Samsung Galaxy Note 21 - What We'd Like To See

We are aware that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has not been around for long. But you can bet Samsung is already working on the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 (or Galaxy Note 30 as it might be called). So it's not surprising that we don't know a lot about the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 just yet. However, there are already some interesting rumors. We will review and list these rumors in this article.

In addition to the latest rumors, we've also added a wish list of what we'd like to see from the Samsung Galaxy Note 21, along with educated guesses about its expected release date and price. If the Samsung Galaxy Note series cannot convince you, it is best to have a look at ours Cell phone leaderboard

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 - The most important questions

What is it? The successor to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20
When is it out? Probably August 2021
How much will it cost? Expect a premium price

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 release date and price

The latest rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 are mainly about whether it will be produced at all or not. It is currently rumored that Samsung may be giving up the Note series to focus only on the Galaxy S series and the new Galaxy Z Fold series in the upper price segment.

The rumor that Samsung may not be introducing a new Note device is particularly supported by the (as yet unconfirmed) statement that Samsung would like to include a pen with the Galaxy S21 and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. The pen of the Samsung Note in particular has been the unique selling point of the series so far. If the Galaxy S21 or the Galaxy Z Fold actually comes with a pen, this definitely reduces the chances of getting a new Samsung Galaxy Note device.

However, we strongly believe that even if Samsung plans to abandon the Samsung Note range in the future, we will definitely still get a Note 21. Both @UniverseIce (a leaker with a very good track record) and Herald Corp (a South Korean news site) assume so.

So in this article we assume that a Samsung Galaxy Note 21 is currently being planned. It can be assumed that Samsung plans a release date for the Note in August 2021. In recent years, Samsung has always announced new Note models at the beginning of August and delivered them about two weeks later, so this is likely for the Note 21 as well.

The price is a little harder to guess as this changes from year to year. But the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 started at EUR 999 / USD 999 / GBP 849 / AU $ 1.199. So we'd expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 to cost at least as much, possibly more.

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What we would like to see in the Samsung Galaxy Note 21

While we wait for more rumors to emerge about the Samsung Galaxy Note 21, we've made a list of what we'd love to see.

1. Snapdragon for all models

Samsung usually packs different chipsets for different regions into its Note phones. The US will receive a Snapdragon chip, while the UK and much of the rest of the world will receive an Exynos chip. The problem with this is that the two chipsets are never the same, so one version of the phone is usually better than the other.

In recent years, it has usually been the Snapdragon model. From the point of view of German customers in particular, we would like all models of the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 to have the best Snapdragon chipset currently available.

2. A high quality back

The Galaxy Note 20 has a plastic back. While the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a glass back, the standard Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has a plastic back. This is quite surprising and disappointing, especially considering the cost of the phone.

For the Samsung Galaxy Note 21, we would like all models to use a high-quality material such as metal or glass. Just no plastic, please.

3. 120 Hz on all models at all resolutions

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 only has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is very low for a premium mobile phone. The Note 20 Ultra, on the other hand, already has 120 Hz. Unfortunately, it reduces the screen resolution, so you have to choose between a high refresh rate or a high resolution.

While the Samsung Galaxy S20 range did the same, some other phones like the OnePlus 8 Pro don't go for it.

For the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 series, we want all models to have a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a good screen resolution.

4. A better camera

After seeing how good the latest iPhone cameras are, we wish Samsung could catch up here. Compared to the latest iPhone models Even the Note 20 Ultra's camera could use camera enhancements. As great as the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is, its camera isn't the best in low light. This is especially because the phone uses texture smoothing to compensate for noise. This results in less detailed images than the latest Apple and Google phones. Hence, we would like this to be improved for the Galaxy Note 21.

We wouldn't say no to other lenses either. Both Galaxy Note 20 models have a camera with three lenses. While the top-end standard increasingly consists of four lenses.

5. Faster loading

Both the Galaxy Note 20 and the Note 20 Ultra have the option of 25 W fast charging. Which isn't bad, but pales in comparison to the OnePlus 65T's 8W charge. It's also significantly slower than the 45W charging of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, so we would like the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 range to at least see a return to 45W and ideally more.

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