Yuan Pay Group Test 2023: The provider in detail

Yuan Pay Group logoThe extensive Yuan Pay Group Test: China's Central Bank (CBDC) has launched the first digital currency in China, the digital yuan. Before that, there was no cryptocurrency in China that was officially allowed, so you couldn't even trade Bitcoin until China's coin. Accordingly, the demand for China's new coin is of course high. International investors can also invest in this state-backed coin - through the YuanPay Group.

The provider is the only government authorized dealer, which is also offering the digital yuan in Europe. But how seriöse is the Yuan Pay Group really? We took a closer look at the provider and asked ourselves the following questions: What exactly is the Yuan Pay Group? How can you buy China's coin? Has the currency Potential? And it already exists Testimonials?


    What is the Yuan Pay Group?

    increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies and the large number of usersInvesting in this industry, several online investment platforms have sprung up. Thus China also came under pressure to allow cryptocurrencies on the market.

    From 2010 Yuan Pay Group partnered with major banks in China to begin legalizing and updating laws on buying and selling cryptocurrencies. The Yuan Pay Group eventually took Mid 2014 in collaboration with the Chinese government and eventually managed to launch China's first cryptocurrency trading platform. On the platform you can with China's first cryptocurrency, the e-yuan, act.

    Meanwhile, the digital yuan currency is accessible in all countries and a strong investment source for those who like to invest in the digital market. The Yuan Pay Group is the only cryptocurrency platform authorized and approved by the Chinese government. To date, there are no other approved crypto exchanges in China where you can trade China's coins, among other things. That's because the market is strictly controlled by the Chinese government - the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies is banned since 2017. China's goal was to create a own cryptocurrency to bring on the market - for possible payment processing and the reduction of the national debt.

    Yuan Pay Group website

    In addition, the Yuan Pay Group is a standard one automated crypto trading bot, in which investors can invest money and the bot makes trading decisions on their behalf. This is a very similar trading technology, similar to other trading robots to which Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin system and Bitcoin Profit belong.

    Yuan Pay Group cryptocurrency - what's behind China's Coin

    China's coinsThe digital currency from China is called digital yuan or E-yuan designated. The cryptocurrency is called DC / EP - Digital currency / electronic payment as it does not yet have its own official name. China's financial regulators have been trying to launch their own digital currency since 2014.

    In 2017, trading in cryptocurrencies was banned by the Chinese government. Because of this, the Yuan Pay Group has worked hard to create a platform that will allow it to get involved in the crypto market. The testing phase of the digital yuan is now complete.

    With the help of the digital currency, China wants its own Reduce national debt and other Declare war on cryptocurrencies.

    Buying China's Coin: Step-by-Step Instructions from the Yuan Pay Group

    Step 1: Register with the Yuan Pay Group

    Fortunately, the Yuan Pay Group has one extremely user-friendly and uncomplicated Login process developed. It only takes a few steps to buy the coin and start trading with this bot. Registration is quick and easy.

    Yuan Pay Group registration

    First, you have to visit the official website of the Yuan Pay Group and enter your personal information in the registration field. This includes the first and last name, email address and telephone number. Then click on open an account.

    Step 2: deposit

    You will then be forwarded to an authorized broker in your own region, where you can deposit money into the account at the Yuan Pay Group. The Yuan Pay Group offers different payment options, amongst other things Transfer, Credit card or PayPal.  minimum deposit amounts to 250 EUR. You also have the option to deposit in different currencies, including counting USDEUR and GBP.

    Yuan Pay Group deposit

    Step 3: buy China's coin

    After successfully paying into the customer account, you have two possibilities. Either you try your hand at the platform with the Demo Account or you can immediately use the Live trading begin. The demo account is definitely a great way to get to know the platform first. In our Yuan Pay Group test we were able to put the platform through its paces before we ventured into live trading.

    China's Coin - Price and Forecast

    The current price of the coin ranges from $ 0,02 to $ 0,03. A more current Courses is not yet available as China's coin was only recently introduced and is therefore still in the starting blocks. According to forecasts, a similar development as other cryptocurrencies could experience when they are introduced.

    The earlier you invest in the digital currency, the more the chances of winning are higher. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen how the cryptocurrency will develop in the future.

    How much potential does China's coin have? Can you make really big profits?

    Yuan Pay Group China's CoinAccording to reports, the editors of the Financial Times have China's cryptocurrency in the Top 10 Technological Revolutions of the 21st Century listed. The digital currency has great potential for ending money laundering and fraud. Investing in the digital yuan raises the question of the potential of the China coin. Are the chances of winning really as high as they say? How will the currency develop? What are the advantages?

    To do this, you have to explain the use of the coin in more detail. China is a pioneer in issuing a so-called Central Bank Digital Coin (CBDC). The state-regulated coin is primarily intended to process payment transactions in the most populous country in the world more efficiently and faster. Also the rising national debt of around USD 289 billion is to be fought by the inflow of capital from international investors who, thanks to the Yuan Pay Group, can participate in the great potential of the world's largest economy.

    In addition, China is now an economic pioneer. China's technology company, once the “Factories of the World”, are among the greatest innovators in the world, and the technology metropolis Shenzhen is in no way inferior to Silicon Valley. China's growing global political and economic growth is causing many central banks to peg their currency to the yuan instead of the USD. While the yuan is not likely to overtake the USD any time soon, central banks around the world are increasingly interested in acquiring large reserves of yuan. The digital yuan will take this even further.

    It is expected that China's coin has also become the norm as a digital currency in other countries and thus also competes with other cryptocurrencies. The Yuan Pay Group is a relatively young platform, but is already talking about very high profits that could be achieved by getting started early.

    Yuan Pay Group - Germany left out?

    The question we asked ourselves in our Yuan Pay Group test is of course, can you also invest in China's coin from Germany or not? The question is easy to answer: Investors from Germany can also invest in China's coin with the help of the Yuan Pay Group. After all, this was also the vision of the Yuan Pay Group to make China's digital currency interesting and, above all, tradable for international investors. To buy China's coin through the Yuan Pay Group, all you have to do is follow our instructions.

    Is there a Yuan Pay Group share?

    No. The Yuan Pay Group is a crypto robot that can be used to purchase China's coin. The Yuan Pay Group is therefore not a financial service provider either and is used by third-party providers as a marketing tool. You can then purchase the e-yuan through cooperating brokers. There is currently no information available on whether the company plans to go public or not. However, it is highly unlikely.

    Is Yuan Pay Group legitimate or a scam?

    This, of course, is the big question that many are asking potential investors and investors put. In our Yuan Pay Group test, we could neither clearly determine whether the Yuan Pay Group is completely legitimate, nor did we find any signs that it was a fraud.

    On the one hand there are Overall positive reviews online. The company claims that it is the only provider for national and international investors to buy the digital yuan. Furthermore, the Yuan Pay Group claims to have one first class software that not only helps you buy and sell the coin, but supposedly Automatically trade and generate profits for investors.

    On the other hand, we cannot ignore the fact that the Yuan Pay Group is on their website no important information like contact number, Privacy Policy, Conditions and Conditions as well as the Company location released. Therefore, it is not clear whether the Yuan Pay Group is actually the only distributor of the Chinese cryptocurrency. The profit expectation is also a little unrealistic.

    Yuan Pay Group review: How do others report on the Internet about Yuan Pay Group?

    When it comes to reviews from other users, the Yuan Pay Group is there no reviews from users on their website, who have tried the bot, but advertises with two billionaires, Eric Schmidt and John McFee, who allegedly tested the Yuan Pay Group.

    Yuan Pay Group advertising

    Furthermore, the Yuan Pay Group advertises it several times in the Forbes Asia to have been represented. Unfortunately, we were unable to check whether this was correct.

    Yuan Pay Group Reviews

    We also have the reviews on this app Trustpilot checked and she got a score of 3,4. In particular, the majority of users say they can get high returns with this automated crypto robot. However, there is no guarantee that these reviews will be reliable. We therefore advise you to first find out more about the company. However, if you want to invest in China's coin, we recommend the Minimum deposit of EUR 250 not to exceed.

    Yuan Pay Group test: our Yuan Pay Group conclusion

    China's coinsIn summary, there are some risks involved in investing in applications like Yuan Pay Group - as with any cryptocurrency business. But there were also few risks for early adopters of Bitcoin in 2009. Overall, it is difficult to judge whether the Yuan Pay Group is completely safe, but it does appear that China's official, government-backed cryptocurrency is actually being sold through their Service can get.

    In our Yuan Group test, we did not find any signs of fraud, including this one Minimum deposit of EUR 250 is customary in the industry. Also are Deposits and withdrawals completely free. There is also a demo account that you can use to familiarize yourself with the platform before entering the Live trading enter.

    Generally they see The prognosis looks very good for China's coin. If the crypto currency can prevail, it could become one of the biggest competitors of Bitcoin & Co.

    Frequently asked questions about the Yuan Pay Group

    What exactly is the Yuan Pay Group?

    The Yuan Pay Group is the first platform to offer the digital yuan. Thus, the provider is the only provider currently offering China's coin to international investors.

    Is the Yuan Pay Group reputable?

    In our Yuan Pay Group test, we could not find any signs that this is a dubious provider. In addition, the Yuan Pay Group is the only officially approved provider of the Chinese coin that has been approved by the Chinese central bank.

    Can you make money with the Yuan Pay Group?

    Every trade involves risks. The provider himself speaks of high returns in a very short time - but you have to consider that it can also lead to a loss. However, the Chinese currency has great potential - accordingly, high returns cannot be ruled out.

    Did celebrities make money with the platform?

    We are not aware of any celebrities who have made money on the platform. There have been no official statements so far.

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