Enter the Gungeon gratis, Hellblade im Humble-Monthly-Abo

Especially in the PC games area there are regularly worthwhile special promotions and discounts. We browse large and well-known dealers weekly for bargains and list them below. Dubious key resellers are not taken into account. If nothing else is mentioned, every title listed should be unabridged even with purchase and activation with German IP.

Epic games store





Green Man Gaming

  • Life is Strange (Steam-Code) für 3,20 Euro.
  • Medieval-Bundle (Steam-Code) mit Crusader Kings II, Mount & Blade, Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword und The Black Death für 3,99 Euro.

Humble Store

  • Monthly subscription with Hellblade, Moonlighter and other titles. You will keep the full versions (as soon as they are released) even if you cancel or pause at any time. However, the first monthly fee of $ 12 will definitely be charged.



Über David Maul

David Maul ist studierter Wirtschaftsinformatiker mit einer Leidenschaft für Hardware

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