The best IOTA wallets 2021 - comparison and analysis

If we want to invest in the world of cryptocurrencies like IOTA, we have to consider many factors. For example, to consider are the investment we want to make, the volatility of the currency, what the future prospects are and of course the security and the way in which the currencies are to be stored. Therefore, in this post we will look at the best IOTA wallets

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    What is an IOTA wallet?

    IOTA walletFirst of all, we need to know what advantages IOTA offers compared to other cryptocurrencies. IOTA is a virtual currency that is different from others like Ethereum or Bitcoin differs in that they no blockchain network in their operating technology .

    IOTA uses a proprietary Technology called 'Tangle'which requires double verification in order to trade. This cryptocurrency was created for small transactions and is able to be sent between users with home devices with an internet connection; this is often referred to as the Internet of Things.

    This would allow users with devices connected to the network to receive and / or send IOTA. In the last few months, IOTA has become very popular because it helps its users with transactions do not charge any commissionst. For this reason, IOTA users have to create special wallets.

    These types of wallets come in two forms: You can physical or digital be. The software enables users to save their key (key) privately or publicly and to access it anytime and anywhere. In other words: IOTA wallets are there to send, store and receive cryptocurrency transactions.

    67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs from this provider.


    Three characteristics of good IOTA wallets

    The concept of the IOTA wallets is not that different from the one Money transfer app or a banking app. The only difference is that, unlike the apps mentioned, the user has full control over his IOTA wallet. The main features that ensure protection according to the needs of the users include the following:

    IOTA compatibility

    IOTA logoThe wallet should be compatible with multiple operating systems so that the user has options when choosing.

    Remember that IOTA not with blockchain, but with Tangle works, a feature that can hinder compatibility with certain platforms.


    Wallet securityThis is one of the most important and interesting points for future IOTA users. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that work with blockchain, IOTA and the wallets that accept it use one DAG model (Directed Acyclic Graph). This is nothing more than a network that doesn't have a linear blockchain.

    It works by connecting one corner point to another, but it has no beginning and no end, which gives it a rather peculiar way of working. This means that the DAG together with the Tangle does not need any data blocks, which makes it one of the fastest and most flexible networks in the world makes, but unfortunately not the safest.

    Ease of use

    User-friendlyWhen it comes to cryptocurrency storage, beginners can have a few complications, and even the most seasoned investors may experiment for a while before they get a clear idea of ​​the subject. It is therefore important that the IOTA wallet easy to handle is.

    There are undoubtedly very complex ones Cryptocurrency wallets, but these are usually geared towards local dealers. In terms of administration and configuration, the Ease of use the most important aspect when choosing an IOTA wallet.


    IOTA wallets comparison: the best providers

    There are now a large number of IOTA wallets on the market. We looked at the most popular:

    eToroIOTA TrinityGUI IOTA LightIOTA AndroidLedger Nano S & XIOTA NeliumNostalgia Light

    eToro - the best trading platform for IOTA

    eToro logoThe provider eToro has seen tremendous growth over the past few years what makes it known among users as the best platform for buying cryptocurrencies established. These include IOTA, Bitcoin and Ethereum. It's worth noting that eToro has the fastest growing e-trading with more than 13 million users.

    The broker has a robust and active community due to its Social trading innovation. It is also approved and regulated by CySEC in Cyprus. Those interested in joining this trading community will be delighted to find that this platform is at the forefront of not only the financial world but the crypto spectrum as well.

    EToro's wallets offer users an integration with the trading platform so that direct IOTA trading can take place. In addition, the Simplicity and high performance this broker that the investments are preserved for the long term.

    Those who have a wallet with eToro can Manage more than 120 cryptocurrencies and simply transfer them and act within the platform. On top of all of this, we can say that in terms of security, eToro is considered to be one of the safest ecosystems we can find right now.

    IOTA Trinity Wallet

    Trinity_WalletLike eToro, this platform also represents other cryptocurrencies. The IOTA Trinity Wallet belongs among the best in the IOTA wallet comparison.

    One of the advantages is that the Open source wallet has an easy to use interface. Thanks to the simplicity of the design, it is also convenient and interesting as a desktop and app wallet.

    This also makes the IOTA Trinity Wallet an option that should be considered for security as it offers its users a seed vault and biometric authentication.

    GUI IOTA Light Wallet

    If you are ready to get involved in the technical intricacies of a wallet, you should definitely consider the GUI IOTA Light Wallet. This desktop wallet could be used as a Predecessor model of the Trinity wallet be considered.

    The GUI IOTA Light Wallet gives you more control over your activities to improve the user experience. It also has a logical and simple structure that enables even the inexperienced user to operate it quickly. A clear disadvantage is that the user create your own seed must, which is causing a gap in the security system.

    IOTA Android Wallet

    The IOTA Android Wallet is the official wallet of the IOTA application for Android, which is currently only available in beta. Nevertheless, this open source wallet is currently one of the most attractive.

    The IOTA Android Wallet not only supports QR codes and seed generators, but can also be used with a current credit and password protection score. For those with Android systems, the IOTA Android Wallet is one of the best solutions.

    Ledger Nano S & X

    Ledger Nano logoLedger Nano S&X is one of the most sought-after cold wallets, as it is considered to be one of the best hardware wallets on the market. Many of the cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin, Ripple or IOTA can be stored offline through this easy-to-use platform.

    One aspect that is very popular with users is the price, as there is only one Minimum deposit of $ 79 is required to enjoy the advantages and benefits of the Ledger Nano S&X. However, it must also be mentioned that there have been shortcomings in security lately, which makes this wallet a dubious proposition.

    IOTA Nelium Wallet

    IOTA Nelium WalletThis platform, which is still in development, impresses with its Entry-level componentwhich makes it an easy to use wallet. The IOTA Nelium Wallet is suitable for iOS and Android, but does not offer its services for desktop computers.

    Within the possibilities of this type of transaction, the IOTA Nelium Wallet offers increased security, as the user's private seeds are accessed via the mobile device and not via the Nelium server. After all, she also offers QR scanning, which simplifies transfers.

    Nostalgia Light Wallet

    The Nostalgia Light Wallet is an ideal platform for more experienced users, as these usually have a certain level of technological know-how as well Minimum of basic programming skills have in order to be able to carry out transactions.

    The Nostalgia Light Wallet also has a Introductory tutorialthat helps everyone who is interested. Some of the benefits that are attracting more users include that it is compatible with Windows, MAC, and Linux, which makes it a safe option. Another positive aspect is that payments can be processed quickly by accessing the IOTA network.

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    Creation of an IOTA light wallet

    The fact that IOTA has a very special structure and characteristics is also reflected in the way in which an IOTA wallet is purchased. In the case of the IOTA Light Wallet, this is done via the Download from the GitHub web portal.

    This is a digital ecosystem where users store projects that are mostly based on programming code. It is worth noting that the site supports the initiatives of at least 65 million programmers hosts worldwide.

    IOTA buy forecast

    Initially, interested parties who wanted to own an IOTA wallet had to download it from the official profile of the IOTA Foundation, although there have been different versions of the project over time.

    After downloading, the user had to choose between a choice of Light nodes and full nodes Select. It is worth noting that the 'Full Node' option requires knowledge of the Java programming language, while the first option is the best alternative for less experienced users.

    • Full node: Full nodes are responsible for storing the entire tangle and need 'neighbors' to transfer the transactions; They also need a static IP address and another static address so that these 'neighbors' can distribute the transactions.
    • Light Node: Light nodes do not save the tangle. So there is no need for 'neighbors', just a host that is itself a fully-fledged network node. This gives the wallet enough information to carry out its transactions successfully.

    It's worth noting that developers invite interested parties to join the Trinity wallet to download. This is the official application that promises to solve the cumbersome process outlined above.

    If you want it even easier, you can simply trade IOTA with our test winner eToro and then store the currency in the integrated wallet. No programming knowledge is required here and the Wallet is very easy to use.

    67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs from this provider.


    Different types of IOTA wallets

    When we talk about IOTA wallets, we can divide them into two categories: Cold wallets and hot wallets. While the hot wallets are constantly connected to the network, the cold wallets are not.

    There are other types under hot wallets and cold wallets, including hardware wallets, mobile wallets or app wallets, desktop wallets, web wallets and exchange wallets. Each of the IOTA wallets mentioned above offers different security levels:

    Hardware wallets

    Hardware WalletIn the case of hardware wallets, the wallets are located on one devicethat can be used in conjunction with a computer, for example. This type of cold wallet is responsible for storing the cryptocurrency in office form on the device. Only the owner who has access to the keys can access the IOTA.

    As usual with hardware wallets, the coins are safe at all times, and the application only connects to the Internet when the user wants to conduct a transaction. One disadvantage is that if the computer crashes, the IOTA can be lost.

    Mobile wallets

    Mobile WalletMobile IOTA wallets or app wallets are similar to desktop wallets, only with this option the wallet downloaded to the mobile phone and can be operated via the cloud. This allows the owner to access their IOTA from any device they are connected to.

    This provides the ability to do business from anywhere, anytime, which is a huge benefit. However, since it is a hot wallet and consequently it is always online, there are also risks.

    Paper Wallet

    Paper WalletsOf all wallets, the paper wallet is the simplest because it is offline and analog and the IOTA keys are on paper. These cold wallets give the user full control over the security as he has the keys write or print on a piece of paper can.

    The only downside to this wallet is that the user has his Secure passwords very well Must: If the paper is lost, the IOTA will also be lost forever.

    The big question that users are now asking is: which wallet should I choose? The answer lies in that Assessment of your needs and the riskOnce you know what options are available to you, you are ready to go.

    When it comes to safety, the choice is one Paper Wallet certainly a good option. But mobile wallets, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere, also offer clear advantages.


    Which wallet is the safest for IOTA?

    There is no doubt that eToro is a great optionto consider here. As mentioned in the comparisons, this provider offers users 14 years of trading experience, CySEC approval from Cyprus and an active social trading community with a wide range of payment options.

    eToro Wallet


    Conclusion IOTA wallet: The best alternative is eToro

    It is necessary to say that IOTA is an alternative cryptocurrency that does not work with the blockchain technology, which is what it does for traders with one Minimum of experience in the field of cryptocurrencies makes recommendable.

    It is not a big challenge for the user to create an IOTA wallet, but its updates can be complex for beginners, especially if you are not an expert in digital technology.

    eToro logoAs explained in this article, dealing with an IOTA wallet requires an understanding of how downloading, creating and updating the wallet works. Make security checks and compatibility with systems such as Android and iOS as well as the connection to the Ledger Wallet eToro the ideal choice for IOTA enthusiasts.


    67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs from this provider.


    FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a wallet?

    A wallet is software that is responsible for storing the public and / or private keys that enable the sending and receiving of cryptocurrencies via the blockchain or tangle.

    Where can I buy IOTA?

    It is possible to buy IOTA through the eToro platform. First of all, you need to create an account to do this. In order to complete the registration, you must then submit personal documents in order to carry out the relevant identity checks. For the deposit, a payment is due, which can be made in US dollars, euros or Bitcoin and Co. The currencies are then exchanged to start trading immediately. As soon as the IOTA exchange is complete, they can be sent back to your own address using the 'Transfer' and 'Withdraw' buttons. The purchase of IOTA can also be made through Binance and then sent to any user anywhere in the world. In some cases, products and services can also be purchased with IOTA as more and more retailers and vendors accept it.

    What types of wallets are there?

    In general, IOTA wallets can be divided into the following two categories: cold wallets and hot wallets. While the hot wallets are constantly connected to the network, the cold wallets are not. These hot wallets and cold wallets are in turn divided into other types, including hardware wallets, mobile wallets, desktop wallets, web wallets and exchange wallets. Each of the IOTA wallets mentioned above offers different levels of security.

    Can Trinity and Ledger wallets be combined?

    The two applications can be combined with one another without any problems. What to keep in mind with this choice is that you must first have a Ledger Nano S wallet. Once you start the installation procedures, you need to access Ledger Live and install the IOTA application on it. If all the steps are followed, the user will be given an accounting account that can be integrated with Trinity. However, it is recommended that you not only use the Ledger hardware wallet. However, if the user has long-term plans and doesn't intend to trade every day, they can also use the Ledger Nano S as a stand-alone solution.

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