Windscribe VPN: detailed test report and experiences 2023

Windscribe VPN logoWindscribe VPN is a provider whose software differs from other VPN services. The provider consists of two components: A desktop VPN application and a Browser extension. Together, advertisements and trackers are blocked, blocked content is released and security and anonymity on the Internet are also guaranteed. In addition to the commercial version, Windscribe offers a free VPN with a very generous 10GB data volume per month. This variant in particular is ideal for mobile users or all those who rarely need the Internet.

But who is Windscribe? How for sure is the VPN service? We have Windscribe in both his free as well as in his chargeable Version tested through its paces. How good is the VPN provider really? Let's find out!


    What is VPN?

    The VPN a virtual private network, which creates a secure and encrypted connection between your device (e.g. computer or smartphone) to the Internet. Without a VPN connection, every time you connect to the Internet, you leave your mark, a digital footprint, so to speak. This happens because you're dealing with your The IP address moving on the internet. This IP address is assigned to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and is entirely yours. This makes it easy to find out everything about yourself, your location and your data - once you have your IP address. And it's easy to get: For example, if you buy something on the Internet or just surf a website, your IP address is saved, among other things.

    With the help of a VPN, however, you will be assigned a new IP address that cannot be traced back to you. Your original IP address will be encrypted and your activities on the internet will be protected from the eyes of others.

    How does a VPN connection work?

    After you have decided on a provider and downloaded their software, you can connect to their server via a VPN tunnel . connect

    Windscribe VPN tunnel

    This is how a VPN connection is established:

    • The VPN software on your device encrypts your data traffic and sends it to the VPN server via a secure connection.
    • The encrypted data from your device is decrypted by the VPN server.
    • The VPN server will then send your data to the Internet and receive a response that is intended for you.
    • The traffic will then be sent back to you after the VPN server has encrypted it again.

    Why do you need a VPN?

    Windscribe VPN protectionUm anonym and for sure To be able to surf the Internet, a VPN is essential. Compare it like this: Imagine giving all of your data to everyone you see in everyday life. As soon as you go to the supermarket or even just for a walk - all your data, including where you come from, what you've been up to, what your hobbies are, your bank details, etc. are visible to everyone you come across. And it is the same on the Internet. As soon as you connect to the Internet without a VPN, unauthorized persons can access your data without your consent.

    Your ip address is only dir assigned and can thus be read and traced by third parties. in the worst case Hackers can also gain access to your data and do mischief with it. Among other things, your entire identity can be stolen and used for fraudulent activities.

    Advantages of a VPN

    • Online Safety
      A VPN offers you security on the Internet, as all your data traffic is encrypted - before it even reaches the VPN server. Windscribe VPN encrypts your data traffic with AES 256-bit encryption - the strongest encryption used by the US government. This makes it difficult for others, such as your ISP, the government, or even hackers to intercept and view your data. Websites that save data in the form of cookies and pixels in order to bombard you with advertising don't stand a chance thanks to a VPN connection. In addition, a VPN offers protection in public WLANs, such as in a café or at the airport. These hotspots are often unsecured and vulnerable to attackers.
    • Online anonymity
      With a VPN you can surf the Internet with confidence and anonymity without revealing your IP address or other sensitive data. Many websites save your IP address and can thus see your online activities. Your Internet service provider also knows exactly what you are looking at on the Internet and can track your surfing behavior. With the help of a VPN, this is history: With Windscribe you get a publicly shared IP address with which you can no longer be identified. So you leave no traces and cannot be traced.
    • Online freedom
      A VPN gives you more freedom on the Internet. Whether from home or abroad: Many websites are often blocked thanks to geo-blocking (country blocks) or censorship. This mainly affects countries such as China, Turkey and the Middle East. To be able to access all websites on the Internet, you need a VPN connection that enables you to access content that is blocked at your location. This means that you can enjoy streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime from other countries without hesitation.

    Windscribe VPN: A Look At The Company

    Windscribe VPN networkWindscribe is a relatively new VPN provider that was founded in Canada in April 2016. The company has always been expanding its functions and technologies. Until now there is at Windscribe over 22 million registered userswho use the VPN service. Here the company is clearly one step ahead - and that may be due to the fact that it is a complete free version with 10GB data volume per month gives. But more on that later.

    Windscribe VPN has its servers in over now 63 countries and 110 cities. When it comes to the number of servers, however, the company keeps a low profile, but speaks of hundreds of servers worldwide. In addition, each server has on average 60 IP addressesthat can be used jointly by its users.

    Windscribe VPN security test: user data and data packets

    Since Windscribe is headquartered in Canada, privacy is a bit tricky. Canada is part of the UKUSA agreement, or the so-called 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance.

    Note: The 5/9/14 alliance is an association of secret services from several countries and says the collection and exchange of data among each other. This agreement was established back in the 1940's and over time more countries have joined this agreement. This agreement was originally agreed between the United States and Great Britain, but later Canada, Australia and New Zealand joined. This is how the 5 Eyes (5 eyes). Later on as a cooperation partner Germany, France, Israel, Sweden, Italy, Japan, Norway, South Korea and the Turkey connected.

    So today we speak of Nine Eyes or Fourteen eyes, since 14 countries are now involved in the data exchange. The real main goal was the cooperation and military reconnaissance of the East during the Cold War. Today the agreement plays a role in the fight against terrorism.

    However, the data of the citizens of the individual countries are queried and, if necessary, exchanged with one another. One can already speak of one worldwide surveillance talk, some now refer to this agreement as Espionage network. So if you are currently living in these countries, it is worthwhile to have a VPN installed so that the government does not have access to sensitive data.

    That is why it is important that you always read the privacy policy of the respective VPN provider. While this may be tedious, it is important when it comes to protecting your data.

    In the case of Windscribe it will be no records carried out on the following things:

    • VPN sessions
    • Your original IP address
    • Your online activities

    So Windscribe arrives no Dates, that could identify you as a person. And since the company does not have your data, it cannot be passed on despite the alliance.


    Windscribe VPN encryptionWindscribe VPN uses a AES-256 cipher with SHA512 auth and one 4096-bit RSA keyl. AES-256 offers highest level of secrecy and is also used by governments for government documents.

    Note: AES 256-bit encryption paired with a very high-quality password is almost impossible to crack. According to the Swiss security expert Peter Kohler it would take “a computer that tries out a billion keys per second [...] three times 10 to the power of 51 years to crack a common 256-bit key.” So that's three octillion years. Furthermore, one would need the computing power of 30 nuclear power plants.

    Windscribe also supports Perfect Forward Secrecy. This is a type of encryption that takes place on a regular basis new keys generated for VPN connections.

    With respect to the logs uses Windscribe by default IKEv2. However, you can too OpenVPN with UDP and TCP choose which is the golden standard for the protocols, so to speak. OpenVPN offers the highest level of encryption and authenticates data with digital certificates. PPTP and L2TP due to the low security standards not supported by Windscribe.

    Windscribe VPN security experience

    Windscribe's privacy policy is straightforward and fairly straightforward. Windscribe does not refer to itself as a No-log VPN, but as No Identifying Log VPN. The only thing saved at Windscribe VPN is the last time you used the provider and the data usage. These measures are necessary to enable the free version. This is how the limits are set for the free version. This also prevents any misuse of the network.

    Also at the Registration you only need a username and password. Windscribe VPN requires no email or other information about you that could identify you. To stay completely anonymous, you can even pay with Bitcoin if you choose the Pro version.

    Of course, we also have Windscribe VPN on during our test DNS and IPv6 leaks tested, which the provider passed with flying colors. Windscribe also offers one Protection against WebRTC leaks and one Kill Switch disconnecting your entire internet connection should your VPN connection suddenly drop.

    With Windscribe VPN, your data will always be safe, even if you lose your connection to a VPN server. The provider also offers a Port forwarding, Split tunneling and Double hop

    Note: Split tunneling means that you can decide for yourself which applications use the VPN connection and which use your normal internal connection. Unfortunately, this feature is currently only available for your Android device. However, Windscribe is working hard to make this available for Windows and Linux as well.

    Double hop allows you to route your data traffic over 2 different networks. One location is to be selected in the software, the other via the browser extension. As we mentioned earlier, Windscribe VPN is a tool that combines the software and the browser plug-in. This protects your privacy better and ensures your anonymity. If a Windscribe server is attacked, you are still protected thanks to the connection to another server

    Windscribe VPN compatibility

    Windscribe VPN Devices

    Windscribe is currently available for the following operating systems as Software available:

    • PC: From Windows 7
    • Mac: Current version of macOS 10.11+
    • Linux: Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS
    • Android: From Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
    • iPhone: iOS 10 or higher

    As mentioned before, Windscribe has that Browser extension to. This is for Google ChromeFirefox and Opera .

    To protect your smart TV, you can also use Windscribe for Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield and Kodi set up. You can find out how to do this on the Download page from Windscribe.

    If you want to protect your entire home network without installing Windscribe on every device, you can also set up your router. Windscribe currently supports DD-WRT and Tomato Router. The manufacturer also offers one already preconfigured router and to buy. This is for customers from Germany or Austria fewer recommendable because these routers come from America and are quite overpriced. Then there is also customs. If you want to read more about VPN connections and routers, we have it here report in detail about it. In this article, we will also explain what you need to make your router VPN-capable. Windscribe also offers tutorials on how to use VPN on a router.

    Speed ​​and server selection

    Of course, what is also important with a VPN is speed. Especially when it comes to streaming or downloading files. Of course, when a VPN slows down your internet speed, it can be very frustrating. A good VPN provider should reduce your bandwidth as little as possible.

    That's why we of course also tested the speed and server selection of Windscribe. Since Windscribe itself does not provide any information on the number of servers, we can only say that there are currently servers in over 63 countries and 110 Cities gives. The average per server 60 IP addresses allocated.

    The following values ​​should be important in a speed test:

    • Download speed
      This indicates how fast the data transfer from the server to you is. Most activities on the Internet consist of downloads. Whether that is visiting websites, downloading files or streaming. Speed ​​is measured in megabits per second (Mbps / s) and the higher this number, the faster the internet.
    • Upload speed
      This shows how quickly you transfer data to others. The upload speed is always slower than the download speed, as you need it less. However, it is just as important, especially if you want to send files or make calls via Skype & Co. Youtubers, Twitch streamers, gamers and all those who do live broadcasts also need a good upload speed. This is also measured in Mbps / s.
    • Ping
      The ping measures the time it takes your computer to send a data packet to a server and receive the response. The lower this number is, the better. This time is measured in milliseconds (ms). The ping, technically correct also called latency, is especially important for gamers.

    In our test we first have ours Internet speed without a VPN tested and came to the following result:

    Windscribe VPN Speed ​​without VPN

    After that we have each other with the VPN connected and chosen as the UK location. We achieved the following values:

    Windscribe VPN Speed ​​with VPN

    As you can already see, we have it in terms of download and upload speed small losses detected. The upload speed has pretty much stayed the same, especially with Voice-over-IP communications and Live broadcasts important is.

    With the download speed we were very satisfied and didn't notice any noticeable restrictions when surfing, streaming or downloading files with VPN. If you have a fast internet connection from home, you will notice almost no speed restrictions with Windscribe VPN.

    Of course, when connecting to overseas servers, you may get less speed. This is of course due to the distance. Thanks to the high-quality servers that Windscribe uses, there are hardly any problems here either. Should you ever notice a slowdown in speed, you can simply change the server.

    Setup guide - Windscribe is so easy to set up

    Step 1 - Open an account

    You can choose between the free and paid version at Windscribe. So you can test Windscribe first before you decide to buy. When you open your account, all you need is a username and a strong password that protects your account. Entering your email address is optional.

    Step 2 - Download the Windscribe app

    Download the Windscribe app for your desktop or mobile devices and install it in seconds. Don't forget to include the one you want Browser extension to download. This is the only way to have all-round protection.

    Step 3 - Connect

    Now log into the app with your user data and connect to a server or location of your choice. It can be so quick and easy! You can also select multiple locations or servers under each location.

    Windscribe VPN: streaming and file sharing

    Windscribe geoblockingVPNs are particularly useful for anyone who would like to stream - whether from home or on vacation. A VPN allows you to bypass country blocks. Each time you connect, you will be assigned an IP address that tells pages that you are at the location you have selected.

    For licensing reasons, films and series from streaming providers such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime can often only be enjoyed in your own country. The selection of titles varies from country to country. In other words, what is perhaps available in America cannot be viewed in Germany for licensing reasons. So a VPN should help you bypass these blocks.

    Of course, that's not exactly what the streaming providers want. They naturally want to prevent this and so there are certain blacklists that contain IP addresses that are known for the use of VPNs.

    Windscribe uses dedicated VPN servers so that you can, for example, enjoy Netflix from different countries. This service is called windflix designated. This means you can stream content from Netflix USA in Germany without any problems.

    Unfortunately, we were only able to connect to Netflix USA in our test. All other streaming services were denied to us and blocked by default.

    • Hulu, Amazon Premium, HBO Go and BBC iPlayer thus work under Windscribe not.

    This is of course very annoying, especially for those who want to bypass country bans. So there is definitely still a lot of room for improvement here. Even if there are around 60 IP addresses per server, most streaming services seem to have already blocked them. Need to catch up!

    Windscribe VPN: Price

    Windscribe is available in the free and paid version. This Packages are currently offered:

    Windscribe VPN rates

    To all Features to be able to use, it is worth buying the Pro version always. Here you can also apply for a 1 month license or 1 year license decide. As with other providers, the annual license is significantly cheaper. In addition, one has after the purchase 3 days Time to quit, one should not be satisfied with the program. However, you can already test the VPN service in the free version.

    Free variant

    In the free version you can already test Windscribe. This variant is also the reason why this VPN provider is so popular. Because with the free version you get a monthly data volume of 10 GB as well as the selection of 10 Server. This variant is sufficient for testing the program or for smaller tasks. However, you have to reckon with clearly fewer additional functions that are only available in the Pro version.

    Chargeable variant

    In the paid version you have access to all functions, servers and locations of Windscribe. In addition, you only get access to Windflix and the specially programmed adblock program ROBERT in the paid version

    • ROBERT is a unique security solution that is only available for pro users. This is a blocker that declares war on advertising, malware, trackers and crypto miners, among other things. You can also block certain pages from the start.

    Payment options

    Windscribe currently offers the following payment options:

    Windscribe VPN payment

    So you can also pay with Bitcoin, which increases your anonymity and privacy.

    Windscribe VPN customer support

    Windscribe chatbot GarryIn addition to the detailed tutorials and support pages on the manufacturer's website, Windscribe offers you a live chat. However, this live chat differs from other VPN providers because you first speak to one chatbot named Garry. If you formulate your questions well, this chatbot can help you in most matters.

    In our test, Gerry was able to answer most of our questions. However, if the chatbot did not have a suitable answer or did not understand us, it gave us the opportunity to connect with an employee. So you can also talk to an actual person if the chatbot does not understand what it is about.

    Customer support is only available in English and you will be made aware of this when you open the live chat. The entire Windscribe website is currently in English, but the desktop applications are set to the language of the respective operating system. Only the mobile apps are only available in English.

    The customer support was able to help us with our questions, but for the German market you definitely have to work on German customer support.

    Conclusion and evaluation

    By and large, and Windscribe was able to convince in terms of its functions, server selection and price-performance ratio. The fact that there is a free version with 10GB data volume per month is a big plus. Anonymity and privacy are very important at Windscribe, for example you do not have to enter any personal data when registering and you can even pay with Bitcoin. In terms of speed, we were enthusiastic and could not find any restrictions for any of our tasks. What one should work on, however, is improving the streaming services and German customer support. A VPN is really useful when it comes to streaming films from abroad or visiting blocked websites. With Windscribe, we were only able to connect to Netflix USA, unfortunately we were unable to use any other services. That definitely still needs to be worked on. As for customer support, if you can speak English, you will have fewer problems here. For those who only speak German, however, it will be a little more difficult. The website, tutorials, chatbot and staff are and only speak English. As an emergency solution, you could get help from Google Translate here.

    Windscribe VPN: Good VPN service with numerous functions
    In our test, Windscribe VPN was mainly able to convince with its user friendliness, the extra functions such as kill switch, double hop, split tunneling, etc., as well as with the speeds. The pro version of the ROBERT ad blocker is also a big plus, as it inherently detects and blocks malware and adware. There is still a lot of catching up to do when it comes to streaming: Many streaming services did not work in our test with Windscribe. That should change as soon as possible, as many VPN users do not want to do without this feature.
    Server network
    Streaming Services
    No log guidelines
    Price-Performance Ratio
    Additional functions
    Reader rating9 reviews
    Very good speeds
    Very good firewall
    Top value for money
    Free version with 10GB data volume
    Only Netflix USA can stream
    No German support
    Good VPN provider with a free version

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