Gaming with VPN – how it works!

Video games are now one of them favorite hobbies of the Germans. No wonder, because the quality of the games continues to increase, and today an unprecedented variety of different genres is offered. So there is something for every gamer. Many gamers choose to turn on a VPN when gaming online. There are several reasons for this and can bring different advantages to the players. Let's take a closer look at what a VPN does and why it's great for gaming!

What is a VPN?

The abbreviation VPN stands for a virtual private network. A kind of tunnel is created through which the entire data traffic of the user runs. In this way, both the IP address of the user and his movements in the network are concealed. For hackers, there is significantly less surface area for users to attack, the information and data cannot simply be intercepted. A VPN is essential, especially when sensitive data is opened or sent on public networks. So who is z. B. is in the public WLAN of a restaurant and wants to use his bank app here, should definitely secure his connection with a VPN beforehand. The program also offers other advantages. Users can choose from different servers in different locations and thus move their IP address to another country. For example, if you want to stream Netflix and access US content, you can simply switch on a VPN and stream the locally restricted films and series without any problems. Most VPNs are paid, but some come with at least some of their features as a free variants offered.

VPN for gamers: what's the point?

Users regularly use VPNs not only when using sensitive data or when streaming. Gamers, too, have taken a liking to the virtual private network and can use it to their advantage. As already mentioned, a VPN has the advantage of being able to bypass local restrictions. This can be particularly relevant for browser games that are only available in some countries. With a VPN, gamers can create a German IP address while on vacation and continue to access their favorite games: For example, a German Jackpot Casino visited and the traditional games can also be played on the go. Players have a large library of slots available, all of which can be started with the same account. Many games are also restricted when they come out in beta and are only made available for a specific market. Here, too, the simple program helps. Another reason to use a VPN can also be to bypass ISP throttling of download and upload speeds. Internet providers have the option of monitoring their users' downloads and automatically throttle the speed if, for example, online activities that require a particularly large bandwidth are detected. Basically, this is intended to avoid data congestion, but for gamers such throttling can spoil the entire fun. A VPN conceals the activities and thus makes it impossible for the Internet provider to classify them. Last but not least, the program can even protect against bad losers who threaten DDoS attacks or want to paralyze their own player account with a hack. Anyone who surfs anonymously with the VPN can safely ignore such threats and continue their triumphal march.

A VPN offers a lot of security and flexibility. This is particularly noticeable when gaming, because here the program brings several advantages. Users can choose between slimmed-down, free variants or paid premium programs.

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