The Wise Registry Cleaner and its possibilities

With the Wise Registry Cleaner, users can easily and with little effort the Check and clean the registry of your computer. These changes are by no means final. The tool is equipped with a backup function so that all changes can be undone if necessary.



    Why cleaning the registry is important

    If a user removes Windows programs from his computer, they often stay Remnants of data in the registry. This has the consequence that the registry database is getting bigger and bigger. This in turn may degrade the performance of the computer. This not only applies to older operating systems, but also to the current Windows 10.

    And this is exactly where tools like AVG , the CCleaner from Piriform or the Wise Registry Cleaner. Because the tool detects entries in the registry that are faulty or no longer needed and removes this.

    The user has various options to choose from, namely:

    1. the fast search,
    2. a thorough depth-first search as well
    3. a custom search.

    As soon as the analysis is complete, the errors found are displayed in categories and the user can choose which files should be permanently removed. Furthermore, the Wise Registry Cleaner offers the possibility of cleaning with the help of a scheduler in certain time intervals automatically to start.

    Furthermore, with the help of this free tool optimize the system. Because if various system settings are changed, according to the manufacturer, the stability and performance of the computer can be improved. Another option is a defragmentation function.

    Before the change is made, the program creates a Fuse on, so you can always undo. A good addition is the Wise Disk Cleaner, which can be used to delete superfluous and temporary data on the hard drive.


    Wise Registry Cleaner: The Operation

    A great strength of the tools is the intuitive operation, as the user interface is almost completely self-explained. Thanks to this very easy operation, this program is also ideal for beginners. Because it only takes one click of the mouse for the tool to completely search through the registry from top to bottom.

    In addition, users have the option define certain areaswhich should be searched. All you have to do is click on the sections that you want to search.

    Should the entries not automatically deleted the user can check the entries found in an editor which is integrated in the program, edit them and then delete them himself. This reduces the risk that entries in the registry that are still needed are deleted.

    However, especially for inexperienced users, it is worth reading one or two reviews of the registry cleaner. Because in the test you can familiarize yourself with the functions in advance and you may find one or the other useful tip from other userswho have already worked with the tool.


    How does the Wise Registry Cleaner work?

    As soon as the user has started the Wise Registry, he can start optimizing his registry database.

    • At the top right in the program window is the button "Analysis start". If the user clicks this button, a complete search is started automatically.

    Tip: Die complete cleanup is particularly recommended when the program is being used for the first time. It is therefore not necessarily worthwhile for the user to select the desired areas himself during the first run. But this is also possible in principle, because the user only has to click on the areas that are to be checked by the tool.

    A very handy tool built into the Wise Registry Cleaner is the Planner. With its help, the user can define certain times at which the registry should be searched automatically.


    More speed with system optimization

    The way food is System optimization is extremely useful for many users because they can significantly increase the performance of their computer. First of all, the program ensures system stability and other elements. At the same time, the settings of the operating system are optimized so that the computer works considerably faster after the optimization than before.

    Here, too, the user has the option of selecting all the elements that the software should check himself. Anyone who dares to optimize their computer for the first time should read each and every one of these points carefully and then deselect those functions that should not be accelerated by the tool. Depending on which computer it is and how its performance is ordered, the optimization sometimes takes several minutes.


    The defragmentation function makes the registry database slim

    Another function of the Wise Registry Cleaner that proves to be extremely useful for many users is the defragmentation function. With this feature, the Significantly reduce the registry database. The user can select this function on the right at the edge of the menu navigation.

    So that the tool can get to work independently, the user only has to click the button "defragmentation“Click. The Wise Registry Cleaner then searches the registry and reorganizes it.

    • This allows Save valuable hard drive space.
    • Another effect is that the entire system then comes back a little runs faster.

    However, the defragmentation should only be carried out after the cleanup.


    The pros and cons of the Wise Registry Cleaner


    • It is free software that does not involve any costs. After the download, the user can work with it directly.
    • There is also a version for portable devices.
    • Operation is intuitive.
    • Thanks to the backup function, entries can be restored if necessary.


    • Defragmentation is less productive than with other programs.
    • The program is available in German, but only for Windows computers, not for Macs.
    Powerful registry cleaner
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    • Free software: Start for free immediately after downloading
    • Very user-friendly: Easy to use, including a mobile app
    • Backup function: Accidentally deleted entries can be restored

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