The Avast Cleanup 2023 field report

avastEspecially for users who use their computer intensively and who keep installing new programs, should remember the Clean the hard drive regularly.

With free tools like Avast Cleanup and Avast Browser Cleaning it is done with just a few clicks of the mouse and superfluous data garbage on the computer is history.


    Does Avast Cleanup make sense?

    In theory it is actually not necessaryto clean up the hard drive. Because as soon as the user turns on his computer, garbage data collects on the hard drive - the more intensively the computer is used, the more.

    However, this should not have a negative impact on the performance of the operating system. After all, Windows works with a lot of tricks to keep the computing power at a high level, but that doesn't always work. The user notices this when the computer is simply not running as well as it was at the beginning.

    There is also another reason why it is worth cleaning up the operating system every now and then:

    • The garbage that is not used proves it valuable storage space, which is particularly annoying on SSD disks. In the worst case, the memory is completely full and working with Windows is simply impossible.
    Cleaning tools quickly remedy this because they track down temporary files and remove the traces of use that occur while surfing. In addition, good cleaning programs know the data garbage that is generated by common programs such as Office.


    More space on the hard drive and SSD

    In any case, the user should make sure that a current backup for cleaning to use. The reason: Otherwise, the cleaning process creates completely unnecessary chaos. The tool can be started immediately after the download.

    With most programs, the user can choose which components of the system should be cleaned. There is also one Standard selectiondetermined by the manufacturer. The PC Cleaner usually also shows which residues they have found.

    The user should take a close look at this and exercise caution. Because it is quite possible that doing so in Firefox Form data deleted which is a hindrance when the user has web forms filled out automatically.


    Tricky: the registry

    When cleaning the hard drives, many tools cause many errors when it comes to cleaning and optimizing the registry. Because usually here numerous errors displayed, however, fixing them does not increase the speed of the computer. In case of doubt, cleaning up the registry should be avoided. After all, changes at this point involve deep interventions in the computer's system, which can lead to serious problems.

    These problems only become noticeable when the computer is restarted, which is why the backed up old settings and kept these backups should be. If a user realizes that there are problems after the cleanup, he can reconstruct the deleted data.


    What can Avast Cleaner do?

    Got known avast, a manufacturer from the Czech Republic, especially through its free offers. Two decades ago he was able to establish himself in the market for Antivirus software conquer large stakes. And avast holds this position to this day.

    Especially in 2020 there will be a significantly improved product, which is especially true for the paid version of Avast Antivirus:

    • But even if the users opt for a version that they get free of charge, they have extensive protection for their computer, as the test shows again and again.


    How well does Avast protect against viruses?

    The current version of Avast Internet Security has also been extensively tested by several experts. They found that it was now no security holes so that hackers no longer have the slightest chance of smuggling malware onto computers.

    If a user has not installed an antivirus program on his computer, you can Chippers penetrate through a security breach and gain access to online banking, but also read out and manipulate data. They can also gain access to their e-mail accounts. And it is precisely these security gaps that are covered by Avast.

    Even if the probability of falling victim to a hacker attack is low for the user, it is always worthwhile to close existing security gaps. According to the experience of the testers, this software not only recognizes common viruses, but also more exotic variants of the malware. This is a comprehensive protection guaranteed.


    How do users rate the software?

    Users who share their experiences with the Avast Cleaner and Avast Internet Security on review portals and social media channels speak mostly positive from the software.

    The American social listening service provider Crimson Hexacon analyzed these statements and came to the following conclusion:

    • 80 percent of users express themselves positive about the program,
    • only 5 percent have one negative Opinion.
    • The rest of the comments are Questions to the community, whereby in most cases it concerns computer or installation problems. Such problems can occur, for example, if a virus killer is already on the computer. Corresponding software components should therefore be removed prior to installation.

    A free version with advertising

    The users have to pay nothing for the program Accept advertising. The users have to accept that for better or worse, because the manufacturer offers his offer completely free of charge. However, avast only advertises in-house products.


    The performance and the price-performance ratio

    The software only uses the processor of the computer very little. This was not necessarily the case with older versions. However, only a few users had the problem that the processor was fully utilized by the protection software. Now that this problem has been resolved, the program runs without any problems on the Windows 100, 7 and 8 operating systems.

    The prices for the paid versions at avast sometimes fluctuate a lot. There are usually no special offers with low prices from this manufacturer.

    If you compare the offer with AVG or Wise Registry Cleaner, is the price of a Annual subscription with 26,66 euros rather in the upscale segment, which is no longer unusual for high-quality programs.


    Avast Cleanup Premium: is it worth the price?

    The protection provided by the free software is sufficient for most users. For many private users and for companies but it can be worthwhile to use the paid Avast Cleanup Premium.

    • If you are thinking of providing your computer with premium protection, you can get a demo version download. This is free of charge and the user has the opportunity to familiarize himself with the program and its possibilities.

    Of course, premium protection also has its price. This is how this app costs $ 49,99 per year per user. In return, users receive a fully equipped maintenance program that not only works optimally, but can also be easily integrated into the Avast product range:

    An important feature of Avast Cleanup Premium is the Junk File Remover. That empties the recycle bin and removes old files from the hard drive. This applies to data that has been left behind by programs that have not been installed, as well as data that are no longer needed or are required by other programs.

    The registry Cleaner removes data from the registry that was not deleted when a program was uninstalled. Because if too much garbage accumulates in the registry, the computer may become slower.

    Avast also offers Cleanup Premium with the Browser cleaner the ability to clean the browser. Among other things, cookies are deleted and old plugins are removed.


    In addition, the program offers other useful features such as:

    • Hard drive cleaner
    • Shortcut cleaner
    • the possibility, open applications to retirement to move and thereby speed up the computer.


    Is it worth purchasing the software?

    When cleaning up the hard drive and old data and shortcuts, Avast Cleanup Premium offers clear advantages compared to other programs.  However, the user could also do all the functions himself under Windows, although this is a bit more laborious.

    The acquisition is worthwhile for experienced users who maintain their computers regularly anyway, so not necessarily. However, he then lacks the feeling that his computer is being reliably maintained without having to do anything himself - and that is exactly what Avast Cleanup Premium gives him.

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