Vibro Shaper Experiences & Evaluation: Vibro Shaper Test 2023

More and more Germans want to lose weight. But it's not that easy - the first few weeks in particular can be a real challenge. If you then find out that the diet used or the sporting units do not ensure rapid weight loss, a frustrating situation quickly arises.

Vibro Shaper experiences

If you want to lose weight, you should not only eat fewer calories, but also exercise, i.e. actively burn calories. How can this also be possible in your own four walls to save yourself the trip to the fitness center? With the Vibro Shaper. This is a vibration plate that causes you to actively do sports or increase your fitness. Due to the fact that with a Vibrating shaper diverse Training opportunities can lead to success, you can not only look forward to variety here, but several muscle groups train all at once and is then quickly presented with some promising results. In the end you can with that Vibrating shaper even tighten certain parts and parts of the body - this will especially please women who are dissatisfied with their buttocks. 

But can you vibration plate Vibrating shaper actually recommend or does the manufacturer make promises that he cannot keep? In order to be able to answer this question, we have dealt intensively with the Vibro Shaper and also started a self-experiment.

What is Vibro Shaper

What is Vibro ShaperThe Vibro Shaper is a vibration plate that can be used in various ways. vibration plate the user should not only be supported with weight reduction, but also with muscle building. Due to the Oscillation technology can certain body parts, so about Po, legs or the upper body, are intensively treated and tightened during training. Thus, Vibro Shaper is also the absolute recommendation when it comes to effectively treating existing cellulite.

The fitness device scores with three fully automatic training programs. These are controlled by the built-in computer with the time measurement. There is 99 different speeds, so that the plate vibrates with different intensities, so that the different muscle groups be strengthened.

The new technology that Vibro Shaper vibration plates is used, incidentally protects the ligaments, tendons and bones. This means that if you have joint problems or are very overweight, the Vibro Shaper can also be recommended. In the end - according to the manufacturer - r10 minutes of training per day is sufficientto see the first results within a few weeks. 

Vibrating shaper
Vibrating shaper product
Effect:✓ Supports weight loss and muscle building,
✓ protects joints
Delivery:✓ 2 power stretch bands,
✓ a remote control,
✓ a nutrition plan
Possible Risks:No
Price222 Euros

What products are included with Vibro Shaper?

At this point it should be mentioned that the Vibro Shaper has a size of 62,5 cm x 38,5 cm x 12 cm and can therefore be easily stowed away in smaller apartments. In addition, the maximum load capacity is 100 kilograms.

The scope of delivery includes: 

  • 2 power stretch bands
  • 1 nutrition plan
  • 1 remote control

Thus, the customer gets everything delivered in order to then receive a balanced as well optimized training to be able to start. 

How does the Vibro Shaper application work – how effective is the Vibro Shaper vibration plate?

Before training with the vibration plate starts, there are still a few points to consider. It is important that you take the following points into account and do not ignore them, as they do have an impact on the further success can or will have.

How does the application of Vibro Shaper work

The user must necessarily click on the different vibration levels respect, think highly of. It is important that the vibrations with the Musculature intercepts or intercepts. That is, during the Trainings allowed the vibrations by Vibrating shaper go out, not be perceived or felt in the head. If you find that you can feel the vibrations in your head, you have to take a different position or reduce the intensity of the vibrations - vibrations that are felt in your head can increase tension of neck muscles lead or also headache favor.

If you use the ones included in the scope of delivery power stretch bands, then make sure that they are not too loose. The bands should always have a certain tension. The greater the tension, the more effective the training will be. If you want to promote muscle growth, then it is important Muskeln during the entire training to tighten If you consciously tense your muscles, you can use a much more effective one training effect looking forward. 

The following exercises can be performed with the Vibro Shaper:


The lunges are very effective exercises for the buttocks and thigh muscles. First, the user stands with both feet in front of the vibration plate. One leg is then placed directly on the Vibrating shaper posed, then one-legged squats are performed. This is the so-called lunge. Then the leg is changed. It is important that the thorax always pointing upwards throughout the exercise, so you don't make the mistake of letting your upper body sink down.


By using the vibration plate you can do the squats particularly effectively. This means that there is a clear improvement and strengthening of the Buttocks and thigh muscles. The exercise is performed in such a way that you stand with both feet on the plate so that your legs are shoulder-width apart. Then you lead one seat movement down, i.e. the squat, to achieve a 90 degree angle. After holding this position for a few seconds, straighten back up.


With push-ups you can do yours too back and arm muscles work out. In order to be able to perform such an exercise, your hands must be placed shoulder-width apart on the vibration plate. The chest should just barely touch the surface of the plate. With the pushing movement that follows, it's important to keep your elbows close to your body.

calf Raises

With this exercise it is possible to effectively die leg muscles to train. You stand on the vibrator shaper, bend your knees slightly and then make sure you stand securely. Now slowly raise your heels. At the highest point you then try to keep the tension - a short time later you lower your heels again in the direction of the vibration plate surface and repeat the exercise again.

Vibro Shaper official rating 2023 & further studies results:

In recent years there have been repeated tests dealing with the vibration plates have dealt with. It should be noted that official tests but hasn't checked here yet. This means that there is currently no judgment on Vibro Shaper from the independent consumer organization. But there are some reports from other independent organizations as well Testimonials, which deal with the fact that Vibro Shaper vibration plates are definitely recommendable.

How should one use Vibro Shaper vibration plates? Our recommendation: 

It is important to familiarize yourself with the different exercises. You shouldn't try to do the most intensive exercises and units right at the beginning, but increase it slowly. You can definitely do a few exercises every day - but it is important that you make an effort and the training on or with the vibration plate not perceived as "relaxing". You have to feel very well that you are Muskeln trained.

Our Vibro Shaper experiences and evaluation: The Vibro Shaper vibration plate in the test:

Whoever deals with the different ratings deals with, who will come to the conclusion relatively quickly that the users have had very similar positive and negative experiences here.

Vibro Shaper Positive experiences

  • Space-saving - the device is easy to store away
  • The exercises are simple and straightforward
  • The Vibro Shaper supports weight loss as well as muscle building
  • Various programs and intensity levels
  • Extensive scope of delivery

Vibro Shaper Negative experiences

  • The training is perceived as too strenuous at the beginning

Vibro Shaper Results Before and After: Does the Vibro Shaper vibration plate work or is it a fake?

Vibrating shaper resultsIn order to be able to say whether the product keeps what the manufacturer promises, you should not just look at the Testimonials take place: We have decided to do the Vibro Shaper vibration plate to test yourself. 

Susanne made herself available. Susanne is 39 years old, describes herself as unsportsmanlike, weighs 165 kilograms at 81 cm and complains about her connective tissue and the fact that she describes herself as "flabby". Not only does she want less weight, but also a firmer buttocks.

We create a plan with Susanne for her leg and glutes or also for the upper body; Furthermore, Susanne is based on enclosed nutrition plan. It is also agreed that Susanne will train for at least 15 minutes a day.


Vibro Shaper Success after 2 weeks

After two weeks, the first look at the scales: Susanne is now included 79 kg – a loss of 2 kilograms. There's still room for improvement. But Susanne states that she has noticed for two days that the exercises are now becoming "easier". This means that there are certainly changes here and thus proof that Susanne is training correctly. We agree with Susanne that that training program is adjusted.

Vibro Shaper Success after 4 weeks

Now the first successes can also be seen on the scales: Susanne is now included 75 kg – so she's lost 4 kilograms in the last two weeks and is now at one Total weight loss of 6 kilograms. Susanne still finds the exercises to be intense and exhausting, so no changes are made here.

Vibro Shaper Success after 6 weeks

Six weeks after the start, Susanne is now at 73 kilograms. She has now lost 1 kilograms in the last 8 ½ months. The exercises have become a bit easier - so we're adapting the training program again.

Vibro Shaper Success after 8 weeks

At the end of the eight-week self-test, Susanne 70 kg on the scales. So she lost 11 kilograms with the Vibro Shaper - but in combination with one diet change The complexion has also changed; Susanne now looks tighter or her figure or body has changed changed positively.

Vibro Shaper field reports on the Internet and in the Vibro Shaper Forum:

It is not only important to deal with them experience reports from a website, but to take a look at several pages here. This is because it can never be ruled out that the site operator has a connection to the manufacturer, so that in the end only positive comments and reports are published. Of course, the opposite can also be the case: The website operator is in contact with the direct competition - then negative comments are probably in the majority. 

  • Céline: I decided to train with Vibro Shaper not only to lose weight, but also to get my body in shape, which means that it was also important for me to build up my muscles. After a few weeks I noticed the first changes and today I can say that I have become really addicted to training with the Vibro Shaper. 
  • Melanie: In order to train my body, I was looking for an alternative to the fitness center that can also be used at home. I'm not a fan of the fitness center because I don't feel comfortable there. But training without equipment? Vibro Shaper has helped me to be physically active without having to go to a gym. I am 100 percent satisfied. 
  • Dory: The big advantage of the Vibro Shaper is that it is small and handy and can therefore easily be accommodated in a small apartment. In addition, you can start training at any time and do not have to go to a crowded studio. I'm excited.

Was Vibro Shaper at the lion's den?

Vibro Shaper The lion's denIf you find internet reports that deal with the fact that Vibro Shaper in "The cave of the lions' was presented, then these do not correspond to the truth. Vibrating shaper was never part of an issue of The Lion's Den. Incidentally, if you are unsure whether the article is genuine or fake news, it is advisable to then check the official website of “The Lion’s Den”. Here you will find relevant information about which products and/or business ideas have already been presented.

However, it should be noted that the Vibrating shaper promoted by prominent athletes. This includes Thomas Helmer, for example. The 1996 European soccer champion is enthusiastic and has already advertised the Vibrating shaper done - above all he praises the possibility of being able to train the arm and leg muscles effectively.

Are there vibro shaper warnings on the internet?

Are there vibro shaper warnings on the internet?No. Anyone who searches the Internet for negative reports or warnings will find that the critical reports are in the minority; There are no warnings at all. However, it is important to distinguish between what is negative reporting and what is a warning. Negative reporting is about being dissatisfied with the product while a warning is that here is a danger to the Health and/or the life of the user exists when the product is used.

Where is the cheapest place to buy Vibro Shaper? Our Vibro Shaper offer & price comparison:

Vibro Shaper offer & price comparison:

Are you ready with the Vibrating shaper then wanting to start the training, the question naturally arises as to where the vibration plate can be bought. There are various providers, but it must be mentioned at this point that our partner offers the best price. That is, who one Buy vibro shaper would be well advised to get in touch with our partner.

Can you buy Vibro Shaper in the pharmacy?

No. Vibro Shaper is not available in pharmacies – but with our partner.

What do you have to consider if you want to stop with the Vibro Shaper training? 

It is important not to end the training abruptly. You should also not train until you have really run out of 100 percent strength. If you plan not to train with the Vibro Shaper anymore, you should then monitor your body shape and fitness.

Vibro Shaper test conclusion - our experience and recommendation:

The test has shown that Vibro Shaper is a thoroughly recommendable product that may be ideal if you want to lose weight but build muscle mass. With the vibration plate you can different exercises run or train various muscle groups. You can also tighten your skin or improve your fitness with the Vibro Shaper.

The size of the Vibro Shaper vibration plate is also an advantage, since the device can then easily be accommodated in a small apartment.

So if you like to train in your own four walls, you are well advised to take a look at the Vibro Shaper.

Sildenafil Conclusion

Frequently asked questions about Vibro Shaper:

Is the Vibro Shaper vibration plate recommendable or serious, or is there criticism of the Vibro Shaper?

There are no points that speak against the Vibro Shaper. The vibration plate scores with its small size, can be used in different ways, so it is possible to do different exercises to train all kinds of muscles and also convinces that weight can also be lost with the Vibro Shaper.

What does the scope of delivery of the Vibro Shaper look like?

The scope of delivery includes: 2 power stretch bands 1 nutrition plan 1 remote control

Is there a Vibro Shaper voucher?

Various vouchers are available depending on the promotional period. This means that savings can be made directly in the course of an action.

Who is behind the manufacturer of Vibro Shaper, Mediashop?

MediaShop is behind the Vibro Shaper, a TV shopping company that operates internationally and is active in around 40 countries. The company was founded in October 1999; Mediashop's headquarters have been in Neunkirchen (Austria) since 2006. The company itself consists of around 350 employees.

Does Vibro Shaper have any risks or side effects?

No. However, it should be noted at this point that there are some exercises that should be tried with caution at the beginning. This means that you shouldn't immediately start with the most difficult training sessions if you yourself are still inexperienced or not as fit as you would like to be.

Is Vibro Shaper safe to use continuously?

Yes. It is even recommended to train for several months, so that you can build up an appropriate level of fitness and also gain muscle mass while reducing fat.

Can you buy Vibro Shaper in the drugstore at DM & Rossmann, or on Ebay & Amazon?

Vibro Shaper can be bought through various portals. Ideally, however, you should contact our partner, as not only is there a guarantee that you will get the original product, but you will also get the best price with fast delivery.

Do you need a prescription to buy Vibro Shaper?


What does vibro shaper cost and where can you buy vibro shaper with the cheapest price?

The cheapest price is available directly from our partner. In addition, our partner guarantees that he will send the original product and promises quick delivery - with our partner you are on the cheapest and safest side.


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