Attention fans of online casinos: here are some interesting facts

Playing at online casinos is fascinating and a lot of fun. But do you know the valuable, hidden stories about this industry? Today we are going to spice up your love of casinos with interesting facts, myths and reports. Playing at top online casinos becomes even more appealing when you keep these fascinating facts in mind. Let's go through the most important online gambling facts and statistics. Let's get started. 

Growing since 1997

Here comes one of the most interesting facts about casinos. The online gambling industry became well known within three years of its inception. In 1997 there were already more than 200 online casinos. How much did online casinos make back then? The estimated annual turnover for the gaming market averaged 1 billion euros.

The mobile gambling revolution

gambling revolution

Today, with iOS and Android devices, gambling enthusiasts can play casino games anytime, anywhere. Operators also don't shy away from developing their casino apps to increase their user base. But where did it all start? The first online mobile casinos appeared shortly after the release of the first generation of Nokia phones. This was one of the first games that is still on the market even now Book of Ra – exciting adventures in Egypt await you here. 

Slot machines were once fruit machines

Originally, slot machine winners received rewards in the form of fruit-flavored chewing gum. Hence the name. Different fruit images or symbols on the reels like oranges, cherries, apples, melons and others.

Online gambling activity peaked during the pandemic

Online gambling statistics from some authorities show that almost 64% of players gambled more online during the Covid-19 lockdowns. So many players ran the risk of spending more time or money.

You are playing the Devil's Game

Devil's Game

Your favorite roulette game used to be popularly called the Devil's Game. But why this name? Well, the story behind this gambling find goes like this.

All the numbers on the roulette wheel add up the number 666, which is said to be known as the number of the devil. There's even an inside joke that roulette's inventor, Blaise Pascal, made a deal with the devil. So can an online casino be rigged? No, don't be afraid! That's just a myth. The table game and the percentage of players who win the session work unquestionably fair.

The biggest online casino jackpot

Next time someone doubts and asks if you can win real money at online casinos, tell them about the player from the Scandinavian bookmaker PAF. The Finn won the Mega Fortune progressive jackpot of around $24 million with a bet of just 25 cents. So you too have a chance.

The most active age group

Online casino most active age group

Undoubtedly, almost every adult age enjoys playing casino games. But online casino statistics show that 35-44 year olds are the most active players. The next group that comes closest are the 45-54 year old players.

Final Thoughts

Technology has transformed the gambling industry in many ways. But over the years, online casinos have set many amazing records. Also, several recent gambling statistics and studies prove that the sun is always shining brightly for the online casino market and its fans. Just be wary of the risks involved in gambling and enjoy a game or two in complete safety.

Final Thoughts

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