New smart home update for Amazon Fire tablets

Amazon added a new menu to use Fire tablets to control Alexa-compatible smart home devices. The device dashboard, available starting today, can be accessed via a new smart home button on the left of the navigation bar. But how good is the smart home update for Amazon Fire Tablets?

Although Alexa-compatible smart home devices can already be controlled with spoken commands (also via Fire tablets), according to Amazon, the new user interface is intended for the case that "control by touch may sometimes be more convenient than by voice". It opens up some fun ways, like mounting a cheap Amazon Fire tablet on a wall for use as a smart home controller.

Allegedly, the update is limited to a selection of the newer tablets from Amazon, such as the Amazon Fire HD 8 from 2018, the Amazon Fire 7 from 2019, the Amazon Fire HD 10 from 2019 and the Amazon Fire HD 8 from 2020. Reason enough for us to take a closer look at the Amazon Fire HD 10.

Amazon Fire HD 10 short test

With the Amazon Fire HD 10, the company has finally released a great tablet that won't primarily convince people with just a low price. The new octa-core CPU makes it faster than Amazon's previous tablets, and its USB-C port is a more than welcome upgrade from micro-USB. The battery also lasts over 13 hours on a single charge! An impressive figure.

It all adds up to one of the best tablets out there. The disadvantages will be familiar to those who have previously encountered Amazon's tablets. Unfortunately, Fire OS still doesn't give you access to the Google Play app store. Unfortunately, this means you have to do without some popular Google apps like Google Maps and Gmail. Fortunately, these disadvantages are less noticeable if you only want to use the tablet as a smart home control.

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CPU 2,0 GHz octa-core CPU
Display 10,1 inches, 1920 x 1200 pixels
Speicher 32 GB, 64 GB
Connections 1x USB-C, headphone jack, microSD
Battery life Up to 13 hours
Dimensions 10,3 x 6,3 x 0,4 inches
Weight: 500 gramm

Amazon Fire HD 10 review: performance

The Fire HD 2,0's 2 GHz octa-core CPU and 10 GB of RAM allow for decent performance that's faster than any other Amazon tablet. The performance is absolutely sufficient to run most apps smoothly and without stuttering. So it's perfect to use as a smart home control. Unfortunately, the performance of the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet is not yet sufficient for more complex apps or games.

Conclusion: Amazon Fire HD 10 as a smart home control

The Amazon Fire HD 10 is perfect for controlling a smart home! Especially with the new smart home update for Amazon Fire tablets. Of course, it can't keep up with a tablet like the new iPad, which offers a brighter screen and with iOS, of course, more apps than Fire OS. However, the iPad costs a lot more money in comparison. If you really only want to use the new smart home update for Amazon Fire tablets, the Amazon Fire HD 10 is perfect for you. Otherwise you can of course also like our Tablet leaderboard look at.

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