Gaming chairs: what to watch out for!

Who weekly Spends many hours in front of the screen while indulging in his favorite hobby, he shouldn't forget his own health. Long game sessions can e.g. B. be stressful for the eyes, lead to great mental exertion and damage the body due to bad postures. Fortunately, that doesn't mean that you have to stop playing, because there is a suitable solution for all ailments. A good gaming or office armchair changes the way we sit enormously and is therefore essential for a healthy body despite a passion for gaming. We took a closer look at how you can recognize the right model for you!

That is why a good armchair is important

Gaming has now become one of the most popular hobbies in Germany. It is played by both men and women, many prefer the PC, other games on the sofa on the console or on the smartphone when out and about. The longest gaming sessions, however, are still spent at the desk, because online gamers in particular often train for several hours at a time against other players. They immerse themselves so deeply in the game that everything around them is forgotten. Bad posture is only noticed when the back is already sore and it may be too late. To prevent this, a good gaming chair is absolutely essential. It ensures that the player sits upright and the muscles are ideally relieved. And the right chair is not only important for the back, because other parts of the body also benefit from the improved posture - e. B. the hips, neck and shoulders.

Gaming or office chair?

Most office furniture sellers now differentiate between gaming and office chairs. At first glance, these look relatively similar, with the difference that gaming chairs are usually more expensive and have a more eye-catching design. However, you quickly notice that with armchairs that were specially made for gamers, everything is designed for comfort. They therefore have a bucket seat, side wings on the backrest and can be adjusted very far back. This allows players to indulge in their hobby in a particularly pleasant way, but this seating position takes revenge after a while. Experts therefore advise that office chairs mostly provide more stability and are better for posturethan the usual gaming chair. In addition, there is the relatively high price, which has risen above all due to the eSport trend. Well-known teams sit on the comfortable gaming furniture during the competitions and look particularly cool. A typical office chair, on the other hand, usually looks rather inconspicuous. One thing is clear, however: No matter what type of chair you choose, you should pay attention to good quality and not just consider a low price. Because regardless of whether you train several hours a day for an eSports discipline or simply play a few rounds of online poker - as soon as you regularly sit in front of the PC, posture and health must have top priority.

What does the perfect posture look like?

For the ideal posture, both the desk and the chair must be at the correct height and position. Both should be adjustable to adapt to the height of the owner. If you can't find an adjustable desk, you should aim for a work surface at a height of 72 centimeters. However, it would be ideal an adjustable height between 66 and 75 centimetersaccording to the experts. When playing, your arms should form a 90-degree angle and your shoulders should remain relaxed. The same applies to the legs. When the chair is at the correct height, the soles of the feet are touching the floor and the legs are also angled at 90 degrees. If it is not possible to reach the floor with your feet with your arms comfortably supported, you should use an additional footrest instead of letting your legs dangle. It is also important for the chair that it offers firm support in the back and that it is not too soft when you lean back. With some models, you can even adjust how little or much the backrest gives way under load. The support should also be strong in the area of ​​the lumbar vertebrae, but modern office and gaming chairs are already perfectly shaped and have a bulge at the level of the lower back.

The right chair is very important when playing, because it ensures that the spine is perfectly supported and that you do not experience any health problems even during long sessions. There are a few points to pay attention to. However, with our guide everyone will find a suitable model.

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