VPN Fritzbox - With these instructions it works!

VPN FritzboxWhen you think of VPN, you think of security and anonymity on the Internet. Thanks to a virtual private network, you can do a lot more, such as accessing your home or company network with your computer or smartphone while on the move. And in a very secure way, because with the help of the VPN function, the end device acts as if it were in the same home network - even when you are on the move. A VPN cannot just be set up on your computer, smartphone or tablet. You can also set up a VPN on your own router. And a FRITZ! Box is best for a full range of functions and full performance.

But what can she do FRITZ! Box in relation to VPN? How I set up a VPN on a FRITZ! Box? You can also do it with his iPhone or his Android device can access the FRITZ! Box? We have found the ideal FRITZ! Box for you: The FRITZ! 7590. Using this router, we will explain how you can easily set up a VPN on the FRITZ! Box and thus gain access to your home network.


    What is VPN actually?

    As we already do here explained in detail, a VPN is a virtual private network connection. In other words: all your data traffic is transmitted in encrypted form. This ensures that you can navigate the Internet safely and anonymously. In order for this to work, you need a good VPN provider. If you want to know more about it, we have for you in our detailed test report the most popular VPN providers tested.

    But a VPN also has another function. thanks to the classic VPNs you can establish a secure, encrypted connection to a network. In other words: whether with a computer, smartphone or tablet, if you set up a VPN in your home network, you can access it securely - from home or on the go.

    Advantages of the classic VPN connection

    As already mentioned, you can establish a secure connection to your own home network or another network thanks to a classic VPN. This has great advantages, especially in your own network. And especially the FRITZ! Boxes from Shopping Mall offer significantly more functions than a normal internet connection.

    • Access your home network - whether with a computer, tablet or smartphone
    • Are you on your way? Thanks to a VPN on your FRITZ! Box, you can access your home network as if you were at home.
    • Control your smart home from anywhere - even on vacation!
    • Access your NAS (your network storage) from anywhere.

    As you can already see, the biggest advantage of a VPN on a FRITZ! Box is the option of surfing the Internet from outside the FRITZ! Box or being able to access your own home network. We'll explain how to do this step by step.

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    VPN FritzBox - A brief overview

    You can now set up a VPN on pretty much any device, including routers and modems. However, the FRITZ! Box is clearly the favorite among routers. This router offers a wide variety of functions and features that other devices do not have. And this also includes, for example, remote access to be able to surf safely.


    The popular FRITZ! Box cannot act as a client and therefore cannot connect directly to a VPN service. So if you want to surf the Internet completely anonymously, you need a good one besides VPN provider also a router that can act as a client. This must also support OpenVPN. You can find more about routers and VPN in our Articles.

    FritzBox VPN

    In short, if you want to use VPN software, you should do the following:

    1. Installation of the VPN software on the desired device.
    2. Purchase one VPN-enabled router (e.g. Asus), which acts as a client and is connected to the Fritz! Box. You can find out which routers are supported by the respective VPN software on their websites.
    3. Installation of additional software aon your computer
      With the software Shrew Soft VPN Client you can use your Windows computer to establish a VPN connection to your Fritz! Box over the Internet. This means you can access all network devices and services in your home network. Since the VPN client protocol of the Fritz! Box is not directly supported by Windows 10, installing this software is a must.


    In order for VPN to work on your FRITZ! Box, certain requirements must be met. Usually, however, these are already provided by default.

    • The firmware of your FRITZ! Box must relevant .
    • The FRITZ! Box must be connected to the internet (and have an IPv4 address)
    • You need one DynDNS address - so you can reach your FRITZ! Box even if it is assigned a different IP address.
    • You need one MyFRITZ! Account to set up a DynDNS address. We explain how it works:

    VPN FRITZ! Box: This is how you set up your MyFRITZ! Account

    Since the IP address of your FRITZ! Box can change several times, you need a DynDNS address so that you can always access your FRITZ! Box.

    To enable your FRITZ! Box to be VPN-enabled, you need a free one MyFRITZ! account. Here's how you set this up:

    1 Step

    To do this, log into your FRITZ! Box on your computer or smartphone under “fritz.box/” and enter your user data.

    2 Step

    Navigate to the menu item Internet and click on MyFRITZ! Account.

    3 Step

    Now select the option "Create new MyFRITZ! Account".

    4 Step

    Now enter your email address and a new password. Make sure you have a high quality password use that in the best case consists of letters, numbers, and special letters. Now click on find out more.

    5 Step

    Your FRITZ! Box now registers with the MyFritz! Service. Click on Confirm MyFRITZ! Registration.

    Confirm myfritz account6 Step

    After registering, you will receive an email to send your Confirm your email address. After successful confirmation, you now have a valid MyFRITZ! Account with which you can set up VPN later.

    7 Step

    In your FRITZ! Box you should now recognize that a new user has been created.

    8 Step

    Thanks to the MyFRITZ! Account, you now have the option of accessing your home network from anywhere. Simply log in to myfritz.net and click on “To your FRITZ!Box”.

    Then you log in as normal with your user data. And you've done it! 

    The MyFRITZ! Service also serves as a dynamic DNS service: After logging in to myfritz.net you will see your "MyFritz! Address“(XXXXXXX.myfritz.net): This is your dynamic domain under which your FRITZ! Box can now always be reached from the Internet. It's best to make a note of it.

    VPN FRITZ! Box: This is how you set up a VPN on your FRITZ! Box

    Thanks to setting up your MyFRITZ! Account, you have now received a DynDNS address. You now need this to set up VPN on your FRITZ! Box. Here, too, you have to create a user in your configuration interface (Attention: Not to be confused with the user for your MyFRITZ! Account!)

    How to set up VPN on your FRITZ! Box is explained here using the FRITZ! 7490:

    1 Step

    Open the user interface of your FRITZ! Box and log in.

    2 Step

    Navigate to: Internet shares  and then click the tab VPN. Now click on the button Add a VPN connection.

    3 Step

    If you don't have the tab, you may need the software "Fritz remote access" download and set up. With this utility you can easily create a configuration file which you can then import via your user interface.

    4 Step

    Now click on the option Create remote access for a user.

    5 Step

    You will now automatically System, FRITZ! Box users forwarded. Click on the button there add userif you haven't created one yet. To do this, click on Add user.

    6 Step

    When creating a user, enter a username and password. An e-mail address is not necessary here. Make sure that in the permissions "VPN” activate. Put a tick under “Access also allowed from the Internet” and confirm with OK.

    You have now successfully set up a VPN on your FRITZ!Box. A pop-up usually appears that asks you whether you want to see the settings to set up VPN on your iOS device or Android device. Otherwise just click onShow VPN settings".

    Set up VPN FRITZ! Box on iOS and Android

    Your FRITZ! Box already shows you how to set up VPN on your smartphone or tablet running on iOS or Android. Once you have this data, it is wise to get this either to print out, or to the notier. So you already have all your data at hand when you set up on your iPhone or Android.

    VPN FritzBox: Connect iPhone

    iOS logoTo connect your iPhone or iPad to the VPN, do the following:

    1. Click in the fritz.box/ menu System and then FritzBox-User.
    2. Click on the pencil icon in the “MyFritz Account” list.
    3. Click on Show VPN settings.
    4. Click on print this pageto print out the settings. If you don't have a printer, you can also write down the settings.
    5. On your iPhone, click  Settings - VPN - Add VPN.
    6. Now tap on Type and the type of VPN specified on the printout, usually IPsec. It goes back with Configuration.
    7. In the description you can, for example, specify “FritzBox”. However, that is entirely up to you.
    8. For “Server”, “Shared Secret”, “Account” and “Group Name” (usually identical), enter the relevant information that you have printed out or written down. The password of the FRITZ!Box user belongs in the “Password” field.
    9. Click on Ready.
    10. Now open the settings, click on VPN and activate your entry.

    VPN FritzBox: Connect Android device

    androidTo connect your Android device to the VPN, do the following:

    1. Click in the fritz.box/ menu System and then FritzBox-User.
    2. Click on the pencil icon in the “MyFritz Account” list.
    3. Click on Show VPN settings.
    4. Click on print this pageto print out the settings. If you don't have a printer, you can also write down the settings.
    5. Open the Settings on your Android device.
    6. Select the entry Network & Internet respectively Tethering and networks.
    7. If necessary, tap More - VPN - Add VPN network.
    8. Now name your VPN connection, e.g. FritzBox.
    9. Under Type you now enter the settings you printed out.
    10. Click on Save.
    11. To activate the VPN connection, click on Network Settings and then to the name you specified, in this case FritzBox. Log in with your username and password. Save the information and then click Connect.

    Establish a VPN FRITZBox connection under Windows 10

    vpn fritzbox computerWith the help of the FRITZ! Remote access program, you can also establish a VPN connection to your FRITZ! Box over the internet on your Windows computer or laptop. This usually happens when you set up your MyFRITZ! Accounts. However, if you are on the road and you are not in the same network, you need the FRITZ! Remote access program. This means that you can always access your home network on the go. Setup and installation is very easy in this case.

    Requirements VPN remote access

    However, if you want to access your data and devices on the go, you need the following Requirements be given:

    • Operating system: Windows 10 (64Bit), Windows 8.1 / 8/7 (64 / 32Bit)
    • Your FRITZ! Box must have a public IPv4 address from your Internet service provider (ISP)
    • You need the FRITZ! Remote access program

    Download and install FRITZ! Remote access

    1. Call the VPN service page from AVM on.
    2. Load the program FRITZ! Remote access .
    3. Install FRITZ! Remote access on the computer that is to establish VPN connections to the FRITZ! Box.
    4. After successful installation restart your computer and open the program.
    5. Now enter your email address and password for your MyFRITZ! Account and click on "further"
    6. Activate the option "Use a different IP network“And enter the IP network and the subnet mask (not the IP address!) Of the FRITZ! Box. Match the entry "IP address of the user in the FRITZ! Box network“To the IP network of your box.
    7. Activate the option "Send all data over the VPN tunnel"And click on"Continue"And then on"Complete".
    The FRITZ! Remote Access program now creates a configuration file with all the settings. A folder should automatically open under Windows. In this folder there is a configuration file (e.g. “fritzbox_[…].cfg”). In a subfolder you will then find another configuration file (e.g. “vpnuser_ […] .cfg") These files contain all the settings that you then imported into your FRITZ!Box or into your FRITZ!Fernzugang.

    FRITZ! Remote Access now creates the VPN settings and then automatically opens a folder in Windows. This contains the file "fritzbox_ […] .cfg"And a subfolder in which the file"vpnuser_ […] .cfg“Is located. You can use these to import the settings into your Fritzbox or into FRITZ! Remote access.

    Import VPN FRITZBox settings

    1. Go to the user interface of your fritzbox via the browser and go to "Internet shares"And then click on the"VPN".

    2. Click on the button "Add a VPN connection"And in the following window select the option"Import a VPN configuration from an existing VPN settings file" out. Click on "Continue".

    3. Click on “Choose file” and navigate to the created “fritzbox_[…].cfg” file.

    4. Click on “to open” and then on “Ok".

    5. Now open the FRITZ! remote access program and click on “File – Import”

    6. Choose the file “vpnuser_[…].cfg” .

    7. Click on “to open” and then on “Complete. "

    And you've done it! To establish a connection, start FRITZ! remote access and click on the symbol in your FRITZ! box. If you click on “Build”, you will now establish a connection. Your VPN connections are listed in your user interface under “Internet – Shares – VPN” displayed.

    Test the VPN FRITZBox connection

    If you have followed all the steps, you should now test whether a VPN connection has been successfully established.

    1. Connect to your VPN connection (albeit from your smartphone or computer.
    2. Open your browser and go to any website.
    3. In general, everything should now work normally. However, if no website opens, log into your FRITZ!Box configuration interface. After that select “Internet – Filter – Lists”
    4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and check “Teredo Filter active”.

    And so everything should work perfectly!

    If you still need more help, the Help page from AVM detailed reports on how to set up a VPN connection on your FRITZ! Box. You will also find what you are looking for if you have general questions or need help with configuration.


    A VPN connection with your FRITZ! Box has many advantages, especially when you are on the go and want to access your devices and data in your home network. You can also control your smart home while you are out and about. But you can also securely establish a VPN connection with your devices at home. Just that FRITZ! 7590 is ideal for this, as you can make a lot of configurations and settings. The FRITZ! Box 7590 has a wide range of features, is easy to install and use, and offers strong performance.

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    How secure is FRITZ! Box VPN?

    In general, the VPN connections via the FRITZ! Box are very secure. Of course, that also depends a lot on which password you have set up. We therefore always recommend using a strong password consisting of uppercase and lowercase letters, special letters and numbers. Furthermore, the FRITZ! Box does not have any ports open over the internet. This means that unauthorized persons cannot gain access and cannot connect. The most common FRITZ! Boxes support IPSec with the AH and / or ESP protocols. So they are inherently very safe.

    How many VPN connections can the FRITZ! Box support?

    You can set up up to twelve VPN connections with your FRITZ! Box. It does not matter whether it is a connection to another FRITZ! Box, a company VPN or VPN connections to your own end devices.

    Is it free to use VPN on my FRITZ! Box?

    Yes. If you use the VPN connection purely to access your home network or a company network, there are no costs. Even if you access your network storage, your devices or your smart home while on the go, you only incur the usual costs of your internet provider. However, if you want to surf the Internet anonymously and securely, it is worthwhile to set up a VPN service that hides your IP address. So you don't leave any traces on the internet. These services are usually chargeable, but have a wide range of functions.

    Can I also use VPN FRITZBox on my Mac?

    Yes. You usually set this up as you would with Windows. You will need your MyFRITZ! Domain name, your user name and your password. With your data that you have received from MyFRITZ! you can set up a VPN connection in the system settings of your Mac. Simply enter everything and then connect to the VPN.

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