All the rumors about the iPad Pro update 2021

What are the latest rumors about that iPad Pro Update 2021? The most important change is likely to be the mini LED display technology which will appear on the 12,9-inch model. Rumor has it that on March 23rd an Apple event . held

The fourth generation iPad Pro was introduced in March 2020 with minor upgrades. Apple announced the device at the time with a press release. The main changes were the LiDAR scanner, which was first introduced in an Apple product, and the A12Z chip, a variant of the A12 series. The most exciting news was the introduction of the Magic Keyboard, with a trackpad that also works on the third generation iPad Pro (and now the fourth generation iPad Air).

For the iPad Pro update 2021 we can, however new function expect, although the new model will most likely not have a newer design. Rumor has it that Apple will hold an event on March 23rd. This could be when the new iPad Pro is officially announced.

iPad Pro Update 2021 - A14X chip and mini LED display

According to reports, the new iPad Pro will hit the market in the first quarter of 2021. According to DigiTimes, mini-LED technology will be the most important change in this year's iPad line. Currently, all iPads have LCD screens that require backlighting. With the advent of mini-LED technology, dramatically smaller LEDs are being used, allowing much better control of the localized backlight and higher brightness and deeper blacks. The combination increases the contrast ratio and consumes less power.

The 12,9-inch iPad Pro will likely be the first Apple product to feature mini-LED technology. Basically, only the Apple Watch and the iPhones use an OLED screen. Other devices, including the iPad and MacBook, use an LCD screen. The introduction of mini LED display technology on the fifth generation iPad Pro opens up the possibility for more Apple products to take on this function, such as the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

It's important to note that only the 12,9-inch iPad Pro model is likely to receive mini-LED display technology. The 11-inch model will only be available sometime in the future. According to several reports and analysts, this new iPad Pro will also have a chip based on the A14, the same processor as the fourth generation iPad Air and the iPhone 12 series.

New Apple Pencil and start date

A new Apple Pencil picture also appeared on the internet last week. With a glossy design, this could be a new accessories for the iPad Pro be. While this Apple Pencil is similar to the first generation model, we can't see a Lightning connector in the photo. This could mean that it is meant for the newer iPads.

If Apple launches the fifth generation iPad Pro during an event on March 23, it could be available the following Friday, March 26. It's unclear whether Apple will bring new colors, new storage options, or 5G capabilities to this iPad. The iPad Pro is currently available in Silver and Space Gray and in 128 GB up to 1 TB of storage with LTE connection.


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