 2 years.


    The providers of mSpy offer three different tariffs to choose from: Basic, Premium and No-Jailbreak. All plans can be purchased for either 1, 3 or 12 months. Longer terms are the price-performance winners and come with the best discounts.

    Prices mSpy


    What we particularly like is that the basic version of mSpy contains more functions than the competition. Monitoring of text messages as well as photos and videos is included. In addition, you can check the browser history of the target device and activate GPS tracking. In the cheapest version with a 12-month term, the basic plan costs 8,33 euros per month.


    In addition to the basic functions, the Preium tariff contains some useful extra features. The most important ones are the possibility to control the device remotely, to monitor Tinder and WhatsApp and to activate GEO Fencing. The price-performance ratio in the premium version is unfortunately relatively poor for a 1-month term of 69,99 euros per month. However, if you choose the 12-month term, the monthly price is reduced to 16,65 euros, an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

    No - jailbreak

    The no - jailbreak tariff is exactly that. A tariff that allows monitoring of iOS without jailbreaking. It is to be compared with the premium version. You get access to WhatsApp, GPS tracking, browser history and access to photos and videos. The prices are also identical to the premium version for Android.

    Conclusion on the mSpy spy app

    Conclusion - thumbs upIt is not without reason that the mSpy Spy App wins our big Spy App Test 2020. This is also confirmed in the detailed experience report. The mSpy app can do more for less than its competitors. The information panel is clear and just works well. The customer service is simply better than that of other spy apps. We particularly like the numerous options for remote control of the target device. These functions are particularly interesting for parents who want to block certain apps or websites. In summary: We recommend the mSpy app unreservedly for everyone. Thanks to the inexpensive basic plan, even small budgets have access to great spy software.

    Frequently asked questions about the mSpy spy app

    Which spy app is the best?

    In our comparison of the best spy apps, mSpy has the edge. The app scores in terms of reliability, functions and customer service. Spyzie or Flexispy are possible, but not quite as good, alternatives.

    How much does the mSpy spy app cost?

    mSpy offers different tariffs to choose from, which are more expensive or cheaper depending on the term. The basic plan costs only 12 euros per month with a 8,33-month term. The premium version costs between 69,99 euros and 16,65 euros per month.

    Is there a spy app installed on my cell phone?

    If you suspect that someone has installed a spy app on your mobile phone without your knowledge, you can check this with a few tricks. First, you should google the name of the most famous spy apps. It's best to start with FlexiSpy, mSpy, Spyzie, and XNSPY. Then check to see if an application with that name is running on your phone. There are some helpful apps in the app store to check this. If you are still unsure, installing an anti-virus app or an anti-spy app can help.

    Is the mSpy Spy App Legal?

    The mSpy Spy app is legal for parents who want to control their children's cell phone usage. Parents do not need to notify their children that they are installing a spy app on their phones. Installing the Mspy Spy app on an adult's cell phone is only legal if you inform the cell phone user beforehand and obtain his or her declaration of consent. The illegal, secret installation of a spy app faces a prison sentence of up to 2 years in Germany.

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