It's that easy to unblock Netflix 2023 with NordVPN

NordVPN NetflixWho does not know this: A new series or a new film has just appeared on Netflix, but you cannot access it or you simply cannot find the title on your account. In most cases this is due to the fact that certain titles are only activated for certain countries and may not be released for Netflix in your country until later or not at all. Netflix of course has a large selection of films and series, although not every country has the same titles. However, to get unrestricted access to all titles, it is essential to use a VPN. That's why we asked ourselves the question, can you unlock Netflix with NordVPN?

Regardless of whether it is about series or films in OT (original sound), or if you are in Vacation would like to use the German Netflix program: Can you bypass the Netflix block with NordVPN? Which countries work - which don't? In this article we explain to you what exactly a VPN is, what is meant by geoblocking and how you can watch Netflix in Germany from all over the world with NordVPN.


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    • Support of the most common operating systems: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux
    • High security & anonymity: No log policy, kill switch, double VPN and much more.
    • Excellent speeds: No more annoying buffering!

    Why do you need a VPN for Netflix?

    Netflix is ​​arguably one of the most popular streaming providers currently on the market. With its enormous selection of films and series at fair prices, more and more users are enjoying the streaming service. If there wasn't a big one Disadvantage would give: Netflix offers one for each country different program on. This means that certain titles are restricted to certain locations. That's because Netflix uses the License strategies its producers follows. For the user, however, this means that one significantly lower supply of films and series. If you want to read more about Netflix and VPNs in general, we have it here wrote a detailed report about it.


    As mentioned before, the selection of films and series on Netflix differs from country to country. And there is a good reason for that. All content that is not produced by Netflix itself is licensed. Thus, Netflix has to acquire the license for every film or series before the provider can offer it on its streaming service. In addition, Netflix then works for every country requires a license. Thus, the provider has to decide which films and series in which country more popular are and in which country not. This saves Netflix the cost of the licenses, but offers a different and smaller offer for each country. So around that To protect copyright, Netflix is ​​forced to limit its offer to certain countries. This will too geoblocking called. Exactly this can be undermined with Nordvpn Netflix. Thanks to NordVPN, you can stream Netflix series from all over the world.

    Note: Geo-blocking, or country blocks, prevent you from being able to connect to Netflix USA, for example. Because of your IP address your location is determined and Netflix discusses which country you are currently in. So if you try without VPN To access Netflix USA from Germany, you will get an error message that looks like this:Netflix geoblocking error message

    How can you get around geoblocking?

    Bis January 2016 was it possible, free VPNs or proxies to use to access the foreign Netflix offer. However, Netflix has clearly caught up in this matter and from then on has blocked thousands of IP addresses that have been used again and again to stream Netflix from other countries. Netflix itself, like other providers, runs a so-called Blacklist (black list) of IP addresses that are automatically recognized as VPN or proxy. So if you try to access Netflix with an IP address from this blacklist, it will not be possible. This is precisely why you need a reliable VPN provider who has enough servers and IP addresses available to bypass this geoblocking. We have in our Test the best VPN providers have already been tested for you and a clear test winner has been found: NordVPN.

    Stream Netflix with NordVPN - this is how it works

    NordVPN is one of the best provider for the most common operating systems and you are one of the best-known VPN providers currently on the market. With its enormous range of over With 5181 servers in over 59 countries you can enjoy the international Netflix offer without hesitation with NordVPN. In our test, we were able to use Netflix US and from England with NordVPN and stream their titles without any problems.

    Note: In order to be able to enjoy the Netflix offer internationally, you of course need a Netflix account. If you are not yet registered with Netflix, you can do so easily via their Website do. You can also test the offer on Netflix for 30 days before you decide on a subscription.

    NordVPN Features - This is why you should be using NordVPN Netflix

    • Large selection of servers and countries
      With over 5100 servers in 59 countries NordVPN gives you the opportunity to connect to numerous different servers from all over the world. So we were able to connect to several locations in the USA during our test in order to use the Netflix offer there. Netflix currently operates 2226 servers in the USA, 650 servers in Asia Pacific, 2160 servers in Europe and 124 servers in Africa, Middle East and India . And the server expansion is being worked hard and constantly.
    • Excellent speed
      With an average speed of around 57 Mbit / s we were able to stream all the films or TV series that we tested without any problems. In addition, the connection was not interrupted once during our test. When streaming, in particular, speed is important to avoid annoying Buffering to avoid. The faster your internet connection is, the less speed loss you will have when using a VPN.
    • No throttling by your internet service provider
      With NordVPN you don't have to worry about bandwidth restrictions or throttling. By routing your stream through an encrypted virtual tunnel and hiding your IP address, NordVPN prevents your internet service provider from interfering with your connection. Often times your ISP can adjust your speed too Peak times throttle you certain websites the vorenthalt (to refer you to partner services) or generally limit your bandwidth. With NordVPN, you'll save all of this.
    • Unlimited data volume
      An enormous amount of data is required, especially when streaming. With NordVPN you don't have to worry about that, because the provider offers unlimited data volume.
    • SmartPlay function
      The SmartPlay function combines Smart DNS with VPN security to bypass Netflix's geographic country blocks. With the help of this technology, your anonymity is guaranteed at the same time.
    • Streaming on up to 6 devices possible
      If you have a high internet speed by default, you can theoretically stream Netflix on up to 6 different devices at the same time with NordVPN. In our test, we did this with 3 different devices and could not find any loss in speed.

    Stream Netflix from around the world with NordVPN - How to install NordVPN

    You can install NordVPN on the most popular operating systems in just a few steps. Using a Windows computer, we'll show you how quickly you can register and connect.

    Step 1 - create an account

    Open the Website from NordVPN and choose a plan. You'll always have great deals here, so it's worth checking out what NordVPN is currently offering.

    NordVPN Netflix prices

    After you have decided on a package, you can register during the payment process and receive your access data.

    Step 2 - Download the software

    Depending on which device you want to use NordVPN for, you will get to the download page and decide which program you need. For Windows, for example, you simply download the * .exe file and install it.

    NordVPN Netflix Download

    Step 3 - Install the program and log in

    After successfully installing the program, you can now use your user data log in.

    NordVPN login

    Step 4 - Choose a server location from which you want to enjoy Netflix

    In this step you can now select a server location of your choice without any problems. If you would like to watch Netflix from the USA, click on a location from America. The same goes for other countries.

    NordVPN Netflix Server Connect

    And you've done it! After you have successfully connected to a server of your choice, you can now log into Netflix and enjoy the foreign program. If you want to watch Netflix Germany again, you can either disconnect from NordVPN or select a German server.

    Helpful tips on how NordVPN can help you stream Netflix even better

    In our test, we were able to connect to servers without any problems and enjoy Netflix from different countries. However, it can also happen that you experience a drop in speed from time to time or the server is simply overloaded. These tips will help you enjoy Netflix even better thanks to NordVPN:

    • Choose a server that is closest to your location
      NordVPN offers a variety of servers. Always try to use the closest server. Within Europe this is less of a problem, if you want to connect to America look for a server on the east coast.
    • Use the support website to find a good server
      NordVPN recently launched its own page where you can set which location, which encryption and which protocol you need. You can also set other features there. Netflix will then automatically show you which server is best for you. Just navigate to Server pickerto use this tool.
    • Find a server with fewer users
      Always try to connect to a server that isn't too busy. The fewer users, the better the streaming quality.
    • Try multiple servers
      If you're having trouble with one server, try another. Often servers are overloaded or some IP addresses are blocked. Thanks to the large selection, it shouldn't be a problem to find another server.
    • In an emergency, contact customer support. 
      If you absolutely cannot connect or are still having trouble, you can contact the Customer Support from NordVPN. This one is over Live chat or E-mail reachable.

    Conclusion: Stream Netflix with NordVPN - works smoothly!

    VPN for NetflixIn our test, we connected to multiple servers and locations to test Netflix from different countries. And we were able to successfully log in with every Netflix we picked without being banned. Also in things Speed we could not find any buffering or connection interruptions. So if you really like that the full range of Netflix would like to fall back, is very well served with NordVPN!


    Is NordVPN Netflix legal to use?

    Yes! As long as content is only streamed but not downloaded, there is no copyright infringement. So you can safely use NordVPN Netflix together.

    Can I use NordVPN to access Netflix Germany while on vacation?

    Of course! If you have a mobile device or a laptop with you, you can log in with your user data at any time and select a German server. You can then enjoy the German Netflix program while on vacation.

    In which countries is there currently Netflix?

    Netflix is ​​currently available in the US, Canada, Brazil, UK, Netherlands, Nordic countries, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. So Netflix has a very large offer that you can make use of with NordVPN, as servers are available in each of these countries.

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