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Even if you don't like to talk about it, that doesn't mean that the problems don't exist: We're talking about potency problems - a topic that is very uncomfortable for the men concerned. Unfortunately, from a certain age, a man's "best friend" no longer plays along properly, so it is advisable to deal with supportive measures. But which products help that "he" works again or that one can look forward to sexually satisfying experiences again?

Viraxol experiences

There are numerous products on the Internet. The manufacturers promise a quick effect, point out that there are hardly any side effects and advertise that you can get an erection again without any problems or that you can keep it for several hours.

Anyone who deals with the various products that are supposed to help to get rid of the potency problems, he will definitely come across the product Viraxol. Viraxol should, at least that's what the manufacturer claims, be a potency miracle. Because with Viraxol you not only get the desired erection, but you can even look forward to an improved erection - the penis is supposed to be particularly hard.

But is that true? To get an answer to the question, whether Viraxol keeps what is promised by the manufacturer, we not only deal with the ingredients, but have also decided to start a self-test. So we actually put Viraxol to the test and we can say, whether the sexual enhancer works wonders or is it just empty promises in the end.

Viraxol: The manufacturer speaks of the "potency miracle" - but what is Viraxol really?

What is ViraxolWith Viraxol, there is a sexual enhancer on the market that is intended to help a) get an erection or b) Viraxol is also intended to significantly improve the erection, so that the penis becomes noticeably harder and the erection also lasts longer. Furthermore, the manufacturer points out that regular intake of Viraxol also causes the penis to become larger.

This means that Viraxol should not only enable a quick erection that lasts longer or is harder, but also the "best part" should grow. According to the manufacturer, the penis should be able to grow by a full 4,6 cm within a month. If that works?

Of course, the fact that the penis gets larger with Viraxol should be treated with caution is undisputed.

Sometimes this may be a small marketing gimmick to convince all those who are still unsure whether they are for Viraxol should decide when it comes to getting erection problems under control. It may be true that Viraxol will have a positive effect on the erection, but that the penis will then become larger, if you take Viraxol regularly, that really needs to be questioned.

Effect:✓ Rapid onset of erection
✓ Long-lasting erection
Risk:X headache
Content: 60 capsules
Enough for:about 30 days
Dosage:2 capsules a day
Price:49 Euros

What's in Viraxol? The ingredients at a glance

Viraxol ingredientsWhether a product can actually keep what the manufacturer promises can be “guessed” in advance. A look at the ingredients shows relatively quickly whether you can assume that an effect will start or not.

A medical product that can be bought without a prescription usually contains natural ingredients. This means that one must assume that the preparation contains well-tolerated ingredients, which sometimes do not immediately suggest that they will have a corresponding effect.

Sometimes it is often the combination of the different ingredients that provides the desired effect. That said, a look at the ingredients is important, but sometimes shouldn't be taken immediately as a "warning"., if only two or three ingredients can be found in the preparation that apparently cannot provide the desired effect.

It may be similar when looking at the ingredients of Viraxol. It should be noted that this is not about ingredients, but about a single active ingredient that is in the product: Lepidium meyenii. A plant native to China that is said to make potency problems a thing of the past.

Viraxol Maca PlantThe plant Lepidium meyenii is the so-called Maca plant. The Maca plant is one of the best-known medicinal plants on our planet. For example, the root of the plant is said to have an enormously strong effect on the human body.

There are also studies, the manufacturer of Viraxol points out, which state that taking the plant can improve performance – this is primarily about sexual performance.

But at that Maca plant It's not just about supporting sexual performance, but also positively influencing potency. Furthermore, the Maca plant is also said to have a positive effect on male lust.

It should be noted that you can use different parts of the plant. There is no information from the manufacturer about which plant parts can be found in Viraxol. It can also be assumed that sometimes there will be a few other ingredients in Viraxol, but Lepidium meyenii makes up the main component.

Furthermore, it should be pointed out that Lepidium meyenii or the Maca plant is contained in various sexual enhancers. This is because it is actually a promising plant that has an enormously strong influence on male sexuality and potency.

When does the effect start? How long does it take to take Viraxol to see a positive change

Wan sets in the action of Viraxol

It is important to always read the manufacturer's instructions on how the preparations should be taken. This is the only way to be sure that the advertised effect will soon set in. However, it should be noted at this point that you have to consider a few points with Viraxol:

If you deal with one or the other field report, you will sometimes come to the conclusion that you need patiencewhen you sign up for Viraxol decides. This is because it is a natural product - the onset of the effect also depends on various factors. Above all, it is about why the man suffers from erectile dysfunction.

One must never ignore the danger that there is a disease behind the erection problem, which can sometimes also be a danger to the life of the man. Therefore, it is important, even if it may be uncomfortable, to discuss the erection problems with the doctor or to rule out a serious illness before dealing directly with your erection problems.

The manufacturer points out that two capsules of Viraxol must be taken per day. Sometimes it can take a few days or weeks before you notice the first changes. It is important to note that there is only one natural active ingredient in Viraxol – a miracle that you have a hard erection immediately after taking it, you shouldn’t expect it here. It is a process that can be observed over a longer period of time.

So if you choose Viraxol, you choose a natural product, which requires patience. It must be said that there is hardly a product with natural ingredients that immediately unfolds its effect. Above all, it should be pointed out once again that that it also depends on personal factors how fast or strong Viraxol will work.

Stiftung Warentest judgment 2023: Are there other studies on Viraxol?

Viraxol Stiftung WarentestIn order to be able to get an overview in advance of whether the product keeps what is promised, it may be advisable to look at study and test results. Test reports from independent consumer organizations are particularly popular, including Stiftung Warentest. But is there from Stiftung Warentest a report on Viraxol?

No. At the moment there is no report from Stiftung Warentest about Viraxol. There is no information on whether a report will be written in the foreseeable future.

However, there are several studies that deal with the Maca plant and its effects. There are also test and field reports on the Internet that deal with Viraxol and its effects and thus provide an overview of whether the product is recommended or not.

Our recommendation: How to take Viraxol properly

Viraxol intake

The correct or recommended intake naturally has an enormous influence on the effect of the preparation. If you don't follow the manufacturer's instructions, you have to assume that the effect will not work as desired or side effects are of course possible. For this reason, you should always follow the manufacturer’s recommended intake – no matter whether it is Viraxol or another product. Even if the ingredients appear to be only natural and sometimes cannot cause side effects, it is important not to experiment here.

Two capsules of Viraxol are taken per day. It is important to swallow the capsules whole with liquid. There is no information on whether the capsules are taken in the morning, at noon or in the evening. That said, the time of ingestion doesn't seem to matter.

An increase in dosage, i.e. three or four capsules per day, should not take place under any circumstances. Anyone who is dissatisfied with the effect should continue to take the capsules as recommended by the manufacturer. The independent reduction, i.e. reducing to one capsule daily, can delay or weaken the effect.

Our experience with Viraxol: The evaluation after the Viraxol test

Viraxol reviewsIf you can find testimonials on the Internet, then you shouldn't ignore them, but also not so much weight that one can say that in the end the reviews on the Internet made sure that the product was chosen. The exception: there are so many positive or negative reports that so that you can clearly see here whether the product lasts, what is promised, or whether it is a product to be advised against.

Our test has shown that anyone who deals with experiences with Viraxol will find that the positive experiences outweigh the negative ones. Especially with a view to the positive properties of the product.

Positive experiences with Viraxol

  • Very easy to use
  • Neutral taste
  • Pleasant capsule size

Negative experiences with Viraxol

  • The onset of the effect cannot be answered in advance

The result after the practical test: Can Viraxol convince or is it a fake product?

Viraxol result

As already mentioned, reviews should always be treated with a little caution. For example, because you don't know all the factors - why the product Viraxol was taken, how severe were the erectile problems, why did erectile problems occur and did occur at all Viraxol, as recommended by the manufacturer, taken? All of those points can have a negative as well as a positive impact on the testimonials. For this reason, we decided to start a self-test in order to be able to say at the end whether Viraxol is a recommended product or not.

Bernhard made himself available. Bernhard is 45 years old and complains about recurring erectile dysfunction. After a medical examination, it was determined that Bernhard suffered from erection problems due to stress. That is, there is no disease here, the symptom of which is erectile dysfunction. That's also why we decided to choose Bernhard, as it's an easy way to test if Viraxol works.

Due to the fact that the manufacturer advertises that Viraxol also makes the penis bigger, we take measurements: When flaccid, Bernhard's penis is 8 cm long and when erect, it measures 14,6 cm.

We agree with Bernhard that he will follow the manufacturer's instructions and take two Viraxol capsules a day. It should be taken in the morning after getting up, before breakfast.

Viraxol results

Viraxol results after 2 weeks

The first report is submitted after two weeks: So far, Bernhard has not noticed any noticeable changes. He's had sex twice in the last two weeks - the first time he had erection problems, the second time he had trouble maintaining an erection for more than 14 minutes. The measurement result after 8 days: The penis size is unchanged - when flaccid it still measures 14,6 cm and when erect the penis is XNUMX cm.

Viraxol results after 4 weeks

The second report after four weeks: Bernhard had sexual intercourse three times in the last two weeks. While no changes were noticed the first time, i.e. the erection was there, but only for a short period of time, there was a surprise the second time: Bernhard not only had an erection faster, but was also able to keep it for a longer period of time - with The third time the erection was significantly harder and the time window in which the erection could be maintained had also been extended.

The measuring tape has also changed: Bernhard's penis is now 8,3 cm when flaccid and 14,9 cm when erect. Viraxol seems to be fully effective now.

Viraxol results after 6 weeks

After a total of six weeks, it is clear that the effect of Viraxol is already 100 percent. Bernhard had sex three times in the last two weeks and not only had a significantly stronger erection, but also had no problems getting it or keeping it for a longer period of time.

The measuring tape has also revealed that the penis has also grown by a bit: the penis is now 8,7 cm when flaccid and 15,3 cm when erect.

Viraxol results after 8 weeks

The self-test ends after eight weeks. Bernard is happy. Even though Viraxol only started to work after around 3 weeks, the plant contained in the product was then able to provide the right strength. The erection could be built up faster and lasted longer. In addition, Bernhard's penis is now 9 cm when flaccid, an increase of 1 cm, and 15,6 cm when erect, which is also an increase of 1 cm.

Testimonials about Viraxol on the Internet: That's what the customers say

Viraxol reviewsThere are some reviews of Viraxol on the Internet. It is important that you try to collect reports from different platforms in advance, before forming an opinion on whether Viraxol is recommended or not.

There is a very good possibility that the website operator works together with the manufacturer, so that only positive reports about the product can be found. The reverse is also possible. This means that if the competition operates the site here, it may sometimes be possible that only negative reports about Viraxol can be found.

  • Luke: I was critical because I didn't want to believe that products that only contain natural active substances or ingredients would have the same effect. But Viraxol convinced me otherwise. Even if no effect was noticed in the first three weeks, then Viraxol took full effect. Today I'm glad I found Viraxol for me.
  • Thomas: My erection problems were very stressful. Above all, in front of my partner, I was ashamed of not being able to be a “real man”. But with Viraxol I got rid of the erection problems. Viraxol has helped me have a fulfilling sex life again.
  • Konrad: It ended up being recommended by a friend who advised me to try Viraxol. He knew about my problem and was a great help because he kept trying new preparations himself because of his erection problems. We are both happy with Viraxol - and our wives are happy too.

"The Lion's Den": Has Viraxol ever been seen on TV?

Viraxol The Lion's Den new hsAnyone who comes across an article on the Internet that deals with the fact that the sexual enhancer Viraxol has already been presented at "The Lion's Den". and there was also an investor who subsequently put a lot of money into the company, so this is a fictitious text. This is because Viraxol has never been part of any issue of The Lion's Den, nor is there any information about itthat Viraxol will be available soon at “The cave of the lions“ will be seen.

At this point it must be noted that there are always fictitious pages, classic ones Fake News, on the Internet, which deal with the fact that in the program “The cave of the lions“ a certain product was offered and/or presented and caused a sensation.

It is important to obtain information from official sources as to whether this was actually the case or whether the site was set up by scammers, which should be used to get data. This means that if you are unsure, you should consult the official website of "The Lion's Den".

Are there reports on the internet warning of Viraxol?

Viraxol Warnings?

It may come as no surprise that there are always products that disappoint. It is important, however, to make it clear in advance that there can be criticism that the product does not deliver what it promises, but there can also be warnings that explicitly refer to that the product may pose a health hazard. If there are warnings on the Internet, for example from independent consumer organizations, you should definitely keep your hands off the product.

There are no warnings about Viraxol. This is probably also because Viraxol contains only the Maca plant.

Where to Buy Viraxol Cheapest? The Viraxol price comparison:

Viraxol on Amazon & eBay

Anyone who decides on Viraxol is well advised to deal with the various price offers in advance. This is because Viraxol should be taken over a longer period of time and one pack lasts around 30 days.

Our partner promises the best offer - here you not only get the best price, but also the guarantee that the original product will be sent or that a quick delivery is also guaranteed.

Is Viraxol available in pharmacies?

Buy Viraxol in pharmacy

No. Viraxol cannot be bought at the pharmacy. It is also not possible to order Viraxol in the pharmacy.

What to look for when stopping Viraxol

Do you want to stop Viraxol? no precautions need to be taken or measures taken. Viraxol can be discontinued from one day to the next. However, if one finds that then again the Erectile dysfunction occur, it may be advisable restarting Viraxol.

The Viraxol conclusion - our rating based on our Viraxol experience:

Viraxol may be an interesting product that promises a lot. It is advertised that with Viraxol you can get erection problems under control or get a harder erection. In addition, the manufacturer advertises that the erection stays upright longer with Viraxol. The fact that the penis also grows as a result of taking it may be a marketing-strategic consideration to give the undecided another reason to choose Viraxol. However, if you look at our self-test, you will come to the conclusion that the penis is also getting biggerwhen taking Viraxol.

Our rating is positive. Viraxol has convinced on many levels and can therefore be recommended to all those who want to drink naturally, i.e. without synthetic additives, want to get their erectile problems under control.

Viraxol Conclusion

Frequently asked questions about Viraxol:

Is Viraxol serious or do the critical comments outweigh it?

Viraxol is a very promising product that is particularly convincing if it is taken to treat erectile dysfunction or if you plan to improve your erection - on the one hand with a view to the hardness of the erection, on the other hand with a view to the length of the ability to have an erection .

What does Viraxol contain?

The manufacturer points out that Viraxol only contains the Lepidium meyenii plant - this is the Maca plant. It cannot be said whether there are other ingredients in Viraxol.

Is there a coupon for Viraxol?

Depending on the promotional period, various vouchers and promotional codes are available to order Viraxol at a lower price.

Who is behind the manufacturer of Slimymed, BestMediaWeb GmbH?

BestMediaWeb GmbH specializes in finding and developing high-quality products that come from the following areas: lifestyle, cosmetics, medical products and nutritional supplements. Here "everything is offered from a single source" - from the idea to successful marketing. The team works in marketing, design, e-commerce and sales.

Are there any side effects or risks associated with Viraxol?

The manufacturer points out that headaches can occur after taking Viraxol. However, during our testing, there were no reports of any side effects occurring here. Furthermore, no risks are known.

Can Viraxol be taken for a long time?

Yes. Due to the fact that Viraxol only works after a certain period of time, it is advisable to take the preparation for a longer period of time - based on the manufacturer's recommendations. That means two capsules a day.

Can you buy the product Viraxol on Amazon, eBay or in the drugstores DM or Rossmann?

It should be noted that it may be possible to get Viraxol through different platforms. However, it should be noted that only our partner can guarantee that you will receive the original product or only our partner promises the best price.

Is a prescription required to buy Viraxol?

No. Viraxol is available over the counter. This means that anyone who wants to order or buy Viraxol does not need a prescription. This is because Viraxol does not contain any ingredients that require a prescription.

Who offers the best price for Viraxol?

The best price and the guarantee that the original product will be delivered is only available through our partner.


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