4G on the moon? Nokia builds the first 4G network on the moon!

Will there be 4G on the moon soon? Nokia said in a press release that the company was commissioned by NASA to set up the first cellular network on the moon. The Finnish tech giant announced on Monday, October 19, 2020 that the Nokia Bell Labs division will build a 4G communication system to be deployed on a lunar lander on the lunar surface in late 2022.

NASA is awarding a total of $ 370 million to 14 companies to provide technology for the Artemis moon landing program. The aim of the program is to establish a long-term human presence on the moon. In the long term, this should serve as preparation for missions to Mars.

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Nokia receives $ 14,1 million from NASA

Nokia released further details of its involvement following an announcement by NASA last week. Accordingly, the company will receive 14,1 million US dollars from NASA for the construction of the 4G network. The US space agency also funds other incredible technological innovations in space.

The Nokia network is supposed to offer important communication functions for astronauts on the moon. It should help astronauts to carry out a wide variety of tasks. From remote control of moon rovers to real-time navigation to high-resolution video streaming.

The equipment includes a base station, antennas and software and is designed for hard takeoffs and moon landings as well as extreme conditions in space. Nokia is working with the US company Intuitive Machines, which NASA selected to build a small "hopper lander" capable of reaching remote lunar craters for high-resolution photos and brief investigations of the lunar surface Perform distance.

"Reliable, resilient and high-performance communication networks will be the key to supporting a sustainable human presence on the lunar surface," said Marcus Weldon, Nokia Chief Technology Officer. It remains to be seen whether Nokia will sign any more government contracts with NASA. Most recently, the company has ventured back into the manufacture of cell phones with the Nokia 8.3 5G. In our List of the best smartphones So far, however, no Nokia cell phone has made it.

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