This is what you should know about antivirus software

One reads again and again about internet fraudsters, viruses and malware that spy on data and attack one's own computer in order to steal passwords and other sensitive data. Different antivirus software, with which one should be better than the other, are offered here as a solution for the consumer. Of course, the cost factor always plays a role. But do you really have to get virus protection as a consumer nowadays, which may also be chargeable? Is the threat really so great that you have to live in fear and horror when you turn on your computer and go online or can you do online banking without hesitation? Online Blackjack Play for money and surf on YouTube and Co. carefree? Ultimately, you have to put several hundred euros on the table for some virus protection. Is that justified?

Why the Win10 Defender is enough

This question can be answered very easily. No, that is not justified. With very few exceptions, as a normal end user, you are well advised not to be afraid of anyone and to keep your wallet closed. A solid protection against attacks is namely already integrated in Windows 10.

If you use Windows 10, a very robust antivirus and anti-malware app is already pre-installed and activated by default, namely the so-called Windows Defender. He takes care of himself to ward off attacks from outside. Independent tests show that Windows Defender offers optimal performance. Since the Windows Defender as the default program in Windows 10 included and is therefore from the same company that manufactures the operating system, you don't have to worry about certificates, subscriptions and other commitments. There are also no additional costs.

exceptions prove the rule

However, there are two situations in which Windows Defender may not be sufficient.

  • Business use of the computer
  • Protection of really sensitive data

If you use a computer that is made available by your workplace or a certain organization, you should under no circumstances uninstall the security tools installed on it. Companies have system-wide security requirements that are ensured by the unchangeable software installed on all devices in the company network. If you remove such tools from a business computer, this could also have negative consequences for you in an emergency.

On the other hand, sensitive medical or financial data to be protected can justify additional virus protection. However, think about the purposes for which you are using your computer, because even with regular online banking and Co. you are not automatically exposed to greater danger. Successful scams are usually based on a lack of user knowledge and not on complicated technical hacking tricks. How you surf the Internet has a far greater impact on security.

Surfing habits as the most important factor

Usually it is enough if you the basic rules for using the internet follow to protect yourself as best as possible.

  • Protect your personal information / Activate all privacy settings
  • Learn to surf the internet safely and use secure internet connections
  • Pay attention to which files you download
  • Choose strong passwords and only use passwords once

Ultimately, even the world's best virus protection doesn't help against careless behavior while using the computer and the Internet.

As a rule, additional virus protection is not necessary when using Windows 10 by Windows Defender in order to have a solid protection against viruses and attacks on the Internet. Of course, there is never 100% protection, but the investment in virus protection for a fee is only worthwhile for very few private users. Of course, this does not apply if you are using a different operating system or an older Windows operating system or if you do not provide Windows 10 with regular updates from the manufacturer. However, regular updates are also required for any virus protection system in order to function reliably.

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