There will probably never be a USB-C port for the iPhone

In the last few years most of them have Android smartphones Switched to USB-C, while iPhones continue to use the now outdated Lightning connector. It has been rumored for a long time that that too iPhone will switch to USB-C, but the Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo does not believe it and new Apple patents prove that there will probably never be a USB-C port for the iPhone.

If Apple removes the Lightning connector in its smartphones in the future, it will definitely not be for USB-C. Ming-Chi Kuo believes the company plans to make a full switch to MagSafe Magnetic Charging. However, he added that iPhones will initially continue to use the Lightning connector in the coming years, as MagSafe technology has so far been far from perfect.

Now a new patent has emerged that Ming-Chi Kuo apparently supports in this statement. In the newly issued patent, Apple provides some sort of connectivity port that uses an iteration of its MagSafe magnetic charger to charge an iPhone.

The patent was filed last Tuesday (via Patently Apple) with the US Patent and Trademark Office and describes a three-prong "MagSafe" charger, similar to older MacBooks. Apple explains in the patent several different pin designs with which the charger can be connected to the iPhone.

It is surprising that the patent itself does not refer to an “iPhone” by name, but a picture in the patent application shows quite clearly that the “new MagSafe” charging concept is an iPhone. Compared to the current Lightning port of the iPhone, “MagSafe” has the main advantage that the device can easily detach from the charger if it is accidentally pulled.

The latest version of MagSafe

With the iPhone 12 series, Apple reintroduced “MagSafe” in the form of large circular magnets on the back of the iPhone. Apple is currently marketing “MagSafe” on the “iPhone” not only as a charging interface, but also as a place to attach various accessories.

The patent could include Apple's long-term vision of using the current “MagSafe” interface on the back of the device as space for accessories such as a battery and adding an additional magnetic “MagSafe” charger to the bottom of the iPhone to charge the iPhone.

According to Bloomberg and Kuo, Apple is expected to introduce “MagSafe” again for MacBooks. The new version of "MagSafe" is expected to be available in the upcoming 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models and will have a similar design to previous iterations, but offer faster loading speeds.

Apple continues to be successful even without a USB-C connection

We are still slightly disappointed that there will probably never be a USB-C port for the iPhone, but this does not seem to interest most customers. For example, Apple overtook Samsung in the last quarter of 2020 and became the world's leading smartphone brand. The company saw tremendous sales growth in the final quarter of last year, while Huawei's position weakened significantly.

According to Counterpoint Research, iPhone smartphone shipments rose 22% in the previous quarter. This surge was particularly driven by the release of the iPhone 12 range. The iPhone 12 series is the first smartphone series from Apple to support 5G. However, sales of the predecessor models did not decline either, the demand for which remains stable.

The company has shipped a total of 90 million smartphones, giving it a market share of more than 23%. In particular, analysts note that Apple has significantly strengthened its position in the premium segment of smartphones in China. According to Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, two of the three best-selling ones come from Premium smartphones in China from Apple.


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